Settlements in East Jerusalem: the construction of 78 new housing approved.

The Israeli municipality of Jerusalem has announced approved Wednesday the construction of 78 new homes in two neighborhoods of Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, the Palestinian side occupied and annexed by Israel in the Holy City. 50 homes will be built at Har Homa and Ramot 28, told the AFP Brachie Sprung, spokesman for Jerusalem Mayor. This decision comes against a backdrop of tensions and the day of scrapping controversial by the army of the House in East Jerusalem of the perpetrator of an attack colonization, including East Jerusalem which the Palestinians want to make the capital of the State to which they aspire, is seen as one of the main obstacles to the peace process. The State recently reiterated that he would accept no limitation to the settlement in East Jerusalem. The Palestinian leadership regularly accuses Israel of imposing a fait accompli by multiplying the areas of settlement in the eastern part of Jerusalem, which would establish a viable capital in the continuous territory. Recently, Israel announced the acceleration of plans for the construction of 1. 000 other dwellings in East Jerusalem, further poisoning the atmosphere already very tense in the Palestinian part of the Holy City. East Jerusalem is undergoing since July in an escalation of the violence that has recently degenerated into clashes between young Palestinians and police daily Israelis on a background of attacks after the deadliest of them occurred Tuesday in a West Jerusalem ultra-Orthodox synagogue, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to respond with an iron fist, launching a first punitive demolitionthe House of the family of the alleged perpetrator of one of these attacks. . For extra facts regarding this matter visit page.

BilBolbul, the protagonist in Bologna: “Publishing without Publisher?”.

The opening of the exhibition will be entrusted to a Conference that will deal with issues such as self-handling, figuring out which direction it’s going the reality of graphic novels. International guests of which you can admire the plates range from Russian Roman Muradov French Anouk Ricard opening is entrusted to a conference entitled "Publishing without Publisher?", which will see several operators communicate throughout the day on topics ranging from traditional publishing to self-handling, figuring out which direction it’s going the reality of comics. To kick off the official festival on 20 November will be the inauguration of the exhibition "the interview. Story of a comic book "at MAMbo, museo d’Arte moderna di Bologna, which for the first time opens the door to" review. Manuele Fior, author honored in France and in Italy, recounts the journey that led him to the creation of the book, between quotes, ideas and suggestions combined with original drawings of the work.  Among the Museum of Palazzo Poggi, of anatomical waxes, palaces and galleries of Bologna will space the other exhibitions such as "Icinori", with the exhibition of fantastic two silkscreens cartoonists, publishers and printers Raphael Urwiller and Mayumi Otero who will discuss with the boards of bolognese naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi. Among the international guests that you can admire the plates, Russian Roman Muradov in the exhibition "comics. Instructions for use ", the seven authors of the new German school selected by the independent publishing house, Heatwave but also Anouk Ricard, French signature of fun children’s series" Anna et Drug ", unpublished in Italy. And then again, the look on Max De Radiguès and Charles Forsman with "Fragile" presented by Charts editions, the underground world of street art and artists of "Dolores", the theatrical posters of East Germany by Volker Pfüller and many other works which will be on display in the period following the review. To enrich the festival will then be five workshops held by experts of the comics and illustration contemporaries as Manuel Fior, Roman Muradov and Icinori, roundtables on editorial work with open discussions among stakeholders about new possibilities of comics as the crowdfunding or printing craft, while aspiring authors may make contact with different editorial editor. Even the kids and children will have their moment, not in his festival, with meetings with authors and guided tours to bring them closer to the language of comics. . You can click the following to read more about this amazing topic.

IOC President Bach: “we want more diversity”.

In a two-part interview, IOC President Thomas Bach to the reform process is expressed in the Olympic movement. Read part one here in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. NET. In the second part, in the Thursday issue of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (e-paper from 8: 00 on the previous day’s available) will be released, Bach takes position to the International Football Federation FIFA and its President Joseph Blatter." FIFA could get due to their corruption scandal of trouble with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The reason is the recommendation 27 in Thomas Bach’s reform work "Agenda 2020", which obliged all organisations on good governance. Relentlessly, but only with the limited sanctions of sports, Bach wants to tackle but the violinist Vanessa Mae, as soon as the legal procedure is completed and the allegations of the Ski World Association which should have confirmed. "A manipulation on this scale, that would be already a frightening picture." The Thai has apparently surreptitiously their qualification for the Olympics in Sochi by a manipulated race. In the F. A. Z., Bach also says that a country like Iran, that discriminated against women, would have no chance to host Olympic Games. "There no Olympic Games in a country could take place, where no free access to the sports facilities is given", he said. "Such an application would fail in the shortlist." In the face of destiny by Ghoncheh Gama, convicted in the Iran to a year in prison because she wanted to look at a volleyball game of the men, he sees his organization but overwhelmed. Gama now has hope for a new process. F. A. Z. – AppE-paper more in the F. A. Z. from 20 11 2014. On the eve in the F. A. Z. app and E-paper I’m not going up to the application from a single country. The idea behind this opening is that we want to create more diversity through more flexibility. This is allowed also to countries or cities, which previously were not able to organize Olympic Games because the corset of the requirements was to close them, to apply. On the other hand, we must also see that must remain the principle of the Olympic Games. It constitutes the uniqueness that meet the athletes from all 205 national of Olympic Committee and all sports in one place together. That must be respected. This means that the flexibility to niece to do not the Olympic spirit. That we outsource individual preliminaries or sports would approve, would be also bound by a condition: it needed a justification that the subsequent use or of geography dealing with issues of sustainability. . Similar info can be inspected reading

Flood, closed the investigation of the temple: 21 suspects at the request of prosecution.

On the day of remembrance, in exactly a year from the anniversary of the tragic cyclone Cleopatra in Northern Sardinia, the Prosecutor’s Office of Tempio Pausania has closed its three dossiers of inquiry into the disaster and has notified the notice of conclusion of investigations for which now looms the request for indictment. The first booklet, that broader concerns the development of the city of Olbia and involves the Mayor, four aldermen-all’urbanistica, Marzio Altana and his successor Carlo Candao; public works David Bacciu and his predecessor Gesuino Satta-five municipal executives, three engineers, three surveyors, an official of the regional councillor for public works, Cesare Marras, and an engineer. These eighteen are accused of because, with their pipelines, according to the indictment, they caused the death of six people in Olbia. Other notice of conclusion for investigation, to which the Public Prosecutor alleges the wrongful death for not having listened to the requests of help of Pietro Mariano, who attempted to save the life of Francis Mazzucco and son Henry died in Putzolu. The third case sees investigated the owner of the House in the locality of Mùlinu Vecchiu, in the municipality of Arzachena, where lost his life there, trapped in a basement turned into housing. The woman, brunette Poggianti, connecting rod, should respond to manslaughter, because the House in which they lived was no Palanquin certificate of habitability. Come out of the investigations, however, the former President of the region, the then regional councillor Andrea Biancareddu and former Director of the Civil Protection Cicalò Giorgio: for them the pm asked for archiving. . For extended insights regarding this matter click

Analysis: A tear goes through the Holy City.

Cement blocks were placed at exits. According to Israeli media reports, this has decided Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu. Who wants leave or this into some Arab neighborhoods, must past roadblocks and Israeli security forces. As well as the two bombers, Har settled on a bloodbath NOF on Tuesday in a synagogue in the Western District. They were cousins who lived in Jabal al-Mukaber in East Jerusalem. But the West of the city was not foreign to them. One of the two men should have been even close to the synagogue. In the middle of the old town, this battle is raging long. Venue is the Temple Mount, which is equally holy to Jews and Muslims. He is managed by Jordan and the Islamic wakf Foundation. But there is a radical movement, which claims to be the place in the Jewish population. This minority extremists want to pray on the Temple Mount – but building there prefer the third Temple. A right Israeli politician wants to fight prefer Netanyahu summoned to Jerusalem with weapons: Naftali Bennett, Minister of Economic Affairs and Chairman of the party of settlers Jewish House, called to engage the military in East Jerusalem. Israel must move from the defensive in the attack, said Bennett. . Root source could be studied checking this homepage.

World COPD day 2014 – underestimated, but deadly: why the morning cough threatening life.

Many smokers know this: every morning, the alarm goes off, you go into the bathroom and already register is the cough – followed by tough discharge. This so called "smoker’s cough" is often played down, may but a dangerous disease, namely COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), indicate. It is a so called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in which the Airways narrow increasingly. An estimated 15 percent of Germans over 40 years and almost 30 percent of the more than 70 years are affected. According to the World Health Organization, COPD is even the third-leading cause of death worldwide. About 80 percent of all stakeholders are smokers. The risk factors include also air pollution and harmful dusts at work. Those involved there is a progressive loss of lung structure, in particular the pulmonary alveoli. The cough joins also choking, which occurs only during physical exertion, about when climbing stairs or biking. Later, the parties concerned also at rest can suffer shortness of breath. Many feel a tightness in the chest and are often to hear noises during exhalation. Without treatment, COPD progresses more and more. At the end, the disease can be even life-threatening. Individuals thus lose important opportunities. Although a cure for COPD is not possible, however the progression of the disease can be significantly reduced. It also the world day wants attention COPD, organised since 2002 by the global initiative for chronic obstructive lung diseases (GOLD). Cooperation partners include health professionals, health organizations, as well as patient associations from over 50 countries. This year the world day on 19 11th under the motto, it is not too late takes place. The focus is the education about effective therapies, which include special breathing techniques and physical training. It is projects such as the GOLD initiative, that the understanding of the disease has improved in recent years. In Germany, there are efforts to explore COPD and to raise public awareness of the issue. Asthma / COPD or the comprehensive Pneumology Center in Munich here about the competence network to name a few. However, the possibilities are still not exploited, because for many good research approaches often lack the funds. The Munich-based Foundation AtemWeg is therefore constantly looking to donors and sponsors who want to support the research of lung diseases. A promising project, for example, engaged in the reconstruction of the destroyed lung tissue in COPD. . You must click the following resource to learn more about this amazing topic.

Jerusalem, in the synagogue massacre: five victims. It is also one of the dead policemen wounded.

Even the Fbi will initiate an investigation. The sources of law enforcement on Cnn. dry your condemnation of u.s. President Barack Obama: ‘ ‘ there is no justification for these attacks on civilians ‘ ‘. The President urged Israeli and Palestinian leaders ” to seek peace ‘ ‘. In the Middle East, he said, it is necessary to isolate the extremists before it’s too late to stop the spiral of violence from which it might not stand out more. Meanwhile, in the Usa the New York Police reinforces the focus on synagogues and other symbolic locations after the attack in Jerusalem. But accurate, there is no specific threat to New York. Deliberate campaign-it’s a deliberate campaign, not a series of accidental events. He said, quoted by the media, the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, referring to the attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem and the latest episodes of these weeks in cities that have seen attacks by those who were referred to as superme ‘ Palestinians. The popular front for the liberation of Palestine, a Marxist-inspired, claiming authorship of the attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem. They learned radio Jerusalem and Israeli military radio from unspecified Palestinian sources. Hamas welcomed for the attack. According to the spokesman Mushir al-Masri was a heroic and quick revenge for the execution of Yusuf al-Romania, a Palestinian bus driver found dead in Jerusalem. The man, according to the Israeli authorities, committed suicide. But the family is believed to have been killed by Jewish extremists. It is our right-he said al-Masri, from Gaza to avenge the blood of our martyrs. Al-Masri added that today’s bombing is connected also to the recent tensions in the Esplanade of the mosques in Jerusalem. A similar tone message came from Islamic Jihad. Meanwhile on the web the armed wing of Hamas has released a movie in which threat in Arabic and in Hebrew, a series of bombings in Israel’s cities. Inter alia anticipates that passersby will be hit by cars driven by Palestinians or even stabbed in the street.   Kerry condemns the attack-The US Secretary of State John Kerry condemned in a telephone call to Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu attack Jerusalem synagogue offering condolences for the victims. The reports Jan spokeswoman Psaki. An attack-said, according to the media that ” has no place in the human behaviour ‘. Gentiloni: Base attack-Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni has manifested the most ignoble condemnation for the armed attack of unprecedented severity made this morning in a Jerusalem synagogue. I-said-that all parties involved in the peace process declare the firmest condemnation and take away from such ignoble action. The Italian Government-reads a note-expresses its deep condolences and expresses disdain for the victims ‘ families and solidarity with the wounded. . You should visit the following home page to read extra about this great subject.

Tanzania threatens to expel 40,000 Maasai to a hunting ground.

Tanzania plans to expel tens of thousands of Maasai from their ancestral lands, that she would like to transform into hunting for a catering company working for the Royal family of the United Arab Emirates, said Tuesday an NGO defending the Maasai cause. According to the NGO activist Avaaz, specialized in petitions online, 1. 500 km2 of land are concerned in Loliondo district, close to the famous Serengeti reserve in the North of the country. The Tanzanian Government, which seems to reactivate a project temporarily buried in 2013, had not reacted immediately. But Avaaz says that the Maasai community concerned was offered one billion Tanzanian shillings (450 000 euros) in Exchange for his land. This would represent a little more than 10 euros for each of the 40. 000 people threatened with eviction. "The Maasai are a tourist attraction in Tanzania, but they may become non grata in their own country," denounces Alex Wilks, head of Avaaz campaign on the subject, and who has already gathered 1.7 million signatures. If the project was "carried out, it would be disastrous for the reputation of Tanzania", he adds. Known worldwide, the neighbouring Serengeti of the Maasai lands is a Tanzanian tourist sights. It is in this park that leave migrant animals annually towards the Masai Mara with the Kenya. . Original source may be studied clicking this home page.

The electoral law, the process under way in the Senate. Alfano: well preferences, penalizing the barrage at 8%.

After months of push and pull, the Italicum began officially on its way to the Senate: the Committee on Constitutional Affairs has brought the text at second reading with the report of the Chairman and Rapporteur, Anna Finocchiaro (Pd). That has actually shown the possible changes to the measure on which the Government, including on the basis of the Nazarene bis Pact between Renzi and Berlusconi. In its e-news, the premier confirmed the acceleration: the constitutional reform is approved in second reading by the Chamber within the month of January. The electoral law will be approved by the Senate later this year. " The first to be heard in audition was the Interior Minister and leader Ncd, Angelino Alfano, who warned: the preferences should be reintroduced and the election threshold to 8% for non-coalition lists is ‘ detrimental ‘ and should be lowered. Renzi: stable majority not blackmailed by small Italian Prime Minister has summed up the changes in vista, already agreed with the majority reached agreement last November 10: «The ballot triggered if none takes at least 40% (instead of the 37 per cent). The award will go to the list rather than to the coalition and this will strengthen the compactness of the majority. As a result, the threshold for access to the distribution of seats will be unique and lowered to 3%. " Confirmed the intention to vote with placed alternately blocked. «Avoid-writes Renzi-unknown hidden inside candidates lists-lenzuolate: each of the 100 colleges will have a dry leaders (at least 40 must be women) and the opportunity to indicate your preferences with other candidates. It seems to me that is a great achievement which will have recognizable candidates, certainty of a winner, a stable majority not blackmailed by smaller parties». Finocchiaro: change and thresholds in Commission pointed Finocchiaro the same priorities: raising the threshold beyond which you are entitled to the award of the majority ‘, ‘ restrict to only lists-and not even to coalitions of lists-the award of the prize "and" substantially reduce thresholds for access to the allotment of seats. " Dem Senator has repeatedly invoked the ruling of the Council that rejected the "patricia_917", stating that "the physiology of an efficient democratic system requires an electoral law voted by Parliament". Preferences, Finocchiaro warned that short lists are not enough to overcome the censure constitutional judges blocked lists: best bet on a mediation solution "which could consist in the possibility that a quota of seats assigned through the tool of preference ‘. Alfano: penalizing barrage thresholds at 8% on preferences is returned to Office in hearing the leader of the new Center. A voting mechanism which favours individual preference», «for Alfano, would adhere to the judgment of the Constitutional Court. No dry to 8% threshold established by Italicum for lists not aligned: «penalty» appears and could lead to distortions. The Minister made the example of three lists with little consensus below that limit would not be represented, while picking up roughly 20% of the vote. Finally, Alfano has challenged the 45 days that the reform grants to redraw the constituencies. "This is a time limited, whereas after Mattarellum it took five months of work. It is not a simple fulfillment. The five months months of 2005 should be reduced, but not drastically cut down». Forza Italy: do not compress the debate The New Covenant of Nazareth did not clear all points, starting from nodes of thresholds and by recipients of the prize (the list, as would Radio, or the Coalition?). This is demonstrated by the cautious positions of Senators Blues. The leader Paul Romans warned: "in his report on Anna Finocchiaro has retraced the provision of room and he foreshadowed some points on which the Government intends to intervene. Radhakrishnan In a sense, it is as if the work was already done. But the problem is that you should not compress the discussion. " For the Romans, it is important to discuss Senate electoral law to avert the risk "that will go to the polls for the House with the Italicum and Senate 2 with the Consultellum». Ready replicating Finocchiaro: «I do not think that we are running too. Listen to 25 experts, then we will have a general discussion that is not compressed. " And finally: "Roman Senator knows that about the text approved by Fi, this theme (the exclusion of Senate electoral law, which should be abolished by the constitutional reform, ED) was covered by the agreement and is not to be attributed to our path." . You must check this website to discover extra regarding this interesting topic.

Kiefersfelden as a suburb of Lampedusa.

Mrs Illner has either bad luck or it is in a form crisis. She wanted to talk anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall on "Red Socks" last Thursday on the occasion of the 25th, which fortunately failed – just so a day later, Wolf Biermann produced the controversy of the week with his brief intervention in the Bundestag to this topic. Last night she worked for the refugee issue under the title: "Refugees in Germany – distributed, managed, despised?" Only she failed now on guests, each working their own agenda, so that a meaningful context to the subject of this century hardly make left. As it helps little if we call civilizational values.   Delimitation "endures no system in the long term, that calls itself civilized", so the seemingly inevitable at this topic Berlin Neukölln district mayor Heinz Buschkowsky (SPD). Actually we live so at the latest since the de facto abolition of the right to asylum as a fundamental right in the year 1993 very well. This looks like in practice, Ouaqasse reported from his experiences with the Spanish enclave of Melilla in Africa, which is in a State of siege. Only come at all as far as the few refugees or can successfully overcome the fences of Melilla at the end. Actually, the policy itself has decided to grant asylum to the 40 000 refugees from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan in Germany. It was just as abrasive and Ouaqasse put it. Three or four years ago, no one foresaw the collapse of the Middle East. It doesn’t help it, as to watch was in abrasive, to lament about the unjust distribution in the EU. Most EU States probably assumes the moral responsibility for the misery of the refugees in the same way as ours. In this respect, the Bundestag member from the Green Luise official mountain was right when she told this European refugee distribution policy called "Dublin" for dead. Otherwise nothing was by the previous faith war in asylum policy between the Union and the Greens. . Similar info can be read checking

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