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Millions fish – huge anchovies swarm the sea turns black.

A swarm of millions anchovies, accurate "Northern anchovy, researchers in the U.S. State of California stood in amazement. The mass accumulation of 15 to 18 centimetres long fish had been discovered last week of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography directly on the coast of San Diego by marine biologists. On a length of 100 meters, the swarm dark blue colored water, according to the US newspaper "Times of San Diego" something for 30 years was no longer observed. The researchers had filmed the swarm and placed on YouTube, where the video recorded nearly 4 million hits in a week. A huge dark mass that moves close to the beach by the water can be seen. The individual fish are only visible in the detail view. The researchers have no explanation as to why the swarm came so close to the coast: "In as warm water it has not observed so far this species", the biologist of Phil Hastings, the newspaper said. A further video that can be seen as a California sea lion by the swarm appears and scares the fish apart. Leopard sharks had the belly reported Hastings of the "times of San Diego" coped fully on the tons of anchovies. Also the staff of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography would have started individual specimens for research purposes. The bulk of the swarm was moved finally to the North, himself lost his trail. . For extra insights regarding this topic visit web site.