Israel: the clash of the 43 refuseniks.

In Israel, it is the clash of this weekend. The publication by the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth of a letter written by 43 officers and soldiers, all reservists in the prestigious 8,200 intelligence unit. The signatories, including the censorship forbidden to publish the names, say now refuse to participate in actions against the Palestinians and continue to be tools of the strengthening of the military control over the occupied territories. The intelligence service, write, allows permanent control of millions of people through in-depth, very intrusive surveillance, and which interferes with many sectors of the daily lives of individuals. All things that do not allow to live normally. Not to mention they still feed violence and are away from the resolution of the conflict,. Jewel of military intelligence and espionage, 8 200 unit is considered the ear and, in a way, the eye of the army. She is specialized in electromagnetic eavesdropping and decryption of codes. Only the best recruits join its ranks, the most talented in math, physics and computer science bachelors. In leaving, after their service sometimes extended for several years, they are likely to create start-ups. 8 200 is originally from the Israeli tech boom of the last 20 years. Until 2001, its mission was entirely turned towards the external enemy, the Syria, the Lebanon, the Iran, etc. It is Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who, in 2001, at the beginning of the second intifada, and in the fight against suicide attacks, has added the Palestinians in this list. For D, 29 years, reserve captain, the moment trigger took place in a cinema, during the projection of the lives of others, this 2006 film referring to placing on plays by the Stasi, the East German secret police, a large part of the population. I was in shock. Firstly, I identified with the victims. The way it tracked deprived them of the most basic rights. On the other, I suddenly understood that, during my military service, I had been on the side of those who stalk. That we were doing exactly the same thing, only in a much more efficient way. In the past, on several occasions, reservists have publicly expressed their refusal of Israeli against the Palestinian policy. We remember the 27 pilots and 13 members of the commando of staff who, in 2003, sought more take part in targeted liquidations. But for 8 200 unit, this is a first. Even though, according to the specialist of affairs defence and intelligence to Yedioth Aharonot Ronen Bergman, a lieutenant, in 2003, received the order to prepare the bombing of the HQ of Fatah in Khan Yunis, he refused because civilians were there. It is, he said, a clearly illegal order. Finally, he was sacked and released from the army, without be brought to justice. Visibly, says Ronen Bergman, the army did not want that the issues arising from this Act of rebellion are subject to a public debate. Will this letter of 43 enable this debate to take place? Maybe! replied the reporter from Yediot. But already the burnouts are lit. Other reservists of 8 200 are circulating a letter condemning the initiative of the refuseniks and stating that in fact saved lives unit. Another organization, near the settlement movement, calls for their immediate dismissal and declares that they do not deserve to wear the uniform of the IDF. What will be the effect of this letter of 43? Until now, this kind of protest has only had limited echoes. In 2012, the harsh statements of six former big bosses of Shin Beth against the Government policy of occupation, part of the film The Gatekeepers, are forgotten very quickly. The work has had more success abroad than in Israel. .

Sweden: the Social Democrats are preparing to return to power.

The Sweden should know the alternation during Sunday’s legislative elections, which should see the victory of the Social Democrats and a boost of the extreme right in the position of muddying the waters. After eight years of reign of a centre-right coalition, the returning officer should bring to the position of Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, age 57, a former Trade Union origins leader modest which has never been neither elected nor Minister. According to a latest survey conducted by Demoskop and published Friday, the Social Democratic Party would be leading with 29.2% of the vote. Such a score would be among the lowest in the history of this party which has largely dominated the political life of Sweden, with figures like Olof Palme, and shaped its economic and social model. The task of Mr. Löfven, gifted for the rally but uncharismatic man, already looks complicated. Because the votes such as provide them surveys should confront a fragmented Parliament where his Government will very likely be minority. The Social Democrats appear to be set itself a goal of 35% of the votes. And it looks like they will not reach it. It would be a problem for the leadership of Stefan Lofven, Mikael Sundström, Professor of political science at the University of Lund. Even before taking power, the coalition that Mr. Löfven should be with the Greens and the left party is seen as shaky, traversed by differences on questions as delicate as energy, defence, the role of the private sector in the health and education or emergency there to defeat the Liberal government reforms. Friday night, when the final election debate on public television, red neckties worn by the leaders of three left-wing parties, they have been agreed or not, mitigated the impression of disunity. There must be several ingredients in a strategy for employment. Investing in rail and housing. This gives the work here and now. This strengthens the Sweden, hammered Mr. Löfven. The social democratic leader, whose campaign has been consensual, with slogan a better Sweden, for all, has been offensive, but lacked the eloquence of opponents familiar with this exercise. -Rise of the extreme right-L’ another concern of the left is the rise of the Democrats of Sweden (far right), entered the Parliament in 2010 with 5.7% of the votes, and able to double the score. If they voted with the right outgoing coalition, who was minority in Parliament, they will be less conciliatory with the left. According M. Sundström, even if no one wants to cooperate with them, this party won over voters opposed to the pro-immigration consensus. The election will probably mark the end of the reign of Fredrik Reinfeldt, 49 years, Prime Minister since 2006. It should remain in the history for his skillful management of the effects of the global economic crisis and his ability to impose, without hitting the social consensus, ProBusiness policy and budgetary discipline it had promised. The party of moderates (conservative and liberal) Mr Reinfeldt should arrive second Sunday, with 20 to 25% of the vote. Even if the Prime Minister remains popular with right-wing voters, it will undergo the fatigue of the electorate against the rigour. Young voters seem particularly more eager for a change. The outgoing coalition has perhaps made a mistake in saying that we must make savings. In an economy that still has a relatively high unemployment that doesn’t have much meaning for many people, considers Lars Magnusson, Professor of economic policy at the University of Uppsala. Legislative Swedish take place in one round, with lists by region. A threshold of 4% is required to be represented in Parliament. Eight formations of the outgoing Parliament are well parties to achieve: three left (Social Democrats, Green party left) and four government coalition (moderate, popular liberal, Centre and Christian Democrats party party) and a far-right (Sweden Democrats). The feminist Initiative party could possibly make his entry for the first time, although pollsters he predicted Friday a failure. Polling stations close at 8 p.m. (18 H 00 GMT) Sunday. A survey Institute, YouGov, has promised to first estimates four hours before that. .

Usa choc, massacred by beating by police for having strattonato the little son at the supermarket.

WASHINGTON-Beaten by the police under the eyes of his children. Jeffery Bane is almost dead suffocated by his own blood as a result of the beatings the agents. According to police the man was under the influence of drugs and had begun to beat children. The officers intervened to save the children but they massacred the barrel man. A woman filmed violence by posting the video on the net. According to the police report, Bane was a dangerous criminal, but the family does not agree. It seems that the man he was going to the park with her children, one of them in the stroller. The child spingela the wheelchair would not have paid attention to the road crossing, cos the father has resumed and violent pull. This gesture was interpreted as violence by agents who are avid about Jeffery Bane. The man also sick of Huntington’s disease, a disease that causes involuntary movements, probably also misinterpreted by agents. Now his wife is afraid that the attack has worsened his illness and calls for justice. .

Industry, still down in July: -1%.

Istat noted that in the first seven months of this year the production is unchanged compared to the same period of the previous year. In particular with regard to July, the seasonally adjusted index shows negative cyclical variations in all major sectors. Fewer consumer goods ( -2.4%), the capital goods ( -2.1%) and, to a more mild, energy -0.8%) and intermediate goods ( -0.6). Indices corrected for calendar effects recorded in July 2014, trend decreases in energy sector ( -3.9%) and, in a less accentuated, in intermediate goods groupings ( -1.9%) of capital goods ( -1.6%) and consumer goods ( -1.2). As regards the sectors of economic activity in July 2014, the funds that are the fastest growing trend are those of manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products, medical appliances, measuring apparatus and watches (+4.8), the production of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations (+3.0%) and manufacture of means of transport (+2.9). Further decreases are recorded in manufacture of electrical equipment and household appliances, non-electric ( -13.9), manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products ( -10.1%) and mining activities ( -7.8%).

We lost our comrade and brother Robert Young. A beautiful, deeply passionate man. He was an irreplaceable talent, much admired by his peers, in the words of Johnny Marr (Smiths guitarist ED) ‘ Throb with his Les Paul gold top was unbeatable ‘. It was a real rock & roller. He had tattooed on the arm ‘ Heart ‘ and Soul & I am sure had also tattooed over his heart. Once said to me, ‘ When we go onstage is a war between us and the public ‘. He never abandoned this way of writing the Primal Scream to greet their former group mate. Robert ‘ Throb ‘ Young, ‘ throbbing ‘ Primal Scream guitarist of the golden years, the 1990s, years of acidissimo and psichedelicoScreamadelica, left this dimension. Young, who in Glasgow had founded the Primal Scream in 1984 with classmate Bobby Gillespie, future lead singer, died in 49 years. A spokesman for Sussex Police in Britain, explained that the artist’s body was found lifeless in his apartment in Hove, just a short distance from Brighton, on Tuesday, September 9. The cause of death would be suspicious. Meanwhile, the whole world of musical culture (and not only) Brit, from Liam Gallagher of Oasis to Tim Burgess of the Charlatans to the Scottish writer Irvine Welsh, are sending messages of condolence via social networks. The story of Robert "Throb" Young with Primal Scream had already ended in 2006, when he left the group due to problems in his personal life, as he had told his Gillespie in an interview. The last album on which he worked was Riot City Blues released on June 5, 2006: reached the high places of the standings losing that unique style, between electronics and distortion, which had transformed the Primal Scream in a worship band. Curious that the more classic rock, inspired by names which they had made Britain such as Faces and the Stones, to coincide with the abandonment of the fricchettone component of the Scream, long hair tousled, dark glasses to drop, black leather pants. Curious that the track that closed that last work of Young titled "Sometimes I Feel So Lonely, sometimes I feel so lonely, life as a dream, from which perhaps you can redeem: you can redeem boy/you can redeem/life is but a dream boys-nothing is as it seems. .

Poll: the Government responsible for 70% of the French deficit.

Seven French ten attribute to the Government, rather than the European economic situation, the increase announced the deficit in 2014, according to an OpinionWay-LCI-Tilder survey published Thursday. The France announced Wednesday that it would once again push to 2017 instead of 2015, its objective of reducing the public deficit below the European limit of 3% of gross domestic product (GDP), and even, Michel Sapin, Minister of finance, announced that it would increase in 2014 to 4.4% of GDP compared with 4.2% last year. While Mr. Sapin relied on an exceptional situation in Europe, only 30% of respondents believe to blame this economic conditions rather than the action of the Government. However, among people who voted for François Holland in the second round of the presidential election of 2012, more than half (55%) still prefer to link the evolution of the deficit to the economic situation in Europe. They are logically only 8% among voters of Nicolas Sarkozy. Women prove to be tougher with the Government: 74% of them accusing him of being responsible for the lack of decline in the deficit, compared to 65% of men. The survey was conducted online on 10 and 11 September with a sample of 976 people representative of the French population over 18 years. Answering a separate question, 56% of those surveyed also estimated that the relaxation of social thresholds in companies would not create jobs, compared to 44% who are otherwise. .

Ukraine crisis: Dubious independence fighters.

On September 8 the human rights organization Amnesty International has released the volunteer battalion "Aidar" a disturbing report on, fighting on Ukrainian side North of the industrial city of Luhansk. The Organization accuses the fighters of this unit is "widespread abuse" and "kidnappings, illegal detention, abuse, theft, extortion and possibly executions" in their area of operations. In "Dozens of cases", members of "Aidar" would have struck civilians, detained, or extort ransom from them. Their behaviour in some cases fulfil the offence of "War crimes". The Amnesty International report is mainly to take seriously, because he is confirmed by the OSCE special observer day reports published on the Internet in the region. There is for example to read that on August 20 a man in the area have reported "Aidar", as he of the fighters of the Battalion had been beaten up and only released after payment of $10 000. The observer noted, "that the man’s head swelled greatly, bloody and injured" was. In another case, a woman had reported she had been arrested on August 13 on charges of "separatism" by Aidar fighters together with her father. She herself was released while still on the same day, by her father but lacked any message. .

Release early 2015 – Smartwatch comparison: the purchase of Apple watch worth?

Smartwatches has long been considered the "next big thing", but not really were able to fulfil the great expectations. In the first quarter of 2014 front-runner Samsung sold about 500 000 series his gear. The collected competition, to which, for example, also industry giant is Sony, comes estimated just more 250 000 devices. About the analysts ‘NextMarket insights"for this year it predicted sales of 15 million Smartwatches. The sales are currently still miles away. It requires first that the "one more thing" by Apple, to stimulate an entire market. It must be frustrating for the competition: the Apple Watch makes only Very much little different let doing significantly better than the rival. However, one must be a prophet to predict that the Smartwatch from Cupertino will sell great. Apple of competitors is one step ahead of the operation: with the "digital Crown" on the side of the watch navigates the user through the user interface of the Smartwatch without fingers awkwardly on the display to tamper with. To return to the home screen by just pushing on the dial. The Moto of 360 or LG have a switch on the side of the screen G watch R, which have but each not as many features as the button of the Apple watch and are suitable mainly for switching the display. .

NSA inquiry: enlightenment with blackened files.

Under difficult conditions, the NSA Investigation Committee continues its work today. On the papers, which the Panel has received from the Federal Government, less is, as members have hoped for. In part, because only the letterhead and the title is to recognize. The rest is blacked out, said Martina Renner, representative of the left in the body that wants to go the Ausspähungen by foreign intelligence services in Germany and possible entanglements of German services on the ground. At its first meeting after the summer break the NSA Investigation Committee wants to deal with the ratio of German and foreign intelligence services. In closed session, it should To give an interview with the Secretary of State in the Chancellor’s Office and the intelligence services, Klaus-Dieter Fritsche, Executive.    After all issues on the table are: as the question of whether German authorities have provided the United States data for deadly drone attacks in Afghanistan, possible weaknesses of counterintelligence, the Ausspähungen by NSA and others in the German population, Government and economy. Also executives of major U.S. Internet companies to testify about the security of customer data. A dispute is still the interrogation of US whistleblowers Edward Snowden, who had given internal information from the NSA media and making public the mass surveillance of the espionage service. .

Hollande denies jokes about the poor and accuses Trierweiler lie.

I don’t want you to say or write that I make fun of social pain because it is a lie that hurts me, said the head of the French State in an interview with the weekly Le Nouvel Observateur and which today have been published some excerpts. That attack on the poor, the disadvantaged, have lived them as an attack on my whole life (,.). In all my functions, in all my commands, I only thought about help, to represent those who suffer. I’ve never been on the side of the powerful, although it is not his enemy, I know where I come from, said Hollande. What live in this moment is not pleasant, but what you going to cry in front of the French, who whine? I’m not a demagogue or an actor. The French expect me other things. They want results. My state of mind does not interest them. They are right, added the head of the French State. .

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