Abduction in Nanterre (92): a third kidnapper arrested.

After the double arrest of kidnappers of two children, abducted in Nanterre Monday, police arrested a third suspect today in le Havre (Seine-Maritime). Wednesday, when the Brigade research and intervention (bis) found the car in which the children had been kidnapped, and arrested the two suspects joining the vehicle in the aftermath, the third was just missing. But before investigators from the criminal Brigade, child victims, a brother and a sister aged 9 and 10, referred to a trio. The police peeled tissue relational the kidnappers suspected, extensively interviewed in custody and identified so their accomplice. The three men, Chinese of forty years, should appear before an investigating judge tomorrow. The motive of the kidnapping proved to be purely heinous. The kidnappers, who had worked for the children’s father, a Chinese merchant, felt that he owed them money. They removed small near their school on Monday and demanded a ransom of €380 000. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Similar text can be found reading resource.

Agriculture indicates that increases in fishing quotas will attract revenue by $ 20 million.

MADRID, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) the Secretary general of fisheries of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, Andrés Hermida, pointed out that the increase of the quotas of the main fish species that are caught in the Atlantic and the North Sea agreed in Brussels will be about 10 for the fishing sector in Spain. 000 tons more and additional revenues estimated at 20 million euros. Hermida said that, according to the results of the agreements adopted in Brussels, of the 39 stocks with interest for Spain, has been fourteen increase, fourteen to continue this year and reductions in eleven of them from occurring. The position of the Government in these negotiations has focused on the establishment of a total allowable catch (TAC) and quotas based on management or recovery plans, to achieve the sustainable yield by 2015 or 2020 as afternoon, as defined by the new common fisheries policy. Hermida has advocated that in the stocks with incomplete data are set the TAC case-by-case basis, and, following the trends those stocks that scientific opinion is not available or has not been assessed again this year, keep the TAC this year. In the end, have been achieved results that represent a reward for the efforts made in favour of a sustainable management and a rigorous control of the fishery, according to Hermida. Thus, for great sun and Community waters has been a rise in the quota of hake from 11%, representing a total of 25. 471 tons, an all-time high of TAC for this species. For stocks in Community waters of monkfish and gallo, in which the European Commission proposed a reduction, Spain has managed to maintain the same total TAC in 2015 than in 2014, thus consolidating the last year rises. Also kept the same TAC than in 2014 in other stocks of interest to the Spanish fleet, such as Norway lobster, haddock, whiting, or Ling great sun and Community waters, as well as blue ling in international waters, for which the Commission presented lower TAC than in 2014. The national fishery, highlights the increase in the TAC of 10% of the Boquerón, in 70% of the mackerel in the Gulf of Cadiz and 15% of the crayfish. As for the fishery of the Bay of Biscay, Spain requested reduce 55% the TAC at gallo South, but finally will stay at 39%. With respect to the mackerel’s Western waters, this species of the Cantabrian fleet fishing opportunities, will be similar to the 2014. Anchovy in the Bay of Biscay Cantabrian Northwest experiences an increase of 46% compared to the year 2014, which shall be fixed at 25. 000 tonnes. Hermida has described these results satisfactory to the interests of the fisheries sector, adopted in line with the objective of maximum sustainable yield, to ensure the maintenance of fishing activities in the long term, from the point of view of the environment and a consistent management. (El) Subjects maritime accidents Brussels Commission European Community of Madrid Spain fishery nature. For extra about this topic check source.

Cyprus/financial crisis: complaint to justice against 5 former bankers.

A complaint filed Friday against five former leaders of the Bank of Cyprus (BoC) involving their responsibility in the financial crisis which forced Cyprus through a rescue to the draconian conditions plan in March 2013. The examination of this complaint to the two ex-presidents of the first Bank of Cyprus Theodoros Aristodemou and Andreas Artemis, two former CEO Andreas Eliades and Yiannis Kypri as a former leader, Yiannis Pehlivanidis, will begin at a preliminary hearing on January 30, said the Attorney general Costas Clerides to the official Cyprus News Agency. The survey showed that criminal offences have been committed, said Mr. Clerides. This case could lead to the first trial brought against officials suspected the financial crisis in Cyprus. The five men are including suspected to have manipulated the price of the shares and made misleading statements about the suitability of the own funds of the BoC. They face up to 10 years in prison and heavy fines if they are found guilty. In return for a loan of EUR 10 billion obtained from the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the international monetary fund to save the island of bankruptcy, Cyprus had to be resolved in spring 2013 to liquidate its second biggest bank Laiki and puncture the accounts of more than 100. 000 euros in the BoC. In addition to this puncture of bank deposits without precedent in the euro area, the troika of donors set targets to the Government, which has set up, in accordance with these severe measures of austerity, while the island is sinking into a deep recession. A criminal investigation centered on crimes possibly committed between 2006 and 2013 by individuals likely to blame in the crisis was launched by the Cypriot authorities in July 2013. The investigation focused particularly on remittances to Greece since the now defunct Bank Laiki, on accommodating debt cancellation, on fraudulent sales of securities to the public, on the massive purchases of Greek by the Laiki and the BoC Treasury bonds and the reckless development of these two banks abroad. An independent report published last year argued inter alia that in addition to the exposure of the banks of the island to Greek debt, the lack of a coherent national policy to control the banking sector had provoked the crisis. . Similar facts can be inspected clicking blog.

Salman Rushdie’s new novel will be published in France by Actes Sud.

The next novel awaited Salman Rushdie, the British writer of Indian origin author of the Satanic Verses, will be published in France by Actes Sud in the first quarter of 2016, said Friday the publishing house, confirming information of books weekly. Salman Rushdie was published in France in Plön, where he had recently published his latest book, Joseph Anton, an autobiography so far. In 1989, the publication in English of the Satanic Verses had raised against the author for a fatwa of ayatollah Khomeini, officially thrown by Iran in 1998. In its original language Two years, eight months and twenty-eight nights, nod to the thousand and one nights, this novel is a kind of fable, a masterly fresco conducted drum beating, both historical and anticipation, which is joining the 12th century and nowadays, explained to the AFP Marie-Catherine Vacher, editor of the book at Actes Sud. There is humor and magic realism dear to the author of the children of midnight with djinns very jealous of those who slip into the body of humans and a narrator in the first person plural which considers the place of history thousand years after our present. Rushdie tremendously masters the art of the tale over this irreverent celebration of humanity, in what she has worse and better. It is also an extremely combative book in which he released anything about the values of morality and religion, adds Editor. Two years, eight months and twenty-eight nights must be issued mid-September in English by Random House in the United States and Cape in Great Britain. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For extra information regarding this topic check http://huracanfc.com.

The CNMV may punish again Jaime Botín has not prescribed its lack.

Madrid, 19 Dec (EFE). -The Commission national de the market of values (CNMV) will be able to open a new record sanctioning to banker Jaime Botín hide their actions in Bankinter because this breach, holds the controller, not prescribed. Thus the CNMV in a statement reported it a day once the National High Court annulled the fine of 500. 000 euros which imposed in October 2013 the Ministry of economy to the CNMV proposal because he did it by ignoring that the sanctioning procedure opened overcame the legal 18 months. The controller recalled that, without prejudice to other possibilities which offers rules, in General, once expired a sanctioning procedure, it is possible to initiate another with respect to the same subject and on the same grounds, as not have prescribed breach, as it is the case. To make this claim, it covers in the doctrine sitting by the Supreme Court in a ruling in June 2003 that played various precepts of the law of the legal regime of public administrations. In it he laid down that the Declaration of expiration and file of performances set for procedures in which the Administration exercise sanction powers contained in article 44. 2 of that act not extinguished its action to exercise the powers mentioned in this article, which is fully applicable article 92. 3 of the same regulations. The first of the articles sets that it will be the expiration of procedures in which the Administration exercise sanction powers or, in general, intervention, likely to produce adverse effects or of assessment when it expires the deadline without having issued and notified a resolution expresses. When decreeing the file of the proceedings, it must take into account article 92, which designated that expiration will not produce by itself alone the prescription of actions of the individual or the Administration, but outdated procedures shall not interrupt the period of limitation. In its judgement, which is open to appeal before the Supreme Court, the audience felt the appeal filed by the brother of the late Emilio Botín against the penalty which set him the Ministry of economy by a lack very serious to hide that his real Bankinter participation was almost 23%, not for 16.3% who had declared before the supervisor. (Agencia EFE) Issues audience national Bankinter Commission national of the market values community of Madrid Emilio Botin Spain Europe judiciary Ministry of economy Court Supreme stock. Similar text can be inspected visiting site.

Whiplash: a film about the music that hits like a war film.

A film about music as a war film: Whiplash, learning of a young jazz drummer of the Manhattan Conservatory under the tutelage of a tyrannical Professor, packed the criticism in the United States, which cites it as one of the Favorites at the Oscars. Damien Chazelle film, in theaters Wednesday, has already won major awards Sundance in January Festival and Deauville in September. Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller) is 19 years old and studied the battery in the best school of music in New York. He is spotted by Terence Fletcher (J. K. Simmons), despotic Professor yet revered by students because it goes to be the best. Since its release on American screens in the fall, the coast of this film continues to climb. And J. K. Simmons, second role of cinema and television series (Oz or New York, judicial police), is cited among the Favorites for the Oscar for best actor thanks to its composition of Professor alternately terrifying and gives those faces, which places its students – and the audience – in a permanent state of tension. Damien Chazelle, American, French Director by his father, was drummer in his youth. There are many films on the joy that provides the music. But as a young drummer of a band of jazz in a conservatory, I most often felt fear, he said. Fear of missing a measure, to lose the tempo of the conductor. I wanted to make a film about the music but resembling a war film or gangsters, where instruments replace weapons, where words hurt as much as bullets, he added. -Fireworks – film follows scrutinized the relationship between Neyman and Fletcher, a perfectionist who asks his students to give everything for their art. The student idealizes the legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich and stare at an anecdote on the legendary saxophonist Charlie Parker, who had allegedly received a cymbal head after missing a solo. Humiliated, he works like crazy and returned to the stage by being the best. The young drummer quickly is a place in the Group of the Conservatory, by dint of tears music, hands in blood and sweat. An obsession for his art that cut from the outside world, including his girlfriend and his father. We explored the extremes of emotional and psychological abuse, explained to AFP J. K. Simmons. The character of Andrew starts with a good dose of ambition, which is to increase the contact of his mentor. It becomes as obsessed as he, and so it is the Fireworks, adds the actor. The confrontation culminates during a hellish concert scene in the prestigious Carnegie Hall theatre, where makes sense the pun of the title, Whiplash: whiplash in French, but also a standard of jazz with an unusual rhythm. No need to enjoy the jazz to be caught by the film, which multiplies the codes of war films: Professor worthy of the Sergeant’s Platoon, blood, sweat and shots, drives up to exhaustion, terror, oppression, and revolt. Damien Chazelle poses with this film a moral issue: If we accept sometimes terrible ways lead to good outcomes, does mean that the end justifies the means?, he told AFP. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For extended data regarding this subject check http://huracanfc.com.

Why Terra Nova wants to legalize cannabis.

It is the turn of Terra Nova to set foot in the pot: cannabis, "the policy of repression is defeated in France," wrote think-tank in a report revealed Friday by Le Monde. From its title, note that describes several scenarios of legalization gives the atmosphere: "Cannabis: regulate the market to break the deadlock. ”  "This impasse in which Government is is wrong from 2012, denying any debate on the issue. "Several States have recently evolved in their practices: the war on drugs, costly and inefficient, there has given way to some tolerance to cannabis-based approaches, or even in some cases, the legalization", recall the authors, economists who have mastered their subject – Pierre Kopp (Panthéon-Sorbonne) and Christian Ben Lakhdar (Université Lille 2), associated with Romain Perez (Terra Nova). And they prove to be severe for the France: "With regard to the extent of the trafficking of cannabis in our country, high prevalence of its use and the development of criminal organisations related to the operation of this product, the current situation in France is certainly one of the worst which could imagine", they believe. Sign of failure? EUR 568 million are annually devoted to the fight against cannabis, 300 million just for the questions, "who are going to other useful missions or policies of prevention and support for dependent users. However the prohibition does not reach his goal: the share of users in France is one of the highest in Europe. The prevalence is reached 8.4% aged 15-64, against 4.5% in Germany, 7% in the Netherlands, 2.7% in the Portugal, two much more tolerant country. Even if each year increases the number of people arrested in France: more than 150 000 in 2013, encrypts important but has little impact compared to the mass of the 2.6 to 4 million consumers (estimated). 40% of 17 teens tested cannabis, which demonstrates the failure of a policy of prevention, rather absent. Suddenly, the authors write, "number of OECD Governments have decided to waive all repressive", usually minimizing the prosecution for consumption and possession of small quantities (it is the decriminalization). Other "even began to develop real channels of cannabis", and the United States are the most surprising here: "while the federal State led for decades an open cannabis war, some 20 States have legalized cannabis use by facilitating its therapeutic use to varying degrees. Two States (Colorado and Washington State) have crossed a step further by allowing its recreational use, i.e. outside any medical justification. "For France, the authors imagine three hypotheses. The decriminalization of the usageCe system in force in the Portugal, Spain or the Netherlands to greatly reduce the cost of repression. But according to the authors, it would have a perverse effect: an increase in consumption, which they estimate at 16% and 12% of the number of users. Legalization in a concurrentielIl setting would be there, according to the authors, lower prices and increase consumption. Estimated revenue: $ 1.7 billion. The legalization of the sale in a public monopoly ‘ is the system that the Uruguay should be implemented by 2015. The authors suggest a different approach: increase the price, which would allow them to not increase consumption, and would generate 1.3 billion euros in annual tax revenues for the State. With a selling price increased by 40%, the budgetary impact, if it includes the reduction of public expenditures relating to the suppression, would reach at least € 1.8 billion and EUR 2.1 billion in the case of unchanged selling price. This scenario would create 13,000 jobs for the simple trade (to which must be added jobs in the production). But it has drawbacks. The main? If the price of cannabis in the state store is too high, a significant black market remains, by the simple fact that it will negotiate the cheaper product. The state store will be therefore partly shunned. To work around this problem, the authors suggest to legalize first at black market prices, to dry out, then increase gradually. But remember that even in the Netherlands, where an official market is tolerated for forty years, approximately half of the transactions are still on the black market, according to various estimates. That said, the authors believe that this system can work, combining increased prevention and rising prices, as he walked to reduce smoking. In the end, they suggest of ‘ better accompany and monitor the consumption of cannabis, leaving this market of hiding – allowing control of the number of consumers by the price. ” And deploy a real health strategy to prevent risky behaviour while accompanying the most vulnerable populations. Adding: "this is particularly critical for young people who are the real victims of the absence of regulation of the cannabis market today.  ». Extended facts can be found visiting url.

Student stabbed in Toulouse: required 30 and 15 years in prison.

The prosecution has requested Friday 30 and 15 years imprisonment against the two young men accused of stabbing in 2011 in Toulouse a student who refused to allow themselves to be robbed. The verdict is expected Friday evening, after the pleadings of counsel for the defence. Counsel general Pierre Bernard clearly distinguished the roles of the two accused in the fatal attack: according to him, it is well Hicham Ouakki, 22 years, which brought the fatal stab at Jeremy Roze, last year pharmacy student. He requested accordingly 30 years of imprisonment, also taking account of its very heavy past offender persistent offender. Against Driss Arab, 24 years old, Mr. Bernard has required 15 years in prison: the advocate general considered that he was indeed present at the time of the aggression of Jeremy, but that he had not worn the stab. It also felt the need to take account of his criminal record. Empathy is not their forte. We even feel that they are unable, summed up the general counsel. The evening of Jeremy Roze aggression, they could have become aware that an aggression, it can go wrong. It upsets them? No, or at least not well long. The same day, they start again. It is appalling, said general counsel by recalling that the series of attacks by the two men against bystanders did not stop with the death of the young student. A third man, to the much more secondary role, was also found in this trial. This last, free, did not appear before the judges. However, the advocate general held that he was not guilty of the facts for which he was returned, including the concealment of weapons. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Root data can be studied clicking the following http://huracanfc.com.

Institutional corruption.

In the digital editions of all the newspapers on Thursday morning had coincidence on the valuation of the resignation of Eduardo Torres-Dulce as attorney general of the State. Nothing makes us think that it will not give the same coincidence that appear this Friday, after a more leisurely reflection. All had agreed that resignation was more than predictable, given the disagreement of the Government and of the direction of the PP with the actions of the Attorney-General, very visible from the 9-N and that Torres-Dulce stated its coincidence with the legal foundation of the car of judge Ruz, which decided the imputation of the Minister of health, Ana Mato, Gürtel plot. Anyone surprised, therefore, that there has been. I think this is the first thing that should be emphasized, because it is an indicator of the huge institutional degradation in which we are immersed and that it seems that we are getting used. Everyone is giving course with greater naturalness which, although formally we have a resignation, materially, we are facing a dismissal. It is taken for good with the more natural than what can be in legal terms, you can be politically achieved via underground and spurious. Affects what it affects. Everyone is giving course with greater naturalness which, although formally we have a resignation, materially we face a Destitucionla resignation of the Attorney general of the State is an example of institutional corruption strictly book. Because corruption is not limited to the venality of the public office, but it goes far beyond this. Corruption is, before all, institutional denaturation, the fact that void the warranty that makes possible an institution to play the role which is constitutionally entrusted. And this is what has happened with the dismissal disguised as a resignation of Eduardo Torres-Dulce. What has been put into question is security of tenure of the Attorney general during the period for which it has been designated, and, as a result, its autonomy from the Government that appointed him. What OK security of tenure established in the Statute of the public prosecutor as a guarantee of autonomy, if the Government can make it blow?With the breaking of the will of Eduardo Torres-Dulce has been simultaneously the devaluation of the status of the public prosecutor in our political system and our legal system. The Office of the Attorney-General is worth less from this Thursday. Track to be a bond garbage that we periodically reported in the economy sections is on. Troubled, therefore, of the vices that accompany these bonds. I do not know who will be appointed to replace Eduardo Torres-Dulce, but it is hard to think that someone who respects himself and be jealous of their autonomy to accept an appointment by a Government that has acted in the way that just made it. Although probably already have thought a candidate of a similar profile to the President of RTVE, to which the servile character is a constituent element of his personality. . For more insights about this matter click article.

Maubeuge: prison evacuated after a fire.

It is a particularly delicate operation that was played Thursday night in the prison of Maubeuge (North). 400 detainees were indeed evacuated after a power outage caused by a fire, mastered in early evening. Part of the evacuation started late in the evening, said a source close to the dossier, whereby about 200 inmates would be evacuated during the night in various prisons in the region, until the rest of the prisoners are evacuated to turn in the day Friday. The totally CACA situation’ fire, which has not been injured, occurred at 3: 30 p.m., there was an electrical fire at the level of the maintenance, which has damaged a high-voltage 20 cable. 000 volts, the regional Secretary of the Ufap-Unsa justice, Laurent Scassellati said. His colleagues were in a total blackout and should proceed to the total evacuation of the criminal population, to the other institutions of the inter-region. The situation was described as completely calm, according to the source close to the record, which indicated that the operation was serenely, the site having been secured with mobile reinforcements outside. According to Christophe Loyer, trade unionist Ufap-Unsa Justice who was on the spot, the extremely rare decision to evacuate the prison was taken by the prefect at around 8 pm. Eiffage staff came on the spot to see if it was possible to repair but given the magnitude of the damage, they felt that it was impossible, ” said Christophe Loyer.  . For more data about this subject click http://huracanfc.com.

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