The Government released 215 000 euros for food aid.

While foodstuffs European only will be delivered that autour from September 15, "in 50 departments, associations were in breach of at least a product of first necessity", said the Secretary of State, which brought in emergency associations, manufacturers of agri-food and Department of Agriculture. Needs have been assessed at "just over EUR 300 000. A third of the amount was provided by industrial (tax-free donations), and the Government has released 215,000 euros to buy products of first necessity (pasta, sugar, oil, etc.), whose first deliveries began Thursday morning. The centre of the popular aid of the 18arrondissement, which hosts in the year 400 families per week (150 to 200 families in August), received a range of oil and a range of flour. "In 15 days, everything will be gone", provides Abdelsem Ghazi, Secretary-General of the Federation of popular relief Paris. "At one point, is is asked to close the centre" in August, he said. To cope, the Secours populaire collected and purchased itself products to continue to distribute food throughout the summer. . You must read the following to read more regarding this amazing subject.

The United States and its allies seek a response against the Islamic State.

The United States and its Western allies sought Thursday in response to the Islamic State after the shock wave caused by the beheading of an American journalist and the failure of an operation for the liberation of hostages in Syria. Speaking from his place of vacation, president Barack Obama has made tribute Wednesday to James Foley journalist abducted in November 2012 in the North of the Syria and the ultra-radical group showed the assassination in a video. He called the Governments and the peoples of the Middle East to fight against the Islamic State which has conquered large parts of Syrian territory and progresses quickly in Iraq, to retrieve this cancer so that it does not spread. Meanwhile, the french president François Holland called Thursday for a broad international mobilization. This is not just a terrorist group as alas it has known, dispersed, scattered with several heads, is a terrorist organization which decided to enslave, d? annihilate, to destroy, he said during a visit to the meeting, in the Indian ocean. If the world is not organized against this group, there will be other also appalling images, he continued, recalling his proposal for a forthcoming international conference against the Islamic State and above all for security in Iraq. The United States already conduct air strikes against the jihadists in northern Iraq since August 8 and president Obama promised the continuation of their commitment. When Americans are covered somewhere, we do what is necessary to ensure that justice is done, he said. But shortly after his statements, the Pentagon and the White House acknowledged having undergone a military failure earlier this summer in Syria. They revealed that a had been carried out to rescue a number of Americans held hostage in Syria by the jihadist group but that she had failed, because the hostages were not present there where US intelligence thought. This is the first time that the United States make public an operation of this type on Syrian soil since the beginning of the conflict in March 2011. According to the Washington Post, dozens of soldiers were hired, and James Foley was among the hostages. The U.S. military announced its side that a new wave of 14 bombing had been conducted these past 24 hours. According to a senior American official, the Pentagon plans to send about 300 additional soldiers in Iraq where there are already 850 soldiers and military advisers, a little more than two and a half years after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country. -’ No place in the 21st century’ – in the video showing the murder of James Foley, whose authenticity has been confirmed by the White House, the jihadists threatened to run a second American hostage, Steven Sotloff, also a journalist, if the shelling continues. Mr. Obama held that the EIS, which wants to establish a Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, had no place in the 21st century and the ultra-radical Islamist group spoke on behalf of any religion. The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon denounced an abominable crime. The video broadcast on the internet and entitled Message to America shows a man speaking English with an accent UK, masked and dressed in black that seems to cut the throat of James Foley, removed in November 2012 in Syria. British Prime Minister David Cameron said that it was increasingly likely that the unidentified executioner is a British. Images of the execution caused revulsion and the beginning of a wider mobilization of Western countries and have also shocked the most populous Muslim country in the world, the Indonesia. The France said consider a comprehensive strategy against a quasi-State terrorist, while Berlin and Rome have expressed willing to do such as Washington and Paris, by delivering weapons to Kurdish forces to help repulse the offensive Jihad in the North of the Iraq. The Indonesian president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who leads a country where moderate islam is practiced held the violence of jihadis humiliating for Muslims. It is shocking, out of control, he told the newspaper The Australia calling all leaders to reconsider their way of combating extremism. The head of Interpol, Ronald Noble, said that the likely involvement of a Briton in the murder of James Foley has once again stressed the need for a multilateral response to the threat of terror of transnational radicalized combatants in the Middle East. . Related info can be inspected checking

The Spaniards who adopted in Ethiopia will know the decision of the judge the coming week.

Two Spanish couples who are in Ethiopia to return to Spain with their children adopted in the country will know next week if the Ethiopian Justice agrees to return or not to small. Thus Rubén Fernández and Jerónimo Moltó have secured it in a video distributed to the media, once on Tuesday concluded a hearing in the African country to clear up the future of minors, who were forced to deliver in an Ethiopian orphanage last week. Both parents explained in the video that the regional States of the South have argued during the hearing that they have orphanages maintained with international aid to properly greet children. An argument which, according to parents, has disputed his lawyer with the law in his hand and will be Wednesday or Thursday of next week when the judge make a decision. In statements to Efe, the sister of Jerome, Bethlehem Molto, has abounded in territorial States have made the same allegations that the previous view but a little larger: i.e., have argued that they have resources and institutions so that children don’t have to leave the country. Molto said that the children had been placed for adoption by families lacking resources, and today these remain under the same conditions. The Spaniards, according to Molto, are horribly and agotadisimos and do not have high hopes for the judge to fail in their favor, however, the Court’s decision may be. In addition, insisted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spanish that do not cease their attempt to treat minors to return to Spain with their adoptive families. These couples arrived in Ethiopia on March 31 to culminate a process in which several years were immersed, but a week after the judgement which was given to children, the process was paralyzed. Those affected have since then fighting for this cause, and on September 29 expire them visas, which probably would force them to return to Spain without their children, if not unlocks the process. . You must click the following to learn more on this great topic.

Column he says she says: If only the GNAT corpses were not.

There will be people who do not understand how you can get in the holiday under palm trees, Sun and the influence of Sangria in the hair. But when could it? When one finally has the opportunity to experience the other, especially in the dreadful around the clock in all its facets? Only when partners day after day and night after night stick together, they recognize what they have at the other. For example, a cynical bore or a lemony pea Zaehlerin. You: HM. If weren’t the only these blood stains from the bodies of the mosquito on the wall. And what is it for a dark shadow on the ceiling? He: you know what? Best, I find a room. Then you can sleep in the middle. As it continues, if the next morning a wonderful has rested and the other with red-rimmed eyes and mosquito bites all over his body on the beach sits, learn next week in the next part of the holiday issue of he says, she says. . Main data may be read checking this web site.

Squatters-comic: On a Molotov cocktail.

Hach, what was beautiful, as it gave something to the Dafürkämpfen, they could throw stones against capitalism, and squat to annoy the real estate sharks! Between urban warfare and last twitch of the RAF, the graphic novel plays Gleisdreieck, she takes readers back to the dirty nostalgic Berlin of the year 1981. It comes to Otto, the informer, and Martin, the old terrorists. Seems that long ago, this Berlin of the Bundeswehr refugees and the anarcho-person shared flats, designing Jörg Ulbert Jörg Mailliet there with his Illustrator. Mid-hipster hot yet Popper, and punk’s life instead of attitude. There are a few of today’s long term survivors here and there in the detailed street scenes also to discover the Club SO 36, for example, which shapes with up to now the Berlin counterculture. Also the parallel to the phenomenon, which today is called gentrification is hardly surprising: the Kaputt renovation, the scarcity of affordable living space, the displacement of precarious from the city. Only the drug of choice are just old school in Wye: Mollies tinker and abduct female senators. That looks so in comic form, if the armed resistance against the State of pork to the legend becomes somehow nostalgically, somehow cheerless. Ulbert, succeeds relatively least through the scenery to navigate, even though there may be a small left in the sympathy award. Quite classic comic style, the two authors tell their story, freedom was still clear panels and solid coloring draw the image of the summer of 1981, in the West. Ulbert and Mailliet look almost loving on the endless discussions in left WGs under Mao posters, in which the informer Otto after sneaking a, always on the narrow ridge between agent provocateur and State faithful observers of the path. The story runs next to each other in two parallel strands in the same micro-cosmos of the leftist scene. Not just subtly Uncle Sam as the aggressor is enabled by terrorism link opposite. And while one group under Otto’s instructions, which acts weird guilt free radicalized in his existence as a spy of the scene, slowly and carefully, Martin’s other group organized bank robberies already, to put the next big political signal. There are no real winners in this game at the end, so much moral may be then. Gleisdreieck but remains a beautifully excursion in this West German island Berlin that evokes a little longing after Wilder times. . You should check the following home page to learn extra about this great subject.

In Iran, a Minister considered too reformist sacked.

Mr. Faraji-Dana was the first among Ministers of moderate president Hassan Rohani, in power since August 2013, to being summoned and ousted by Parliament, consisting mostly of conservatives and including relatives of the former President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2005-2013). This dismissal marks the first serious confrontation between the legislature and the president Rohani its policies undertaken within the country. We want to change the direction of the Ministry of education for the rebellions of 2009 and 1999 in universities do not recur, said Conservative MP Elyas Naderan this meeting. In 1999, following a protest of students of Tehran University, police and militiamen belonging to Basij had violently attacked the dormitories of this establishment. For a week, protests continued in the capital and in other major cities of the country. During half an hour, Reza Faraji-Dana tried, in vain, to dispel the fears of members defending students and teachers reinstated in academic institutions, by calling point fort and defenders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Why present them as enemies? Why create a safe atmosphere of police? Where want to happen to us?, he asked.  According to this doctor in electronics, the atmosphere in universities was in its best, its safer and more calm stage. The cancellation of awards academic, assigned, illegally, to relatives of the former authorities of the Government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was another reason for the convening of Faraji-Dana to Parliament. These questions, former Minister of education spent much of his time, advancing details about the irregularities committed under the former presidency: non-compliance with the age limits, mean less good than what is required by the regulation, and even more shocking, the awarding of scholarships to study abroad for disciplines such as Persian literature and the history of islam,, You can visit this to read extra regarding this great topic.

Presidential Turkey: three lessons and scenarios for the future.

-the presidentialisation of the Turkish political system and the maintenance of hegemony in the power of the party of justice and Development (Party AKP). One of the key debates raised by the presidential election has focused on the presidentialisation of the Turkish political system, that the Prime Minister intends to engage with a reform of the Constitution requiring the support of two-thirds of Turkish members of Parliament (367 on 550). However the AKP does not have the majority today. As the fundamental challenge for the new Presidency to Erdogan remains the next legislative elections in June 2015, whose results will determine the ability of the AKP to change the Constitution and impose the change of regime. Unprecedented after decades of unstable government coalitions, the AKP runs only the Executive power since 2002, having managed to strengthen its electoral base in the elections of 2007 and 2011. But the prospect of a wear and tear of power, after 12 years without sharing, as well as the risks of dissent internal within the AKP – now where are played the dealings for the choice of the future party leader and new Prime Minister – could lead to a same electoral weakening relative of the party. Even if the results of the presidential election showed that the opposition coalition of the Republican Party of the people (CHP) and the nationalist action (MHP) party was far from achieving most – its single candidate Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu having won nearly 38% of the votes cast-, the AKP could be forced to term to form a coalition Government. In this new configuration, what would be the potential partner with which govern? The CHP, which denounced the threats of the AKP on secularism and Kemalist values, would result in an unholy alliance, even though experience has already occurred in the 1970s. The MHP has supported the AKP during his first term before violently oppose on sensitive issues such as the resolution of the Kurdish problem. Would remain the pro-Kurdish party for peace and democracy (BDP), with whom a rapprochement would mark an unprecedented experience with unpredictable consequences. In this perspective, the presidentialisation of the political system desired by Erdogan would remain only wishful thinking or cannot intervene as by a strengthening of the authoritarian drift of the current Prime Minister denounced by detractors. -the evolution of the AKP and the choice of the Prime Minister: the presidentialisation of the Turkish political system will not happen without a head of Government in line with the newly elected president, at the risk of paralysis of the institutions. Also the choice of the new leader of the AKP and future Prime Minister at the end of the current negotiations will exert a decisive influence on the evolution of the party and unity and discipline of members of the AKP. However the succession being Erdogan at the head of the AKP could lead to fractures and irreversible dissension in the future, or even lead to a breakup of the AKP in the worst scenarios. Among potential candidates currently anticipated, Ahmet Davutoglu, the current Foreign Minister whose name will be remembered as the architect of the new Turkish foreign policy, remains a favorite even if it is not based on the political Seraglio. The fate of the president leaving Abdullah Gül, meanwhile, is not yet sealed. But the lack of enthusiasm shown by Prime Minister Erdogan, judging simply ‘natural’ the return of Gul in the AKP, leaves hardly augur a scenario Russian as a rotation of the two leaders at the head of the Executive. . Original data could be read reading the following

Presidents and taxation (3/5): when Chirac attacked the income tax.

Elected in May 1995 on the theme of the fight against the divide social, positioned on the left, therefore, Jacques Chirac began by attacking the rich in tax matters. The more fortunate of the French use – legal – tips to reduce their ISF (via the system of Cap according to income)? We’ll stop! And similarly, some tax loopholes – including in real estate – are purely is simply deleted. After the two-point increase of VAT for as early as the spring of 1995 to reduce the public deficit – the qualification for the euro, with the 3% deficit limit, enters the debate – public, tax overdose threat. Puncture by Prime Minister Alain Juppe appears very heavy, and a certain Francois Hollande, which will increase yet nearly two times more compulsory levies, fifteen years later, then risk to declare that Juppe "physically embodies the tax. A statement that he said later regret. Discarded from power because of what Lionel Jospin had called a "risky experiment" – a dissolution of the National Assembly decided cold, accompanied by the renewal announced of a then very unpopular Alain Juppe – Jacques Chirac leads in campaign for the presidential elections of 2002 with a tax program very simple: he promises a reduction of 5% of the tax on the income. No reform, a simple drop, all the more easy to implement is not funded,. The overall recipe of tax then falls to 44 billion euros, against a fifty billion during the 1990s: it accounts for only 2.8% of GDP, one of the lowest ratios of all industrialized countries. It increases a little in the years following, growth helping. But the approach of the presidential election of 2007, Jacques Chirac and his new Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, decide to again tackle this unfortunate income tax. In 2007, taxpayers thus find a reduction to four the number of slices, the maximum tax falling from 48% to 40%. The Government then puts the magnitude of this relief: it is because the 20% income deduction is integrated in the schedule and therefore deleted that this display is also spectacular: corrected of this reform, the maximum rate is actually slightly raised. Except that the very rich, who was not entitled to this allowance – capped – benefit in full for this decline. Suddenly, in 2007, the tax on the income-skin of grief represents only 2.3% of GDP. This decision is added to the introduction of a tax shield: the total ISF more income tax more local taxes from may not exceed 60% of the income. An apparently high ratio, leaving the FAT to the tax authorities. Except that number of particularly wealthy taxpayers have the means to "drive" their income, including placing their fortune in life insurance, whose products are not considered as such. The Institute of public policy, in a note issued in 2012, believes as well as the tax rates decreased by 1% for almost all of the 10% of households the richest – who pay two-thirds of the tax – will see their tax rate fall from 1 to 2%, those belonging to the richest 1 per cent minority entitled to the sharper relief. This same category will receive, also decreased its taxation of heritage, through the reduction of the rights of succession, but also through the tax shield, to lighten the ISF. A tax shield that plombera the five years Sarkozy, notably because the system works on the basis of a refund via a cheque for the tax authorities sent to the wealthy. Leaks all kinds – some 30 million euros paid by the administration to Lilianne Bettencourt, including -, feeding the incomprehension of the electorate, including right, will cost this shield. For more data about this topic visit fact.

Former prestige project of education policy: Federal Audit Office criticises Germany scholarship.

Recent messages from the Ministry showed a trend upwards. So, 2013 almost 20 000 students received this Germany scholarship. That are based on the total number of students but only 0.76 percent, 2012 was 0.6 year and previously 0.25 percent. The highest rate – the number of scholarships for which federal funds are available – was each twice as high. In the coalition agreement 2009, even eight per cent of all students was prescribed as a medium-term target. At same rate of increase, this would have taken over 20 years, so the Court of Auditors. After all, the Grand Coalition have now reduced this brand on two percent. The Government should set future realistically the quotas – with views on the federal budget, in which not tens of millions should be scheduled, then left. It is mind-boggling to screw the quotas each year upwards. The Ministry must yet see how this project really is – or many other universities not running, says a university rector from the North. The number of possible scholarships will be allocated each College according to size, the federal money only, if the private portion is set to. Recruiters usually try to tempt companies access to specialists. The only moderately successful, may be due to the inertia of the universities – or on the ignorance of the economy. Why you don’t know that, is well down on lack of success control and research – such as the Court of Auditors. . For extra on this topic click hyperlink.

Handball: Kiel triumphs in Supercup.

Handball, Germany: The German record champions THW Kiel won the Super Cup for the eighth time. The North prevailed Füchse Berlin on Tuesday in Stuttgart in a traditional duel against DHB – Pokal winner with 24:18 (13:8). Gamers at the THW were goalkeeper Johan Sjöstrand and Filip Jicha (5/1) as a scorer before 6212 spectators in the sold-out Porsche-arena. For Berliners, the high marks earned fullback Silvio Hamad and Paul Drux (4). With the game officially opened the season in the Bundesliga. The first game day is this weekend. Spain, 2. Liga: New turning point in the maze to the start of the season in the 2nd Spanish Football League: the second League club condemned to relegation Real Murcia may contrary to a court available now but not play participate in. The point games begin – as originally planned – already this weekend. This decided the Professional League (LFP) on the night of Tuesday. Murcia was sentenced to forced relegation to the 3rd Liga for financial malfeasance and tax liabilities. The place in the second League was awarded to the CD Mirandés, athletic was relegated in the previous season. Murcia obtained a preliminary injunction in the reopening of the Club in the 2nd Division was arranged before an ordinary court, however. The League then postponed the start of the season for an indefinite period. On Monday, the LFP made a double kick. She agreed at first to follow the order of the Court and to allow Murcia to the 2nd Bundesliga. A few hours later she retracted back their decision. The reason: The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) had strictly rejected an increase in the 2nd League to 23 clubs and a change in the game plan. It is not possible to comply with the Court’s injunction, us LFP President Javier Tebas said. Murcia is likely again challenged this decision before the justice. Tennis, Davis Cup: Relegation playing in the tennis Davis Cup between the Ukraine and Belgium held in the Estonian Valley Inn. The game takes place because of the Ukraine crisis from 12 to 14 September in the Tere Tennis Centre of the Estonian capital. The ITF Tennis World Federation announced that on Tuesday. The duel between the Ukraine and Belgium should originally take place in Kiev. Belgium had made opposition to the venue. The ITF had recently moved even the relegation match between Israel and Argentina because of the Gaza war in the neutral sunrise in Florida. Tennis, New Haven: Fed Cup player Andrea Petkovic (Darmstadt) has reached the knockout stage at the WTA tournament in New Haven, Connecticut. The 26-year-old won against the Australian Open finalist Dominika Cibulková of Slovakia after 1:44 hours 7-6 (7-2), 6-3. It was Paek ‘ first victory after their virus disease two weeks ago. Petkovic, who is the only German in the last tournament of preparation before the start of the US Open (from August 25), won the second at the third meeting with the fifth seeded Cibulkova. In the round of 16 at the hard court event which is endowed with 710th 000 meets the world rankings-19. on Kirsten Flipkens of Belgium. Tennis, Winston-Salem: Benjamin Becker and Dustin Brown are eliminated at the ATP tennis tournament of Winston-Salem in the U.S. State of North Carolina. At the dress rehearsal for the US Open starting August 25, Becker lost his second-round match against Jarkko Nieminen on Monday (local time) after 78 minutes 5-7, 6-4. Thus the mett Lacher was defeated by the Finns for the fifth time in succession. Dustin Brown started promisingly in his match against Guillermo Garcia-Lopez. The Spaniard led to 66 positions before him was but clearly inferior number 98 in the world rankings after won first round and lost 7-6 (7-5), 2-6, 2:6. For extended information regarding this topic read info.

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