Food Inns up to the 31.

Justice has not given the reason. The judge admits "the undoubted delay" Elena to finish the race and remembers that the woman "not proved extraordinary circumstances which would justify this apparent delay". Adds, moreover, that the "lack of interest by completing the training is a factor of first order" when considering whether the removal of food pension. But then the judge argues that today it is normal that a person of 29 years is not economically independent. "The incorporation of young people into the labour market at the present time is extremely painful and the current socio-economic circumstances, especially in the field of this judicial district [unemployment in Cadiz is the highest in Spain, 41,26%] become almost impossible for a young child of 30 years looking for a job that is sufficient to meet their needs". 400 euros in pension, 30 years. The Provincial Court of La Coruna forced the last July to Amador (false name) to pay a pension of 400 euros per month to its 30-year-old daughter Clara, who did not see since 1990, when his wife died. It is clear that he was then seven years old, he went to live with his maternal grandfather. On the death of his grandfather and stop charging her the orphan’s pension for his mother, Clara sued her father in 2005 requesting a food pension. "The Court sentenced him to pass 500 euros a month, but he refused and had to garnish your account," recalls his lawyer, Bello Rosalia. On 20 February, Amador sued his daughter to stop paying him arguing that he had already served 30 years, that he had finished his university studies and that, in any case, had no relationship with her and didn’t just "have to pay a food by the mere fact of being family". The Provincial Court responded that same judgment of the High Court recalls that article 3. 1 of the Civil Code establishes that the rules must apply "attending to the social reality of the time that must be applied" and that the situation of 2001 was of "economic strength" whereas now a "deep crisis" has led to high rates of unemployment. "A college degree is no guarantee of finding a job", says the statement, and today, have 30 years and be unemployed "cannot be considered social parasitism". "Unfortunately", added the Court, "are known cases of young couples with small children who are forced to gather at home of their ancestors, at its expense, for unemployment, or independent youth now returning to their parents because they cannot pay the rent". Dyslexia or disinterest. In November 2010 the Court of first instance Madrid 71 sentenced a father to pay to his 24-year-old son a food pension from 850 euros a month. Peter (not his real name) was studying Motory activity room and second of physiotherapy. His mother claimed that Pedro needed this help because dyslexia who suffered had delayed him in his studies. The father said that this delay "is not a purported dyslexia but a lack of application and lack of interest". Father and son presented two expert reports, the first, a specialist, who explained that it had detected dyslexia at the age of seven and had difficulties "narrative comprehension". The expert report filed by the respondent argued that being Dyslexic "is not inconsistent with being smart". The judge concluded, in any case, which not was "disproportionate" to study a double degree at age 24 and that Furthermore, the father, gynecologist and owner of a private practice, could afford to keep paying this pension to his son. . For additional regarding this subject check

The CEO of Total death: new indictment in the investigation in Russia.

Russian investigators conducted Friday a third charge for violations of safety rules in the context of the investigation into the deadly crash in Moscow from the aircraft of the boss of Total, Christophe de Margerie, announced the Russian investigative Committee. The Chief Engineer Vladimir Ledeniov, who was in charge of track cleaners accident, was charged today, charged with violation of safety rules causing death by carelessness of two or more persons, announced in a statement the Committee. He is currently in custody, he said, adding that the investigation was continuing. The indictment of Mr. Ledeniov comes after the air traffic controller Alexandre Krouglov and the trainee heaven aiguilleuse Svetlana Krivsoune, charges that seemed to indicate that investigators focused on the trail of responsibility for air traffic controllers in the deadly crash. If their guilt is proved, Messrs. Ledeniov and Kruglov and Ms. Krivsoune face up to five years in prison. Two other employees from the airport – a remand and the other under house – arrest are still pending a possible indictment. The CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, was killed in an accident when his Falcon collided taking off with a snow plow in the night from 20 to 21 October at airport Vnukovo Moscow, crashed, also killing its two pilots and a flight attendant air. According to the Russian investigative Committee, the driver of the plow, Vladimir Martynenko, was 0.6 grams of alcohol per litre of blood at the time of the accident. He was remanded in custody for two months. The head of the control of flights from Vnukovo airport, Roman Dounaev, is for the same period under house arrest. . Root facts may be read clicking the following

A study casts disorder on the benefits of milk for adults.

Milk would be harmful when drunk in large quantities by aging people? A Swedish study throws disorder on its benefits widely touted for adults, but the authors call to accommodate their comments with caution. Our findings could call into question the validity of the recommendations to consume milk to prevent fractures related to osteoporosis – originally a bone fragility in the elderly – are researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden, who sign these works. This study must, however, be interpreted with caution because it is essentially a work of observation that deserves to be confirmed, they point out. Published in the British medical journal The BMJ, it is based on the analysis of data collected in the context of two cohorts i.e. monitoring of a wide group of individuals over several years. One was about 60. 000 women 39 to 74 years, questioned on the habits and life of a breast cancer screening campaign. The other cohort concerned a group of 45. 000 men aged 45 to 79. The quantities of milk drunk daily have been quantified: between less than one glass, to two, two to three glasses and more than three glasses. The quantities of milk fermented (like yoghurt) and consumed cheese were also taken into account. Researchers have sought to know if could be established a statistical link between the amount of milk and dairy products consumed and the occurrence of fractures, especially of the hip, as well as the occurrence of death. The result, seemingly contradictory with the image benefactress of milk, is that women absorbing more than three glasses of milk per day appear more likely to suffer from fractures and to die. -Lactose and D-galactose – women who consume three drinks or more milk per day have a higher relative risk of death by 90% and higher risk of fracture of the hip by 60% compared with those who drank less than one drink per day, explained to AFP, Pr Karl Michaelsson main signatory of the study. For men, the statistical link between large amount of milk consumed and risk of death is also observed but in a less pronounced way while no relationship is observed for fractures. -Fermented milk and cheese – dairy analysis also shows a statistical with fractures and deaths, but in the reverse link. Women who consume a lot of cheese and fermented milk products have a mortality rate and fracture more low that those taking it, observe the researchers. Analysis is the observation and no cause and effect relationship has been formally demonstrated. But the Swedish scientists suggest a hypothesis to explain the possible adverse effect of the milk at high dose in adults: the presence large quantity of specific sugars lactose, D-galactose, which are little present in fermented products. D-galactose may play a role in the oxidative stress of cells and the inflammation of the tissues: experiments have shown that this product injected mice accelerated aging. There might be a link with the lactose and galactose in milk (,.) but such a cause-effect relationship has yet to be the subject of experiments, said the Swedish team. It is an interesting, well-designed study but, as the authors say, the caution is needed, says dietician and nutritionist British Gaynor Bussell. We cannot draw a conclusion about a causal relationship because it may be another factor difficult to identify which goes hand in hand with the consumption of milk and causing increased mortality with fractures, she said. . Root source could be studied clicking this

Revival of investment: act quickly within the European framework to be effective.

The result of the meeting of french and German Ministers of economy and finance in Berlin on 20 October should not surprise. The two countries could not be placed on a real "footing" because of their economic trajectories – and – still too divergent policies. Thus, a commitment of Germany to increase its investment of EUR 50 billion in Exchange for an equivalent reduction of public expenditure on the France was illusory. On the contrary, Paris must provide tangible evidence of its ability to reform an essential partner that the France was wrong to deal with defiance. Therefore, the Germany gradually alter its own economic policy. The two capitals have nevertheless planned to identify their priority investments, so lifting the veil on the solution that will be made to the EUR 300 billion plan sought by President Juncker. The list of "common" projects will be entrusted by December to the European Investment Bank (EIB), whose commitments, relayed by risk sharing financial products, are able to catalyze funding, private and risk, which are lacking in the European economy. Countdown of unilateral or falsely agreed measures, the recovery of the financial potential of the Bank of the European Union provides a pragmatic common ground to both countries. This ‘potential EIB’ was also put forward by Messrs. Schäuble and FIR from the ECOFIN Council of Milan on 12 and 13 September. The European Investment Bank is also simpler that to consider new federal solutions that would be supported by Community funds reallocated in emergency and complex Community procedures. Furthermore, equip the Union’s new financial institution contemplated by personalities neutral and constructive, such as M. Fratzscher, President of the German Institute DIW, and M. Szczurek, the Polish Minister of finance. Two solutions are possible so that a new Fund ‘accountant’, managed by the Bank of the European Union, can raise the financing necessary to the catalysis of private investment. The first is to consider a recapitalization of the EIB to increase substantially its activities say ‘special’, backed by guarantees mechanisms. The second is to organize a direct allocation of the Fund by the Member States, solution that would have the advantage of place activities outside the Bank’s balance sheet and to target a range of investments, but the failure to be more expensive for the contributing countries. A hybrid solution may also be considered. In any case, the selected projects must be economically justified and socially useful to serve European structural policies: the energy transition, the knowledge economy and technological innovation. But to be fast and efficient, it will be desirable to simplify the selection criteria for investments to choose by the Bank and to endow it, for these actions for recovery, simplified governance. Some will find these insufficient prospects; but we must remain realistic and bear in mind that the reduction of the economic uncertainties is the cardinal element of the problem. In France, the continuation of the policy of supply and sustainable simplification of regulatory and fiscal measures are required to ensure sustainable mobilization of private investment. Therefore, our country will benefit from restored economic credibility, first step of a relationship to rebuild with his German friend and partner. . You should click this article to discover more on this interesting matter.

Confusi e felici, the comedy with laughter “makes a mockery of adversity”.

Says Massimiliano Bruno comic mechanism of Confusi e felici, his third film, children from a paradox and a reversal of perspective. "Who should help her patients, psychiatrist Claudio Bisio, suddenly finds himself faced with a dramatic problem and give him a hand, unexpectedly, are her patients". Lost as title and initially inadequate to the game of life, down from bed, get rid of fears, leaving the ghosts and eventually, in supporting them would morally due to pull out from the brink, heal without therapy and become better people than we were. Between the grevità of a stunning Marco Giallini, the revanche of the football commentator Cuckold Rocco Papaleo and the desire for love Catherine’s outstanding Guzzanti, Bruno has built a fun movie that does not rely on the burp to fill the halls. The mentioned reference model, the Frenchman Almost friends, watch with confidence "to laugh that makes a mockery of adversity" and somehow, says the Director, it looks like the eyes that accompanied him in Teens: "on feast days, while my friends were going to Piper or get the barrels, I went to the theater with my friend Urbano. I discovered thanks to a teacher of history and philosophy and after seeing a Pirandello, elect him to a fixed stage of Saturday afternoon was automatic. The ticket cost nothing and just bad if in my neighborhood "a bit like in Livorno by Virzi coinciding with a proper subjunctive" to our passage we were shouting ‘ fags. ‘ " Bruno I laughed, not unlike when in malls, with his partner, a distraught marine biologist, someone recognizes him as the ugly Boris and Hummer drill from behind columns, thunders an anonymous "bucio de culooooo". "The last time that happened, she took me aside and asked me ‘ Sorry Max, but you that your job exactly?". Massimiliano Bruno, winner of the Silver Ribbon and David di Donatello, Attorney, mother father teacher and painter, calabresi stationed in Rome with three children would have to do anything else. From law student he began writing for the theatre and starred with Paola Cortellesi: "we met, we became friends, we found a common agent and tried to make way. There we presented and late in the evening, in the xport, there were only waste: ‘ as I called exactly? Are you Paola Cortesini? ". Nth barred door, decided to let alone: "Interpretammo a text written for four hands and prayed Furio Andreotti to let us film. On stage we were supposed to give us a kiss, but we were like brothers and we seemed unnatural. At one point, in the middle of the dress rehearsal, the theatre was shaken by a blasphemy. Was Andreotti. Tomorrow there are 120 persons, if there really kissed me go home and you see me no more ‘. We Did ". It was later co-opted by Fausto Brizzi and Marco Martani to write a television script: "at the time I had the smell under her nose and I pondered the refusal, as soon as I knew how much I would give changed idea" and finally convened to work on the script of the lucky Notte prima degli esami: "I wrote the silence, the story of two guys who just approached maturity must depart for the holidays. One of the two, the August 2, 1980, has the misfortune to pass through the station of Bologna to 10 and 25 in the morning and dies. Brizzi remembered the show and asked me to participate in a film opposite log. Went well ". Looking back, one afternoon "of absolute solitude spent playing alone Subbuteo moving players from both teams," evening in Vicolo del Fico to morning and Local music with Valerio Mastandrea, Daniele Silvestri and the stage with Claudio Santamaria: "who wore yellow hair and improbable was already great, recited alongside each other in a show directed by Lizzani" this big guy in June 1970, with sideburns, look good and the goatee from Lucifer, is nostalgia: "in the late 80 ‘s and early 90 ‘s, we lived in Rome a magic period". Considers himself lucky: "very lucky because Federica Lucisano, when no one can judge me, gave me a Ferrari". Pause. "I could crash racing". Didn’t happen, but talk of miracle seems improper: "as patients of my film, I worked on myself: I am an agnostic, miracles do not exist". . Extended facts can be inspected clicking

Jordan Belfort: The real Wolf of Wall Street.

Than a comfortable life is promised to the young Jordan Belfort, he gets up immediately – and goes. Because he wants more than a comfortable life, much more. The young man who sitting in the welcoming event for aspiring dental professionals at the University of Baltimore, wants to be rich. Right now. Today, 30 years later, he stands on the stage under the ornate dome of the Frankfurt Festhalle. And as he this history more roars as telling people for the first time off this evening. For such stories, they love their Jordan – as they call him, as if he were an old friend. Finally, they all have this goal: be rich. Not happy, is not permitted, or somehow a better person, but they want to be just rich. Otherwise you can Yes not so openly admit this, but here it is okay. Also the Jordan always says it again: money is wonderful. And when he even gets to his listeners, it was easy to be rich, he has them. Finally, he is not someone, this Jordan Belfort, standing there in his well-tailored black suit on stage. Not any of this army of motivation trainers who travel with their lectures around the country. Jordan Belfort, now 52, is the Wolf. His excessive life was the basis for Martin Scorsese’s Blockbuster the Wolf of Wall Street. Belfort will be played by Leonardo DiCaprio, the film is the most successful of Scorsese’s very successful career. Only superlatives at Belfort. Whether he was ever really referred to as Wolf or whether he himself has given the title itself, is not entirely clear. But it sounds good, and as a gifted salesman know how important something is Belfort. Of course it was called so, said Belfort. As he asserts that it was so, as the film shows at that time in the nineties: an obscene orgy of money, drugs, fraud and megalomania. After he had fled before a future as a dentist, he was meat seller at home in New York. With a cooler, he moved from door to door. Right on the first day he powdered the sales record for the company. After a few weeks he was a self-employed, after a year, he had a company with 26 vans. A typical story of Belfort. Only the prelude to an even better story is that he broke was shortly afterwards, in his narrative. What does a young New Yorker without education, who wants to get rich quick? He goes to Wall Street. In the interview, he turns his interlocutor a share. Of course he would become soon a successful trader in the venerable brokerage firm, probably the best on Wall Street or around the world. But his first day of work was October 19, 1987, the Black Monday. The Dow Jones crashed a, Katzenwerfen of new employer was broke. So again a new start now with a halbseidenen force that selling worthless shares to unsuspecting small earners. Again, Belfort is that he is too good to work for others, and is independent. Soon he what he always has: a Palace in the Hamptons, sports car, yacht, helicopter. Belfort calls it the life, when everything else is nothing but sad vegetate there. Unfortunately the thing was little escaped him, step to step, and of course never with bad faith, asserts Belfort today, the right hand on the heart. But all the drugs at all, so all made it. He could be billionaire today if he’d stayed only righteous. Through his mistakes but he lost everything. Looks like remorse at Belfort. Not a word about hundreds victims who lost their pension due to him. . For more facts on this subject check fact.

Telecom, Pier Silvio Berlusconi: No sights on share ownership or control.

Rome, Oct. 30 (La Presse)-there is no sight on our part on Telecom, ownership and control. We bring forward an industrial project Mediaset to tie the pay tv subscription to telephone services. We believe deeply and develop. Of course, a partnership with Telecom would make sense. But there are also other roads. So Pier Silvio Berlusconi in new book by Bruno Vespa Italian Turncoats. From the first world war, the third Republic getting on the bandwagon ‘ released on 6 November by Mondadori-Rai Eri. A preference for Telecom, therefore, but also the possibility to look abroad. What are the difficulties you are encountering with Telecom?, asks Vespa. We’re talking-tells Berlusconi jr-our project is right not only for Mediaset Premium and for Telecom, but also for the country. The non-Italy would lose one of the last occasions to maintain in Italian hands the leadership in a strategic sector like this. Pier Silvio Berlusconi recalls that in 2001 led to his father’s Mediaset-Telecom merger with huge ahead of its time: it would lead to a position of great advantage in the European market. Then, because of the usual conflict of interests (my father had recently again President of the Council), some for lack of conviction, it is skipped. Too bad, because the world has gone in that direction. The vice President of Mediaset reveals to Wasp’s project to send programs on satellite. With the passage of time the content will rely more and more and the platform on which you will see less and less. Our vision for the future is that the client will no longer pose the problem of how and where to see a program: satellite, digital, TV or computer that either. We will offer everything everywhere. We are working on a single decoder that works with satellite, digital and broadband, to extend the offer. Wipes out instead the voices that speak of a broadening of Sky on digital terrestrial television: these items, in my opinion, are a total hoax. The core business of Sky’s pay-TV. That interest would hurt alone? It is sensible to the spread in the news for a picture. . Original data could be found reading the following

Istat: 1 Italian on 4 as well as at risk of poverty. The 50% of families have less than 2 thousand euros per month.

Milan-the long wave of economic recession, with unemployment who do not schioda by historic highs over 12% and countless corporate crisis leading exasperation, raises difficult living conditions for the Italians, although improvement in 2012. Last year, in fact, 28.4% of persons residing in Italy is at risk of poverty or social exclusion, according to the definition adopted in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy. The indicator comes from the combination of the risk-of-poverty rate (calculated on income 2012), of severe material deprivation and low labor intensity and corresponds to the proportion of the population who experienced at least one of those conditions. Makes known the Istat, which calculates that Italian families have perceived a net disposable income amounted on average to 29. 426 euros, about 2. 452 euros per month. However, because the income distribution is asymmetrical, the majority of households earned an income less than the average amount. If you calculate the median value, the income level that separates the families into two equal halves, you can say that 50% of households residing in Italy received an income of not more than 24. 215 euros (2.017 euros per month). In 2012, the net family income remained stable compared to the previous year (both media, both in the median). Compared to 2012, the poverty indicator decreases by 1.5 percentage points, following a decrease in the share of people in severely deprived families (from 14.5% to 12.4%) stable share of people in families at risk of poverty (19.1%), and in slight increase to those who live in families with low work intensity (from 10.3% to 11%) The decrease of severe deprivation, compared to 2012, is determined by the reduction of the proportion of individuals in households that, if they wanted to, they could not afford a proper protein meal every two days (from 16.8% to 14.2%) of those who fail to support unforeseen expenditure of 800 euros (from 42.5% to 40.3%) or could not adequately heat your home (by 21.2% to 19.1 per cent). The risk of poverty or social exclusion show more pronounced decrease in the Centre and North ( -7.7% and -5.9% respectively), while in the South, where there was a decrease of 3.7%, the value stood at 46.2% (more than double the rest of the country). As well as in the South and on the Islands, high values of the indicator can be observed between families numerosec (39.8%), with a single earner (46.1%), with the main source of income from a pension or other transfers (34.9%) and among those with other income not from work (56.5%) is also higher among families with main income from self-employment (30.3%) compared to those with income of employees (22.3 percent). Compared to 2012, the risk of poverty or social exclusion falls among elderly people themselves (from 32.2 percent to 38.0%), the monogenitori (from 41.7% to 38.3%) and couples with a child (from 24.3% to 21.7%) among families with a minor (by 29.1% to 26.8%) or with a senior (from 3% to 32.28.9 percent). Among the families with three or more children, on the other hand, we observe a deterioration from 39.8% up to 43.7%, due to the increased risk of poverty (from 32.2% to 35.1 percent). Half the families residing in Italy has received, in 2012, a net income of not more than 24. 215 euro per year (approximately 2.017 per month); in the South and the Islands 50% of households is less than 19. 955 euros (about 1.663 per month). The median income of families living in the South is equal to 74% than that of families residing at the North (for the value rises to 96 percent). The richest 20% of households residing in Italy feel the 37.7% of the total income, while the poorest 20% is 7.9%. For 2012, inequality as measured by the Gini index (equal to 0.32 nationally) shows a higher value in the Mezzogiorno (0.34), lower in the Center (0.31) and North (0.29). Compared to remain basically stable 2011 is the Gini index is the relative to the share of income held by the richest 20% and the poorest of the population. . Inspirational data could be read visiting this

The Mercury Prize is the choice of the underground with Young Fathers.

Young Fathers, trio of Scottish underground hip-hop of origin Liberian and Nigerian, won Wednesday the prestigious Mercury Prize, beating even more popular British performers. The first album of the Young Fathers, Dead, is necessary before artists like Damon Albarn, the lead singer of band Blur, Kate Tempest, a former poet became rapper and FKA twigs, artist of trip – hop influenced by the R’ N’b. Young Fathers is thus granted 20 000 books (24 900 euros) an award given annually to the best British or Irish album. Dead is sold barely 2 400 copies. "Young Fathers is a single proposal in British urban music, brimming with ideas – it is strong, unexpected and poignant", said Simon Frith, president of the jury. Based in Edinburgh, the trio is composed of Alloysious Massaquoi, born in Liberia, Kayus Bain, whose parents are Nigerian and who grew up in the United States, and Graham ‘G’ Hastings. It is difficult to put a label on their music, lyrical rap arrangements of atypical bass and occasional African influences. In an interview before the ceremony, Hastings said that the Group would consider an artistic failure can easily set his music. "Most groups exist because they think they can make money and have fun. So they are trying to squeeze in somewhere, but this isn’t what stimulates us", Hastings told the music magazine online Drowned in Sound. The Mercury Award in tribute to the leader of Queen Freddy Mercury, has in the past had the winners of groups like Pulp, Primal Scream, Franz Ferdinand and M People. . For more on this topic read weblink.

REDA Kateb, human side.

An ounce of smile about there air sometimes benevolent, sometimes hard to scare. In Reda Kateb, it starts from right eye to arrive at the corner of the mouth and his cheekbone. James Dean had it in the eyebrow, Robert de Niro in the front lines. You would think that the French went through boxing or the Carmen so there’s nothing of a young first, smooth and Milky. It has never hung the gloves because he has never carried. Wrinkles of expression begin barely to emerge here and there, that mitigate this bad boy portion to which he can anything. No sign of aggressiveness in the 37 years actor, as he reassured: "I have my less peaceful places. I can be a nervous retracted. But I’m looking for peace. "For some time, it is everywhere and will still be very visible over the coming months. He chained feature films – seven in total – a little less than two years. Principal roles and many first films, which has value of risk. From project to project, it accuses the coup of fatigue, feels "galvanized" and notes that "energy is renewed. In which bright, whose exit is announced November 12, Reda Kateb plays Charles, a young man well under any report that lives again with her parents, even if there really age. On view in the apartment of a concrete building, hidden in a suburb any. Nothing is there happening except when everything decides to escalate. The hero appears in his room with a book between hands. He divides his time between the preparation of the competition of nurse and a painful food job, a faux Fnac of Mall Security Officer. Every detail the announcement as a wise boy. Fears then the deculpabilisateur cliché of the "good Arab" its review during positive that it has long caricatured in fiction and television reports, in scum on which doubt always ends up falling. Marianne Tardieu film deftly bypasses the omen. If it does not in the cartoon, it is largely thanks to him, Reda Kateb, present almost at every level. It bears the intrigue and tension which the flies, no frills, no big manip’. Kateb sees perfectly what we talking about and refuses, if it is possible to be classified as ‘actor community And admits to being tired to be sempiternellement ‘back to it. For his generation, the subject has become annoying, anxiety-provoking, trap. "I was invited recently to a meeting at Sciences Po as an Arab actor. I told my agent to answer me, I’m French. During the promo of the boys and Guillaume, at table!, a journalist asked me: "you play a gay Arabic which becomes violent, you do not fear of hurting a community?"It is reactionary and this is not my problem. I am not the representative of young commuter who managed, or the sons of immigrants. I have everything in my story but it must move beyond these issues. I’m not in the affirmative. I’m trying to be free. With my physique, I have the chance to go for a Gypsy, a Vincent, a Mohamed. The film plays with clichés. It must not feed on it. "Beyond his social class and its roots, he sees the character who lives a man in"impotence ". "It’s interesting to play, especially in this world where so many powers is to actors. Marcello Mastroianni played many impotent men. He was told at every field he was a latin lover while he still played the guys next to their pumps. » A Reda Kateb, midfielder has tended to stick the label of ‘hard ‘. Question of criminal roles: rapper psychopath dansEngrenages, dealer Gypsy in a prophet, caid in Mafiosa, terrorist torture introduction deZero Dark Thirty. "After the release of a prophet, I refused many roles too similar. But I was more worried that much. And if tomorrow, it still offered me to play a super villain, I will go. "It occurs twice, in frames to the antipodes, the Court of a posh hotel of the place des Vosges and the silent campaign of the suburb of Coulommiers, 60 km from Montreuil where he now lives. The Green bracket suit him. We meet donkeys who remind him the path of Stevenson, GR from the centre of France, where he crapahuta in the past over 200 kilometres. The game of the wild survey, before, during and after the photo shoot, Kateb arouses empathy, revealing a side in full swing. We heard of "it has seemed to be a guy well," others "is one of the best of his generation", several "it is sexy" and a "I find handsome guy. It touches but it happens a little later. "All my years in the Middle, I was broken hangover, hangover, hangover,. And then in may, I became the darling of Cannes, the friend of Ryan Gosling"[who has cast for Lost River, Editor's note]. Seen as a Michel Simon less thick, physically speaking. It is rather filiform, easily unrecognizable (hat-trick), not the pushy type, or then he plays really good comedy. His game reminiscent of the Gabin, Ventura; his physique, the same, or beautiful or ugly, powerful without trying to magnify the stroke. "I have a great fascination for Jean Gabin in his youth. I could see and revoirla human beast, the Great Illusion, people without importance, the day rises. "Jacques Audiard scored his game when he asked her to" do nothing ". "It opened my door. Many would be confused with that kind of proposal. When one tells a story, there is full and the vacuum. When one does nothing, leaves the camera come to us and the spectator interest to us. White hollow moments, these are colors that bring much to a character. As an actor, the challenge is to surrender. » On a prophet, the Director had an A notebook with instructions that follow for the scenes and a B notebook, with other suggestions. Kateb has kept a working method that he has systematized. "Me, I understood all the roles in the same way. I want to be a partner of the Director. I try to keep moving. I learned this from Audiard. I continued with Viggo Mortensen on far from men. With him, it was non-stop. It remained awake until 2 o’clock in the morning to talk about plans for the next day, questioning. When you arrive on the plateau, that told us where we will get not expected. My father called that come with his snack. » Black and grey houndstooth wool The Kooples shawl collar sweater. Brown wool pants and shirt in Brown silk and Navy blue collar, Prada. Shoes in Brown calf leather, Hermes. Scotland wire, Falke socks. Photo Mathieu César Malek Kateb made him play alongside him at the theatre from the age of 8. His mother, French nurse of Czech origin, Italian and Spanish let him go on tour. He gave the planks for the big screen only six years ago. Same thing with the District of Ivry (‘a city as a vertical village’) where he lived from 18 to 34 years. There where it feels good, it remains. I love the theatre. I learned all there. My father has sent me many, like family circus or clans in traditional music. He was just afraid I do this job and I live the same galleys that he. It was the first generation of immigrants who came in France after the war actors, the climate was different. I wanted to make films, but I’ve never been frustrated. If I had continued the theatre, it would not pose problem. "It will come back, that’s for sure. For now, the film projects tributary and postmarks must logically inflate. «Earn more money, I have no complex with it. I quite paddled for the value that it has without feeling reached. After being slave of lack of money, I do not want to become a slave of the fact to have. » Outside filming, festivals and the promo, it supports the work of his friends. As this theater held at Poissy prison workshop. He found himself spectator of Caligula interpreted by Carlos, the terrorist, draped white gown. Inmates knew him. They had seen all his movies, with a preference for a Prophet who had created "quarrel between the Corsican prisoners and the Arabs", they slipped him during his visit. Before be erected Headliner, he rounded his in odd jobs: cashier at the cinema the Luxy of Ivry, opener and projectionist at the same address, host at taste of children. It has inspired the weft of his first short film as a Director, he is preparing to turn with Philippe Rebbot. "In the past, I did the clown in the caravan salon. I had the children in the daycare. When I saw this place, this atmosphere, I knew that I’d do something. There were real situations of offset. As a spectator, I am sensitive to the ridiculous, to the tragicomic, that of Italian comedies where it staged simple, poor people. We laugh of them without debasing them. "He speaks of money the old with Bette Davis and the Pigeon with Vittorio Gassman. It is wary of the elitism of a certain seventh art as popular demagoguery of large machines. "There is a codified cinema in which are found some people and not others, is excluding and is the opposite of the gesture of the cinema for me. Addressing the largest number and do not take people for idiots, that is what I like. "It is very Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell on a pedestal ("I am a total fan"). It was ‘like crazy’ by going to see Anchorman 2. He lives outside Paris, and it will always be so apparently. Not worldliness, rather the barbecues between friends and neighbours. It sounds prole, relaxation, ‘à l’ancienne ‘. It treats its allure, appreciated Lanvin for her stylist Alber Elbaz, whom he calls surprisingly ‘punk ‘. "He told me that his mother had recommended to do great things and have a little life. I think about it often. "Do not move to the center value of guide. "Peter Handke advise never to be the main character. I am the precept in my work. In life it is the same. » . You should click this blog to discover extra regarding this amazing topic.

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