United States: is freedom of the press in danger?

The study by the powerful American Union freedoms civic (ACLU) and the NGO Human Rights Watch relies on 92 interviews with journalists, lawyers, former and current Government officials. Its conclusion is unequivocal: monitoring programs created by Washington to thwart attacks have undermined the freedom of the press, the right of the public to information and the right to obtain legal assistance. The work of journalists and lawyers is at the heart of our democracy, says the author of the document, Alex Sinha. When their work is affected, so are we. More and more journalists and using techniques developed to encrypt their communications, described in the report. Some speak only on prepaid phones or altogether avoid internet. He has already had eight cases criminal against sources (under the administration of Barack Obama, Editor’s note), against three previously, and this has not gone unnoticed with us and our sources, explains Charlie Savage, reporter at the New York Times and winner of the Pulitzer Prize. A group of 42 lawyers, criminal, civil and military judicial system, has also portrayed more and more unfavourable to confidentiality. Some lawyers say use techniques similar to those of journalists to avoid to be monitored on the Internet. I am furious at the idea of having to behave as a drug dealer to protect the confidentiality of my clients, complains a lawyer when questioned by the ACLU. The United States appear as a model of freedom and democracy, but their own monitoring programs threaten the values that they intend to represent, said Alex Sinha. . Additional facts can be inspected visiting http://cs.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

Formula one: Hamilton as a unlenkbarer tax man.

Although the team superior leads the constructor’s Championship. But during the summer break, he goes with a plaster cast. "I wanted to the beach with my children", said Wolff in Mogyoród. "This is nothing." It’s also to Mercedes. The team has a place in the Sun, but a generous bathroom is not inside. There was the fire in the rear, a leak in the fuel line that paralyzed Lewis Hamilton in qualifying on Saturday, whereupon the British no longer even wanted to complain about his bad luck. "It’s worse than bad luck." This was followed by the next famous chase of à la Hamilton. From Piazza start from the pit lane on the winner’s podium, third place, Dreher in round one includes. Something like that succeed in the current field of riders only the 27-maligen Grand Prix winner and world champion of 2008. And since he should make room for Nico Rosberg, because who was traveling with a different racing tactic, once again had to turn to the box? As it was explained to Hamilton via radio boxes. You asked him three times. Hamilton did not think to make more slowly even for a moment, told after the race at every opportunity, what he thought: "I was very, very shocked, when I heard that. Why should I take place? I race for me, not for him. Whether him (Rosberg) that took the victory? I don’t think about it. "One however, knows exactly what to do is, if you want to be world champion and a radio message, pass Lauda, the team-mates to make."You did at that time at Ferrari Carlos Reutemann place? ", Lauda was asked. "Something I would not respond. I told them after the race, sorry, guys, the radio was broken. "Lauda knows how Hamilton is ticking. Wolff also had to admit afterwards that there was at the command stand clear how Hamilton would – not react at all. "Therefore we have not paddy (Lowe, the technology Chief, d. red.) brought to the radio, but it run. We have, approximately 170 points ahead in the constructors championship"said Wolff. "We must consider whether we have arrived at a point where we fundamentally rethink the approach of our drivers." In writing, at the beginning of the season, it was agreed that the well-being of the team at the Center stands. At least Hamilton feels obviously no longer tied it. The Mercedes bosses know that they can no longer manage the Englishman. By the next race, on August 24, in Spa, will apply: free ride, there can be only one. The battle for the World Championship has become more difficult for Nico Rosberg up a notch. But in 64 years formula 1 not the aggressive, but the smarter pilot happened often enough world champion. . Root facts can be studied clicking the following http://cs.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

Reforms, Radhakrishnan writes to Senators from you depends on the future of Italy.

In another passage, the head of the Government notes that only structural reforms will enable us to be credible in order to use the flexibility needed to restart the employment and growth. We have a thousand days to restore Italy to Italy. After everyone will make their own choices in freedom and respect. But the days before us cannot be thrown away. We can not allow ourselves, can’t afford it the Italians. Just about Italicum, from Italy, Force the leader to Italy Force in the Senate, Paolo Romani, says: for us is the exit from the room, we do not intend to assess changes with respect to that version. Changes, stresses, will be possible only if they agree with both parties of the Pact of the Nazarene, Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Renzi, that most likely you will see tomorrow. The path to the electoral law, stresses the parent’s coordinator, for what concerns us has nothing to do with the process of reforms. For us there is no connection between reform and Italicum. Today we talk about constitutional reforms. Dell’Italicum will discuss in September. Romans, therefore, denies the existence of a node between the path of reform and that of the new electoral law. But, as she writes in the Republic likely tomorrow’s meeting between Renzi and Berlusconi, on the table of the comparison there will be only the stall on Senate reform but almost certainly also the Italicum. And if Renzi and Berlusconi are called upon to tighten the Pact of the Nazarene, the comparison on electoral law cannot exclude the face-to-face between the premier and the new Center, the ally of the Democratic Party in the Government majority, who Saturday said clearly that it must necessarily Italicum’s talk. Because as stated before the Angelino Alfano first National Assembly of the party, Ncd wants a downward tweak barrage thresholds and preferences. To avoid staying out by Parliament at the next election and, in the scenario of a reconstruction of the Center painted by Berlusconi’s letter, to be smothered in the crib from a coalition with Forza Italy in a nominated Parliament. With a veiled threat, not even so: If the Pact of Nazareno translates into this, there will be difficulties, Alfano’s words. . Inspirational source can be read clicking the following blog.

Creative and destructive of employment: analysis by sectors.

In 2013, 27 millions of French have a job, it is less than in 2008 but face the most cataclysmic and especially long recession since the second world war, the adjustment appears minor: on the period, 126. 000 jobs have disappeared, or 0.5% of the workforce. Statistics in absolute values however give an incomplete reality because they do not qualify the jobs on which adjustments have been made. A more qualitative information is given by the evolution of employment in full-time equivalents. This simple shift of definition puts the loss of 126. 000 to 377. 000, from the simple to the triple! And if the gap is widening between the two series is good because part-time multiply and the length of intervals between two CSD tends to elongate. A first conclusion: employment remains at the price of his crumbling and its precariousness. These macroscopic changes, however, mask a wide variety of sectoral trajectories in direct relation to their economic performance. Unsurprisingly, the losses are concentrated in industrial sectors even though all do not undergo the same attacks. Declining sectors were generally three common features: 3 – the cost of labour is an important part of the total cost. It is not therefore surprising find all ‘apparel-textile-leather"tail of classification: nearly 20% less jobs between 2008 and 2013. More recently it is the Cabinet (and through him the whole of the sector wood) which is in turn attacked. A world class leader. The most emblematic example is the success of aeronautics. A success which shows that French industry still has many strengths and it is no coincidence if the ‘Manufacture of other transport equipment’ category displayed the second best performance in the creation of jobs for the period 2008-2013.     . Main facts could be studied clicking this reference.

The RATP inaugurates its first streetcar in the United States.

Join the University since the Tucson downtown by tram, it is now possible. The American City inaugurated last Friday its tram line ‘Sun Link’, fully electric and carried out by the French company RATP. 6.2 kilometres long, the line has 18 stations in "animated neighbourhoods and areas of employment", said RATP. On the occasion of its inauguration, the travellers could travel free during three days. The operation has attracted more than 50. 000 people. On the website of the new line, the municipality welcomes it "already a positive impact" on the city: the construction of the Sun Link resulted in 500 hires, 50 shops opening and the release of Earth over 1500 homes. The project also received substantial investment, as granted by public authorities $ 63 million and 800 million provided by private donors. The company continues its development across the Atlantic. It operates many years of bus networks of several U.S. cities, in fifteen States, including Austin Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina or Colorado Springs in Colorado. And in mid-May, the subsidiary of the RATP launched circuits of tourist buses in New York. In total, these are more than 70 million of passengers that RATP Dev supports every year in the United States. . For extra facts about this subject visit http://cs.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

Bercy wants to tackle the monopoly of pharmacists.

Pharmacists in the crosshairs. The General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) advocates, in a report on regulated professions, the end of the monopoly of pharmacists on certain drugs, indicates the Les Echos daily in its Monday edition. IGF recommends to open to competition the sale of drugs whose prescription is optional (Doliprane, Spasfon, etc) and the sale of medicines not reimbursable (Nurofen, Humex, Fervex, etc), specify Les Echos. These two types of drugs represent about 9% of the turnover of the pharmacies on average, said the daily which had access to a new chapter in the IGF report which has not been made public. The General Inspectorate of finance points out that "nonrefundable drug prices have increased two times faster than the cost of living for 15 years (+ 3% per year on average between 1998 and 2011)»-an increase to offset the decline in the price of reimbursable drugs, explained Les Echos. Gold, "this retrofit of margin is considered sometimes disproportionate by the report," for which open the sale of some drugs in supermarkets for example would lead to lower prices for consumers.  Among other recommendations, the echoes cite the end of the numerus clausus for pharmacy students, the opening of pharmacies outside investors capital and the freedom of total installation for pharmacists. January 1, 2013, pharmacists were 72 204, whose 31 074 exercised in liberal, according to the Court of Auditors.  Pharmacists are mainly paid for by margin on the drugs but modes of remuneration are beginning to diversify with the recent introduction of performance pay and a dispensing fee. 37 professions identified by the IGF are protected by barriers to admission (numerus clausus), regulated tariffs or the privileges of certain acts. In the legal sector, are cited the bailiffs, the registrars of the commercial courts and lawyers.  For the Minister of the economy Arnaud Montebourg, these professions ‘capture by their position of revenues for services paid too expensive which initiate the purchasing power of households. "   . For more information about this subject check article.

Concordia in Genoa, Renzi: it’s a new beginning. Thanks to Gabrielli, has the tough rind.

Genoa was the only choice to ensure that the demolition of the Concordia took place in Italy. More needs to be done in Genoa a city of industrial policy. We are not resigned to the rhetoric of the decline. With these words the premier Matteo Renzi greeted the arrival of the wreck of the Costa Concordia in Genoa. The Concordia is in port in Genoa: the port of Piombino was not able to accept it. But don’t we, military ships, esarhaddon added the premier back on the controversy for the assignment of the Ligurian city demolition. It is not the day of the conclusion of this story, but it’s a new beginning-this is not a bridge, but the conclusion of a story with so many dead that none of us can forget, Renzi said.   There is a chance to be happy when you get to close a case that has resulted in 33 deaths, "said the President of the Council. It is the day of remembrance of the victims and of gratitude to the inhabitants of Lily and all police forces and voluntary. It is not the day of the conclusion of this story, but it’s a new beginning. A new beginning-says Renzi-which takes in the heart a pain that you can’t heal, but that gives hope for what we were capable of doing. Gabrielli has endured some naughtiness too, but hard-rind Then space to thank. ‘ ‘ Today I can only say thank you, said the premier. Thanks to all the State servants, armed forces, civil protection volunteers, to the inhabitants of Ganga, to the ‘ public ‘ that made possible this extraordinary ‘ Enterprise ‘.   The premier thanked in particular Franco Gabrielli for work done: thanks to civil protection, have taken much wind in my face, but today is a day of celebration. The civil protection Chief Franco Gabrielli was the Director of a very complex operation. He endured some naughtiness too, but there it wont. Has the tough rind. Italian error, but now the enterprise ever seen-in the case of Concord is the State of Italy and this will be defined in criminal matters but what is being done now, with the recovery of the wreckage had never been done before. ‘ is stuff here we managed to get only the Italians with exceptional engineers, said the premier Renzi. Then, in response to controversies for France’s interventions, particularly sustainability Minister Segolene Royal who were worried by the risk of pollution during the journey of Concord, Renzi said: the French can trust us, and, among other things, the yellow Jersey has the scent of the right flavor. . Extended facts can be found clicking http://cs.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

Iran: 5 people whipped to see ate in public during ramadan.

Five people have been flogged in public in the city of Kermanshah (West) to be eaten in public during the month of ramadan, reported the official Iranian news agency Irna. A few days ago, five people who had refused to listen to the warnings of the agents (police, Editor’s note) and ate in public intentionally and violated the law have been whipping in public, said Saturday Ali Mozafari, the chief justice of the province of Kermanshah, quoted by Irna. The Iranian authorities are launching every year warnings that people follow to the letter the ramadan, and don’t eat or drink in public. But despite these warning, we can see more and more people eat, drink or smoke, particularly this year where the days are very long and extremely high temperatures. According to tradition, it was during this holy month that the Koran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. Believers must refrain from drinking, eating, smoking and having sex from sunrise to the sunset. Respect for ramadan is part of the five pillars of Islam, with the profession of faith, prayer, alms, and the pilgrimage to Mecca. . Additional facts can be read checking reference.

ON-LINE. An Israeli soldier near the Gaza Strip.

Israeli officials exclude a withdrawal from Gaza as long as the Israeli army has not reduced to nil firepower of Hamas and in particular destroyed its underground network and its tunnels, where it hides its arsenal, its operational centers and from where its fighters launched attacks in the heart of the Hebrew State. More than 147 corpses have been removed rubble Saturday thanks to a cease-fire of 12 hours, including at least 29 in the suburb is from Gaza, 13 in the refugee camps of Deir al-Balah, Bureij and Nuseirat (centre), 32 at Beit Hanoun (North) and 11 to Khan Yunis and Rafah (South), according to a provisional toll issued by the spokesman for the emergency servicesAbdo al-Qodra. In the night of Friday to Saturday, a few hours before the entry into force of the ceasefire in 8 h (7 h UT), 22 people including 10 children were killed in an Israeli strike against a house in Khan Yunis (Southern), according to rescue services spokesman, Abdo al-Qodra.  Most of the victims belonged to the same family, and children included a daughter of one year and a three-year-old boy. . For more insights regarding this matter read http://cs.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

Letter of Alexandre Dumas father to his son: you see that I treat you as a big boy and I speak unto you reason.

Alexandre Dumas is a gigantic entity of the french literary landscape as the father and son marked deeply, and in their own way, their time. The inventor of the popular SOAP, author of the count of Monte Cristo and the three Musketeers, saw his son know about young, with the famous Dame aux camélias, a glory he discovered that at the height of its existence. Parentage, education, procurement of literary fervor are heart of this moving letter from a father to his teenage son. Your letter made me great pleasure, as any letter where I see you in good provisions. Latin verse that it makes you do, and you requests me utility, are not a very important thing. However, learn the extent, so that you may chant the language and feel all that there is harmony in the verses of Virgil and sloppiness in Horace. Then this habit of chanting the language you will be useful even if never by chance you had to speak – in Hungary for example, where the slightest peasant speaks latin. Learn Greek strongly, in order to read Homer, Sophocles, Euripides in original and learn modern Greek in three months – finally carries you to pronounce German; later you will learn English and Italian. Then, and when you will know all of this, we will judge ourselves, and together, the career to which you own. Then do in not relevant you to worms that you make to the college. These verses of Professor are not worth the devil. He studied the Bible both as book religious, historical and poetic – the translation of Sacy is the best. Looking ahead, through translation, high and beautiful poetry that is is locked – in Saul, in Joseph. St Corneille, learn music by heart. Corneille is not always poetic, but he still speaks a beautiful colorful and concise language. Say Carpenter to give you my part André Chénier. Carpenter House rue de Seine, you will know its address at Bulos. Tell Colin get by Hachette 4 volumes entitled Rome in the century of Augustus. Read Hugo and Lamartine – but only meditate and Harmonies – and then do yourself a little work of the things you will find beautiful and that you will find bad, you will show me this work on my return. Finally working and rest by the variety of your work. Care of your health and be wise. Read Molière much. It is a large model of the language of Louis XIV. Learn some pieces of Tartuffe, the Misanthrope and the women learned by heart. Has been and will be something else, but it won’t do anything as more beautiful than this style. Learn by heart the monologue of Charles V of Hernani; the speech from St – Vallier of the King fun; the monologue of the 5th Triboulet Act; Angelo on Venice’s speech; the speech from Nangis to Louis XIII in Marion Delorme – Finally, you can also learn the story of Stella in Caligula and Yacoub lion hunting, as well as the entire scene of the third act between the County, Charles VII and Agnès Sorel. Here among the ancients and the moderns what I advise you to study especially – later, you will spend all details. . You should click the following weblink to discover more about this amazing matter.

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