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ON-LINE. An Israeli soldier near the Gaza Strip.

Israeli officials exclude a withdrawal from Gaza as long as the Israeli army has not reduced to nil firepower of Hamas and in particular destroyed its underground network and its tunnels, where it hides its arsenal, its operational centers and from where its fighters launched attacks in the heart of the Hebrew State. More than 147 corpses have been removed rubble Saturday thanks to a cease-fire of 12 hours, including at least 29 in the suburb is from Gaza, 13 in the refugee camps of Deir al-Balah, Bureij and Nuseirat (centre), 32 at Beit Hanoun (North) and 11 to Khan Yunis and Rafah (South), according to a provisional toll issued by the spokesman for the emergency servicesAbdo al-Qodra. In the night of Friday to Saturday, a few hours before the entry into force of the ceasefire in 8 h (7 h UT), 22 people including 10 children were killed in an Israeli strike against a house in Khan Yunis (Southern), according to rescue services spokesman, Abdo al-Qodra.  Most of the victims belonged to the same family, and children included a daughter of one year and a three-year-old boy. . Similar facts can be read clicking homepage.