The countdown of the Bank tests.

Especially smaller institutions in southern Europe, will not have passed observers expect. Institutions that fail to comply with capital, must submit plans then within two weeks, as they want to close their gaps. At its core, it involves the question: the institutions shall have sufficient own capital, to go in the event of a new crisis in the knee. Fallen through institutions have six to nine months time, to fill the gaps. In the past few months thousands ECB experts, national supervisors and external auditors shone through the balance sheets of the large European money houses in search of contaminated sites or capital holes. Also it comes to make comparable to the valuation of assets, which would facilitate possible mergers between the money houses. This balance check-up with a stress test has been linked. This crisis test simulated whether institutions have even enough capital for their business if the economy collapses and rushing the real estate prices in the cellar. Background of comprehensive exams is the start of the new European Banking Union: on November 4, the ECB assumes the central supervision of the 120 leading banks in the euro area. This should improve the cross-border control and reveal risks at individual institutions or in certain market segments at an early stage. . You must visit the following reference to learn extra about this great matter.

Thanks the citizens-vases!

A Turkey against a voice. It is American patronage summarized by Will Burns, Chicago Alderman and former Obama campaign manager. "To change the definition of the transaction. An elector is worth more than a Turkey. To participate in the policy of the city who are on the sidelines, the invisible, it relies on communities. "I need their support between elections, they are an organized relay. Democracy is not only to drag a ballot paper in the ballot box", he says. And when there’s no community, it is necessary to organize them. The ‘community organizing’, it is the niche of seeds of France, a think thank on neighbourhoods, created by Raj Didi. "We identify leaders on the ground, train them, teach them to mobilize their base. ” We do not interfere in the debates but provide them with brackets, the tools they need to fight their battles,"describes. At Sevran, for example, the inhabitants, in uniting, were able to get back by the office the overpayment on annual loadings HLM. Galvanized by these small victories, citizens eventually seize bel and good power, some come to the elections, access to positions of responsibility,. But leaders are really ready to let go of the reins? Gash. "There’s no apathy among the popular classes, they have things to say but are not audible. Institutional responsibility is strong,"laments Marion Carrel, sociologist of the link between poverty and citizenship. And the University to explain that oppose two visions of empowerment (the development of the power to Act). "In the first, neo-liberal, it is the fault of the individual if it does not hand". Carrel looks for the second. "Should improve the institution for empowerment", "forget the great masses, work in small groups, diversify the modes of speech so that people can go from their point of view, of their daily lives. To make the mayonnaise, "should stop being afraid of the conflict. "Anger or a riot, it is already a beginning of citizenship", believes sociologist. Shishir drives the nail. Ruthlessly efficient. "Which means that the poor are interested in politics? ” Certainly not the "usual suspects of democracy: old, male, white, bourgeois. "In the Councils municipal, the public must be miserable or he is fired manu militari. If you have something to say, don’t go out there’, he says. In his viewfinder also mocks of participatory democracy which reproduce inequalities and "are not better than representative democracy. Because not all citizens do not have an equal opportunity to influence the decision-making process. "For the categories of the population who run after time and money, participate is more expensive than for the categories engaged by leisure." How to bully the citizen participation? Nothing simpler: it enough to hold urgent meetings on ancillary subjects where the participants are vases, pressed by the institution that has all framed and locked upstream. So it is advice area, "very disappointing", according to Carrel buried. Shishir, to "change the rules of the game", so that it most benefits the same: to give time, admit that people have leaders, reopen the tap to popular education grants to form the citizens, accept the conflict and jeopardize something important. Remains that to organize the resistance, the alternative, criticism, it takes money. And Carrel to explain: "it was noted that community associations were in competition between them for the financing of local authorities. Only, if we want that the parole citoyenne is released, it may be critical, need to find other sources of funding that are not local, but national or emanate from foundations". Shishir said while an alternative was conceived. Imagined and immediately buried. It appeared yet in the Babu-Kai report on citizen participation presented in July 2013 François Lamy, Minister delegated to the city, in its reform. The authors advocated to take 1% on public funding of political parties and 10% on the parliamentary reserve to supply an Endowment Fund to finance projects of the inhabitants. . Original source could be studied checking this blog.

Glasgow, Scottish rugby lighthouse.

Glasgow, with its triumphant youth and player temperament, no more end to amaze in pursuing the objective of properly export on the European front on the momentum of a season 2013-2014 accomplished, with this time. By his own admission, Gregor Townsend is a happy coach. Not only his Warriors are comfortably installed at the top of the Celtic League (2nd) but they come in addition to shine for their entry into competing in the European Cup. Cut to pieces, the English of Bath (37-10)! Montpellier, which receives the Warriors Saturday (18 h 15) for the second day, is notified. After the games, when the team meets in the locker room, I don’t usually forward one or two players who I believe have provided the effort more or have given more of themselves to help their partners, explains Townsend. Last Saturday, I could have put forward 23 registered players on the scoresheet, so each has contributed to the victory. This time therefore, Glasgow is of advantage. Since the experience of the last year had been bitter. Unbeaten Celtic League, they had lived a calvary in Toulon for the first European match: 34-0 at halftime, 51-28 in the final at the cost of considerable effort in the second half. This experience has added to that gained at the end of last season, when Glasgow was hoisted for the first time in the Magners League final, before stumbling on the ground of Leinster (34-12). This is much better armed Glasgow, at the point of crystallising the hopes of national rugby. European Cup semi-finalists in 2012, Edinburgh, another Scottish professional club, mark way, by merely this season of European Challenge and a lackluster 8th place in Celtic League. This success is first l?implementation of Townsend, 41 years, former fly-half of XV of the Thistle (82 LRS) and whose name resonates to French ears after his passages in Brive, Castres and Montpellier (2004-2005). -Backbone of the Thistle-L XV’ coach has been able to put its paw, to then exploit the balloons of recovery-oriented offensive, an effective ball movement and a defense of iron. A style that requires an impeccable physical condition, which Townsend recently welcomed by referring to the very hard work done during the offseason. Side Montpellier, Fabien Galthié note also that Glasgow takes advantage of the emergence of some players who crossed an interesting intermediate level. And Stuart Hogg is the best European tail, said the manager. Glasgow now forms the backbone of the national team, with 17 players summoned early in the week in a group of 33 for the autumn tests. Flanker Chris Fusaro (25 years, 4 salt), the centre Mark Bennett (21 years, 0 salt), author of a double face Bath, or even the third line Center Adam Ashe (21 years, 1 salt) embody so a future possibly invigorating for the XV of thistle. Certainly, the Warriors are not ready to compete financially with English and french clubs: the Scottish Federation spends EUR 29 million for its two pros clubs and its national team, which is less than the budget of Toulon alone. But the lights are green. Glasgow has left its old Firhill for the Scotstoun Stadium, expanded to 7. 000 places which half is sold as season tickets, the never seen before. By exploiting at best its small resources – Scotland has only 40. 000 licensees, eleven times unless France – thanks to a big work of detection and training, Glasgow has found his way. Still digging this trench on the European continent. . Related info can be found visiting home page.

Matthieu Ricard: Kill a cow, it’s still a little murder.

Matthieu Ricard is indeed more logical and necessary. I was planning originally to integrate it in the first book, but the subject matter was too broad and I already wrote 900 pages. The first book was therefore used to lay the foundations, and this is an extension of altruism. It is also the sequel to the manifesto that I had signed a year ago with 23 intellectuals and which allowed the vote in April last by the Assembly of the symbolic recognition of the quality of "beings living sentient sensitivity" for animals in the civil Code. I thus hope to create awareness. Because the most striking common point between human and animals is the ability to feel pain, now scientifically proven. This saying by Lamartine was exact enough: "there is two hearts, one for men, one for the animal,," It has the heart or it is not. "Buddhism considers that all human beings have the fundamental right to exist and do not suffer. It is a matter of ethical consistency. Since the 19th century, Schopenhauer, itself inspired by the India and Buddhism, stated that "he who is cruel to animals can be a man good. Yes, but the same day, in France, there were 500. 000 animals sent to the slaughterhouse after unspeakable suffering that it comes out not revolted person,. We are in a moral schizophrenia. Every year, 60 billion land animals and 1000 billions of marine animals are killed for our consumption. It is a total madness, further damaging to the hungry in the world, harmful to the climate and even human health. And, at the current pace, our lifestyle will cause the disappearance of 30% of all animal species on the planet from here to 2050. In the West, the leftovers of Judeo-Christian thought are extremely stubborn. According to the dominant vision of Christianity, animals have no ‘soul’ and are on Earth only for the use of man. God made man in his own image and the Bible says, "chooses that have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven, over the cattle, over all the Earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth".  But, as the writer Milan Kundera, "of course, the Genesis was composed by a man and not a horse"! In the mass killings, it demonizes the human, it makes them anonymous, they are given a serial number. The animals, them, become goods, agricultural products, furniture, machines to make sausages,. So many words that allow no longer perceived as sensitive, a little like me. Agree, but it does not give you the right to kill everyone. At that time, among humans, there are idiots; can the most intelligent reduce the idiots into slavery? And if adventure of aliens more intelligent that we landed on our planet and announced that their God created humans for their use, that we meet them? And if they added that they are so delicious that they cannot live without? This is what imagine Milan Kundera in "the unbearable lightness of being". The superiority of the male is real on some shots. To go to University, poetry or play Bach, is much more talented, that’s for sure. But the champion Michael Phelps swim ever as to the speed of the carp, and a carp is not a very fast fish. The record holder of the 200-metre Usain Bolt runs at the speed of a cat; the Cheetah is better! Me I get lost in Paris, while the redhead barge loses a second when it migrates out of 10. 000 kilometres. The superiority, it is so relative to an egocentric perspective. It is obviously special, the human being, and can marvel at what one is. It does however give us no privilege to exploit others; on the contrary, make it depreciate this human nature.  All those who spoke in favour of the animal cause – Voltaire, Shaftesbury, Bentham, Mill and Shaw – were also the most ardent advocates of respect for human rights. Three hundred years ago they tortured people in the public square. In three hundred years, we have come to respect for the rights of man, of women, of the child, with the abolition of slavery and torture. The natural next step in the progress of civilization, it will be the respect for animals. And it starts by giving a bit of compassion to another. . You should visit the following to learn extra about this interesting subject.

Combat: twelve air raid attacks against Dschihadistenmiliz.

Warplanes of the United States and allied countries flew twelve missions in the Iraq and Syria since Thursday evening. This was announced by the responsible for the region of central command (CENTCOM) Army based in the State of Florida in Tampa. Therefore suspected positions of the Dschihadistenmiliz Islamic State (IS) around the Kurdish city Kobans on the border with Turkey were attacked in northern Syria. In the Iraq, vehicles and mortars of IS militia were destroyed according to the three air strikes in the vicinity of the strategically important dam in Mosul in the North of the country. Six more attacks near Bayji and the largest oil refinery in the country were among a training camp of the jihadists. There were other missions thus near Fallujah in the restive province of Anbar. The German Government wants to include the Bundestag for a possible deployment of German armed forces trainers in the North Iraq and tests an German participation in a possible training centre for Kurdish soldiers in the fight against the IS. The CSU requires a mandate from the Bundestag for such a mission by Bundeswehr trainers. Of Iran wants to leave aside political differences with other countries in the fight against the terrorist militia IS. The seriousness of the current situation should be aware of all protagonists in the region in the meantime, says Deputy Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian of the FARs news agency. For a more effective fight against IS the Iran would welcome therefore also a cooperation with countries such as Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, stresses Abdullahian.   In the fight against the IS in the Iraq and Syria warplanes of the United States and allied countries have flown so far 632 attacks. With more than 1700 bombs and missiles were employed, as the U.S. central command reported. Overall the aircraft were launched 6600 times, with reconnaissance and air-to-air refuelling were a large part of the inserts. Although several European and Arab countries participate in the usage, but only 79 of 632 attacks so far not by US fighter aircraft were flown. The reports on the alleged use of chemical weapons by the IS alert German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The SPD politician Ban Ki moon stimulates according to Government circles in a telephone conversation with UN Secretary-General, that the United Nations Security Council dealt with the topic. Ban said to take up the issue. Taking the North Syrian Kurdish city Kobans by fighters of the Islamic State (IS) Dschihadistenorganisation is apparently initially been averted according to the army. The offensive of the extremists was advised in stalled, a representative of the U.S. central command says. The Kurdish fighters are supporting the US led military alliance in able to defend the city. The front course in Kobans have not changed for more than a week. . Similar facts can be found clicking blog.

‘ How I wish ‘ ,. that the returning Vasco Rossi Kom.

‘ How I wish ‘, is the new single of Vasco Rossi who anticipates the album ‘ I’m innocent ‘, released on November 4. The song has a pretty good video. Let’s see. It starts with unspoilt nature, a woman with light gestures represents the innate grace of plain and simple stand on the ground of humanity. Suddenly he finds himself in a tunnel, spatio-temporal path that the Catapult in the stomach, aseptic and gray wide of a giant dam. The song has a double reading: on the one hand there is the love song, good for all ages and for (almost) all vascomani needs; on the other hand there is the defensive harangue of Vasco, in reference to the title of the entire disk. This second reading is much more interesting. Meanwhile, we find that same woman, symbol of a humanity out of place in a future inhumane and impersonal. The choice to set the video in a dam is not random: the dam itself is a man’s stance towards the environment. Is a device that modifies and fold its purpose what more natural there can be water, its course, the same water that so ancestral was caressed by women at the beginning of the video. Vasco sings as who is aware of the ongoing disaster, as those who know the drama of that woman. Stroll almost anonymously in that place, as a narrator who has the task of telling and not part of the cinematic world. Says, in a nutshell: "this huge concrete casting is the world today and I can’t leave it. Lose my present, my live today in this time and in this society. " So it seems that there is no need to give up a bit of humanity to live today. The gap with the woman is inevitable. Some deadlifts with mounting and long fields, reveal the monstrosity of the dam, the grandeur which contrasts with nature and with the outside world. The woman goes out and back in his habitat but Vasco no. Continue to fight from within, having also tried to follow the woman. Vasco choose, remain there, as it says at the beginning of the song. His innocence is approaching things from the inside. . Main data could be studied checking this home page.

Ajaccio: how the Rajan did break the election of Odonnell.

Not content with having already ejected old pediatrician from his seat in full pink wave in 2012, now Odonnell also won him his town hall. 281 small voice, certainly. But a win is a win, and for this supporter Jean-François Copé, former lawyer, Member of Parliament, vice-president of the general Council of Corse-du-Sud and now Mayor, they weren’t challenges to Simon Renucci and his accusations of electoral fraud that would spoil it the party. Comment on his former opponent: and yet,. Since he reported the facts to the public prosecutor to title of article 40 of the electoral Code as can any vested with public authority who finds an infringement, lodged an appeal before the tribunal administrative of Bastia, was heard on 10 April by the PJ, with which he has filed a complaint, and held a press conference to denounce such a fraud proxySimon Renucci tu. On the island, we gradually got the idea that the good doctor, elected by surprise in 2001, belonged to the past. It’s very nice to Ajaccio this June 5, a little before 11 o’clock in the morning, when a pretty brunette in jeans and white tank top shall lay before the courthouse a specially came man of Paris. Catherine Renucci went discreetly to get it on the descent of aircraft. It’s called Me Xavier Autain and she made rendezvous with the Prosecutor of the Republic. In the bag of the Parisian lawyer, a complaint of 26 pages and a USB key, which contains hundreds of documents. The Prosecutor’s office was preparing to close the preliminary investigation opened in the wake of the municipal election when Simon Renucci had drawn attention to 14 questionable proxies. Police found 3 more. Not what whip a cat, or alert the whole earth – Prime Minister, Ministers of Justice, of the Interior and same François Holland – as did the unhappy at his pain to be beaten! All this fuss is about for 17 poor poorly drafted proxies, in an island where electoral fraud is a regional speciality,. As if it had only that to do when Corsica continues wading in the blood of racketeering and of accounts,. Not to be doing and therefore preserve evidence: Catherine Renucci and his friends have this idea in mind. Later, we’ll see what will come out of all these pictures lists of signature, the municipal returning officers, as well as precedents. Unpublished documents reach him anonymously. The apartment of the young woman turns into hive, where people work until the early morning. And, little by little, a pattern emerges. 26. 742 voters moved to the second round. If 1. 780 people have voted by proxy in the first round, they were 2. 380 to the second (which for 600 of these documents have been established between the two towers). The figures surprise: in 1995, in the second round, 973 voters had voted by proxy; 897 in 2001 and 1. 357 in 2008. As the team has only two-thirds of the documents. And then, spontaneously, testimonials are starting to reach the fine team. As Mr. s. At the bedside of his grandmother hospitalized for months, the man was surprised to see tumbled down a woman mandated by the Commission, which wants to sign a power of Attorney appointing a complete stranger as proxy to the old lady. Gold grandmother has already given power of attorney to his grandson who presents the receipt which attests. Strange, no? But documents reach him anonymously. It is a part of the accounting of departmental funds spent on relief for people in trouble and paid by bank transfer. They are established for the months of February and March 2013 (election year) and for the months of February and March 2014, just before the municipal election. Police in Ajaccio have on the plate. Will have to check everything. Finally – the police so far had not had think-, all election documents were seized, and including proxies intended to be destroyed after six months. They will also have to interrogate the general Council (administration and elected) on its supposed largesse. This will take time and will make waves. No money, no vote!Call Lucien. He does not want his real name to be disclosed. He is 56 years old and lives with her 77-year-old mother. He is unemployed for a long time, his health is fragile and enough money. When it comes a few days after the second round of the municipal election to Ajaccio police station to file a complaint, it has sense, he tells us to be poorly received and treated in accused. Yet, what it tells is stunning. Neighbours, aware of its difficulties, have promised to expedite its request for relief with social services if it voted for Laurent Marcangeli. It should quickly reach 300 euros. Same thing for his mother. On 20 March, a certificate of the management of the Finances of Corsica evidenced, Lucien button well its 300 euros. But not his mother. Furious, they decide not to go to vote in the second round. But, to his surprise, was voted in its place and instead his mother through proxies whose agents are his neighbors. Photocopies of the polling lists attest to this. I refused to do these proxies, since MOM had not touched his money and that it had misled us, explains it.  This is what I came to tell the police. No money, no vote: in his mind, it was as simple as that,, For additional about this topic check

Brussels ready to reject the french budget 2015.

In front, the Barroso Commission and the ensuing November 1 under the leadership of Jean-Claude Juncker play their credibility. The outgoing does not want to see his record tarnished by a retreat. The entrant, which itself is one of the ‘fathers’ of the governance of the euro, will not begin his contract by five years on a moment of weakness. Even Germany, which fears above all else to be angry with Paris, is ready to go so far: Berlin is determined to support the Commission in its role as arbiter of the budgetary rules, confirmed a senior diplomat. So much for the first round. The account is not. The France did not escape a flock of green wood. Would then, for three weeks, the open discussion time. With showcase, consultations to release a draft budget "revised". Jean-Claude Juncker and his Commissioner Pierre Moscovici on one side, the Elysee and Michel Sapin on the other. But it will be essentially a shadow theatre. In November, the real part will still play between François Holland and Angela Merkel: what ‘real’, measurable reforms laid down at the time the France must commit to clinch a third fiscal period? Massive investments in the EU against reforms adopted in France, it is the implied market proposed by the Elysee. Visit Emmanuel Macron and Michel Sapin publicly gave the kickoff. Yesterday, the Juncker plan and its 300 billion pan-European investment by 2017 occupied a top reduced to eighteen countries of the eurozone. "The challenge is growth," insists François Holland, joking on the attention of Brussels only deficits. But one side of the Rhine as on the other, there is still no concrete commitment. «French reforms against German investment, loose a diplomat, is still a part of liar poker». Extended info can be found checking weblink.

Moratti: I had done my time ‘.

«Mahmood says he had not said anything unpleasant? Well, either I. But I don’t feel betrayed ‘ so the former Honorary President of Inter and former patron, Massimo Moratti commented, outside the offices of Saras technical inter’s statements, according to alcunialla basis of farewell by organigrams of the societàda part of the former Nerazzurri patron and men which he expressed in the Board of Directors of the company which continues to hold the 30%. Then Moratti is back to talk of resignation on Thursday: "the odds are my own and I want me-added Moratti-. I’m disappointed, not angry. It’s not over evil is just a regular change. I think I’ve done my time, nothing more. " Among the many personalities from the world of football who have commented on Moratti’s departure is especially significant intervention by Andrea Agnelli, President of Juventus, at a press conference after the shareholders ‘ meeting: "we are losing a great person that at this time the Italian football panorama would need. I think that Moratti go recognized his great love for Inter, a love that leads to make humor how to accept a League title that they won. " . For additional about this subject read resource.

New star voice the other day in the car: congestion, tantrums and zippers.

The other day in the car. This is the title of our new star. de blogs, where we all trying to hold what we encounter every day on the streets, what bugs us, upset, to laugh or just bored. We want to pay us the questions of traffic: why get excited we us so quickly at high speed? What’s going on in the build-up in us? Why is the zip process such a big problem? And anyway: why can no one but me drive right? Yet to out recently in the car are not two-men show. We want to hear your stories, what moves you in the car, have recently seen her in the car. We are pleased to post via email, comment, or via the social networks in which we are active and like to discuss with you about the topics of this blog. You find tobiasgillen as @TobiasGillen and @EkkiKern on Twitter, Facebook or Google + – and of course on our websites. de and ekkikern. com. . Similar info can be read reading source.

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