US Open: Gaël qualified Monfils in the quarter-finals.

The hottest day of the New York summer, with stifling heat approaching 35 ° C, has hardly disturbed the french player. Faithful to his habits and character of fire, le Parisien, which celebrated its 28 years Monday, has known some hot shots and lost his concentration intermittently, but it overall well managed the obstacle Dimitrov, global 8 and recent semi-finalist at Wimbledon. The first round is played at a pace disheveled with 12 games in 34 minutes. Monfils, quarter-finalist at Roland Garros in June, and Dimitrov, stayed back to back until 5-5, leaving only very few points on the bet. Dimitrov was the first to crack with a game layout suddenly less reliable and several unforced errors, whose wooded a damped in the net and a forehand that gave the 11th game to his opponent. At 6-5 and its service to follow, Gaël Monfils do was pray to win the set by slamming four services poorly or not returned by Dimitrov. . For additional information on this topic visit homepage.

Obama’s signal before the NATO Summit: solidarity with the smallest.

His going through Estonia made is for the signal that will put Barack Obama ahead of the NATO Summit in Wales. The U.S. President visited this Wednesday with less than 1.4 million inhabitants after Luxembourg second smallest country of the Western military alliance. Estonia can point to an impressive modernization and economic development on the one hand after the collapse of the Soviet Union. On the other hand it feels again particularly vulnerable these days. Because the country shares a 334-kilometer border with Russia. The Government in Tallinn has Not yet permanently pacify the relationship between the majority and the Russian-speaking minority comprising almost a third of all Estonians. President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Prime Minister Taavi Roivas make no illusions about the revisionist intentions of the Kremlin. Finally, as an unprecedented cyber attack have been victims of the Parliament in Tallinn as well as banks and other large institutions, whose Urheber believed Estonia in Russia, still the terrors of the year 2007 in the bone is the country. But the Presidents of all three Baltic countries, who will meet Obama after bilateral meeting with Ilves and Roivas in Tallinn, he wants to make more concrete prospect. While America wants to build for the time being no permanent bases in the Eastern European NATO States, but Washington wants to expand the "rotation" of NATO troops in the countries on the eastern flank of the Alliance. Also the Alliance according to Kupchan to prepare better, to cope with "hybrid warfare" and "asymmetric threats" – i.e. with "Riots staged by foreign powers" a minority for ‘Autonomy’. Charles Kupchan does not hesitate to grasp the intended message to Moscow even before the departure of the President in clear words: "Russia, don’t even think about it, (the Baltic States) to play the same games you play in the Ukraine!". You should check this website to read more on this great topic.

Reentry: “I already considering changing my son’s class.

Rachida v., a little 8-year-old’s mother, tells us "the year of suffering" passed by his daughter. "It was strangled by an 11-year-old student for refusing to play with him." You would think that this testimony is an isolated case, and yet it is nothing. Several comments make it echo. "My 4-year-old son found his buddies in his class. Unfortunately, a very nasty girl is with him and he would cry. I am already planning to change the class,. We will see the response of the school"finds Christelle M., who reacted to an another user:"I can understand the trauma to the child. I myself experienced the same thing when I was little", says Nuiguruminokuma. Ahmed B., whose one of the six children suffered each year "physical and moral abuse" because of her hair color, called the policies to take further the question. Concerns that relativizes Carabosse Blanche: "waking up early is relative. If the child goes down early, it will wake up naturally at dawn without fatigue. On the other hand, if he goes to bed at 10 p.m. or even more, yes sure, it will be hard to stand and risk you appear incredibly exhausted by his week. » For Cel Y., finally, the problem of the disruption of schedules is elsewhere: "it is not the new school rhythms that worry me the most. My child rose previously on Wednesday morning to go to daycare. More seriously, it is rather to see programmes uncompleted at the end of the year. To us to closely monitor their courses and to catch up with what it lack,. during the summer. » . For extra on this matter visit

Effectively remove – the recipe for success of the low carb diet.

For a low carb trying diet deliberately refrain from carbohydrates. Because taking excessive carbohydrates, are converted into fat by the body into sugar and sugar. The recipe for success of all low carb diets, which are preferred by many celebrities, is that A lot of fat and protein taking to themselves, but no carbohydrates. This diet provides the basis for other forms of diet such as the Pareo or but the Dukan diet. They are therefore a such popular, since they allow all others prohibit the unrestricted consumption of meat, fish and eggs, as well as froth Michprodukte. You would be like slim and lose A few extra pounds, not desert but how you can do this most easily? You did hear about recently on the low carb diet and would like to know what lies behind the concept of promising? Also you would like to know Which one advantages and disadvantages of a low carb diet to a low fat diet has? We have prepared answers to all these questions. Can You too reduce your weight by a stone age diet, based on A lot of meat and vegetables? What is behind the Montignac Method? Can You too take off, if only your blood sugar at a glance hold? We wish to inform you In addition, as the rich and beautiful in Hollywood take off and the Dukan diet – scrutinized the current weightloss trend -. . Inspirational data may be studied reading this weblink.

Berlin inaugurates a memorial to disabled victims of Nazism.

After paying tribute to the victims Jewish, homosexual, Gypsy of the Third Reich, Berlin on Tuesday inaugurated a memorial dedicated to the 300. 000 disabled persons massacred in secret by the nazis. Here is a day that we long waited, told the Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, 500 people gathered at the entrance of the famous Philharmonie, large concerts compound which is adjacent to the memorial. After years of a difficult campaign, led by the families of the victims and militants Berlin, the German Parliament had voted in November 2011 the erection of a monument dedicated to the disabled victims of the nazis. The building, which joins the three memorials dedicated to Jewish, homosexual and Gypsies of the Third Reich victims Berlin, consists of a glass wall with reflections bluish 24 meters high, on a black base and flanked by information panels. It is located at n ° 4 of the Tiergartenstrasse, on the ruins of the opulent villa which was developed in the T4 program secret, early in 1940, cynically called euthanasia program by its designers. To the sound of a poignant cello solo, several relatives have rendered homage to their dead. Weepy, Hartmut Traub recalled the death of his uncle Benjamin, Garcia schizophrenic aged 27 in 1941. Benjamin found himself locked up with 63 other naked men in the smaller space that is. The doors closed, told Mr. Traub, who conducted his own research. For showerheads released carbon monoxide. Benjamin felt poorly. He lost consciousness. After a few minutes, he and his 63 suffering comrades were asphyxiated, he said. -Collective memory – for Sigrid Falkenstein, niece of a killed woman because of its cognitive difficulties, the T4 program served as test for the later campaigns of extermination of mass under the Third Reich. More than 70 years after, we owe these people a place in our family memories, as well as in the collective memory of our country, she said, before joining the procession filing white roses at the foot of the memorial. For a long time, the families of the victims had to fight not only against oblivion, but against powerful opponents also, reminded the Mayor of Berlin, referring to the scientific organizations that have denied any involvement and protected scientists who became criminals. In the spirit of the 60 bureaucrats and doctors who planned the massacres, on the edge of the vast Tiergarten Park, was to eliminate the mentally or physically disabled considered a burden on society. Notified of the death of Benjamin Traub by a simple letter, his parents had been requested to host his death as a relief on the grounds that he was suffering from a serious and incurable mental illness. Between January 1940 and August 1941, more than 70. 000 people were gassed in six dedicated places. Individual protests resulted in the official judgment of the program but the killings continued in other forms – deprivation of food, negligence, injections of lethal doses of painkillers by so-called caregivers. Estimated at more than 300. 000 the number of total victims of these massacres, to the end of the second world war in 1945. The Berlin memorial will be the first national monument to be dedicated to them. Despite the great Nuremberg trials carried out in the post-war period, the T4 campaign had very little judicial suites and a large part of the health professionals involved had simply continued their careers after the fall of the Nazi dictatorship. . You must check the following weblink to read extra regarding this interesting matter.

Policy of the West: helpless, haphazard, purposeless.

The question seems all too plausible, because the Russian President comes to Ukraine already has achieved everything that one can reasonably expect from his launching of Russian interests. The annexation of the Crimea is can not ratify the West under him, accepted he has of course already; a membership of Ukraine in NATO is not foreseeable; the Ukraine should associate in the future at the same time with the EU and with the Russian dominated Customs Union; and also a federal Ukrainian State with strong self-determination rights of the Russian minority is already thought. Putin already, and he has all that it knows. So what does he want now, why doesn’t he stop, to send heavy weapons in the Eastern Ukraine? That competing powers can come these days to such an idea, hardly surprising. Because the United States and Europe are in a deep crisis of international orientation. In Western capitals is to grab the strategic uncertainty with hands, overwhelmed the triple crisis – in the Ukraine, in the entire Arab world, and once again in the Middle – East: mental, political, and military. All of this is too obvious; any attempt to deny it, not further encourage the enemy, seems pointless. Now you have to start, to get on the ground, even if the conflict Meanwhile continue at a high rate. Last but not least Putin’s ideological and military major attack, which might In fact bring the West falters. Not A lot. The Baltic country is militarily difficult to defend, to regain a maximum. (Unless of course, you would deploy as many Western soldiers and heavy weapons there that Russia may feel provoked and NATO as the aggressor would be there.) A reconquest of the Baltics would mean that NATO and Russia directly more vigorously, which Right away would create the risk of nuclear escalation. The older ones among us, so presumably also Vladimir Putin, still remember a basic rule of nuclear confrontation, that is: the Irrere is the stronger. It states that in such a conflict wins the dominance, are trusted, ready to be the major victims, and who is willing and crazy enough to climb up the the next level of escalation. It will not be NATO, the West is not crazy, the NATO Secretary General isn’t it. But now the West at the very edge of his territory, attacked the Baltic States, and shy away from a military confrontation with Russia for good reasons, then, the German Defense Minister said in the times last week, NATO is dead. Ursula Leyen speaks here with the openness of the foreign policy novice of something others say only: the new vulnerability of the West. . Related info can be found checking

The EU approved Friday new sanctions against Russia.

The Italian was aware of those misgivings and therefore having a very firm tone towards the Russian Government. Our magical strategic partnership with Russia is over because as has chosen it to Moscow, O’Neal. Russia is a strategic magic in the regi n actor but is not our partner. Buttonhole may return to what in the future but now it is not. We don’t have a problem with the l deres of Ukraine but with its territory. Is clear that we have a conflict. Mogherini desvel than spoken East Room Monday with fellow Russian Serguei Lavrov. But this subray my Wednesday talk with John Kerry and record that Kiev was the first city to visit as head of the Italian Presidency. Casual n, explained the Italian, to lament that that trip would not overshadow the pol mica around his previous encounter with Vladimir Putin, was not a choice that invit to a pa ses euroasi ticos Summit and which maintained a conversation n m s or less cordial. I am much to my trip to Kiev would be overshadowed completely, is disculp. Quiz I have responsibility for have not well transmitted the message to the media, but some use of communication there are n that is different in each pa s. In any case, be delighted to return to Kiev. Mogherini expressed fluently in English s and franc s and has put an empe or special in answer to the questions of 27 MEPs, some very cr ticas with the moderate rich STN which has shown so far on the Kremlin. One of the members of Parliament you record that no hab a problem between Ukraine and Russia but a pa s aggressor and one that defends its territory. Another le record anyone hab to threatened Russia nor room to invaded. A third you asked if it supported the Southstream gas pipeline project and no room to the time to speak of invasi n rather than raids or interference from Moscow. . For additional facts on this topic check

Taxi competition: Uber wants to oppose Germany ban.

The controversial service uber wants to fight against the nationwide ban in Frankfurt. We are attacking the decision and defend our rights vigorously and to the extreme, uber announced on Tuesday upon request. The service continued to be available on Tuesday initially in Germany. The Landgericht Frankfurt am Main had adopted an appropriate restraining order in an urgent procedure. Without official permission the passenger transport Act the company should move more no passengers about his app uber and the service UberPop, the Court ordered. If infringement euro per violation or Ordnungshaft as a substitute for a uber-Director of up to six months could be a fine of up to 250 000. Applicant the taxi of Germany was brought service company for taxi centres, providing also a Smartphone app in Germany. We believe that competition for all is good, said in a first statement above. Progress and innovation should not be thwarted. There is a reason why Germany Germany among trans. fastest growing markets – and in this case, the Frankfurt, love trans. first-class services. According to own statements about is active worldwide in over 200 cities. . Related information can be inspected visiting

Love story between false Holland and Merkel on TV: I have winks to Sarkozy.

First and foremost, obviously, it should be noted that it is not a biopic, it’s a romantic comedy. So Veronica Ferres is not Angela Merkel and my character is neither Holland nor Sarkozy. they are presidents and generic foot warmers. Beyond that, it has of course identifications, due to the characters to start writing. My character is a rather liberal president of the French Republic and that of the Chancellor was described as a Social Democrat very worn on ecology. So I rather made a few winks to Sarkozy because my character is appropriate. I wear a Rolex, I ride in convertible etc. Can therefore be found some similarities, but it stops there.   Otherwise, we must obviously soaking of this world, this permanent overactivity of the lack of privacy, etc. And document enormously, particularly on matters of pure policy, economy, etc.   The film really enters the codes of romantic comedy, so the purpose is not to make something real. More such a story in the real world would have immediately led the Chancellor to leave his post. Not, on the contrary, things are a little shot in derision, and even clichés. For example, when the Summit begins and the Italian president arrived with two of his mistresses, it plays more on a comic register than informer. Nevertheless, addresses considerations which lead to think. Including on the respect for life private, since obviously the two characters are constantly hounded and spied by the paparazzi.   Already simply because the film does not have individual productions and French channels at the outset. But now, I think it should be the case, since the film is finished and that the German production has really put the package. Veronica Ferres, who plays with me, is very popular in Germany, and the Germans are curious to see what it will do to the Chancellor. It arouses much curiosity, even in France, while it will not be published. Whatever it is, this is not due to a too sensitive content, because I can well imagine that the relationship is told remains fictitious!  . Original facts can be read clicking this

Presidential blunder: left Chief attacked Gauck due to threat against Moscow.

Russia criticism by President Joachim Gauck encounters sharp protest in the Swedish Parliament. The Party Chairman Bernd Riexinger accused Gauck in an interview with Handelsblatt online, to harm the talks about a relaxation of the Ukraine crisis. He called for more restraint in the field of foreign policy by the Federal President. It testifies to little historical sensibility, as a German head of State on the anniversary of the outbreak of the world war pours oil on the fire of a European conflict, Rahiman said. This thwarted all efforts at de-escalation of the conflict in the Ukraine. Gauck had given a speech in Danzig on Monday to the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the second world war. In it, he criticized Russia had de facto terminated the partnership with the West. Gauch also indirectly accused the Government in Moscow to have annexed the Crimea and militarily to support separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. History teaches us that territorial concessions often only increase the appetite of aggressors, warned the President. . Main source can be found clicking this info.

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