Schröder on economy meeting: the Russia shipping riser has spoken.

Schröder must speak only a quarter hour – because already the first applause breaks up. He had just discussed the term Russia supply risers. It was a fighting term that should those diskreditiern who wanted to have an unbiased debate, Schröder says. I stand by them that I want to understand Russia, its people and its political leadership. I am ashamed not, on the contrary: I’m proud of it. The ex-Chancellor is Chairman of the Board of Gazprom subsidiary and had celebrated his 70th birthday this year in St. Petersburg. Guest of honour: Putin. The crowd acknowledged the executions of Schroeder’s, which will occur on a dark suit and fine blue and white striped shirt, with friendly approval. The interest to re-educate Putin to a flawless Democrat, is low in this room. The interest in swing, to bring back the blocked economic relations, however, high. Therefore, it is also good that Schröder as a mediator between East and West front. For example, he calls Russia’s closer links to the structures of the European Union. In the long term, the EU must negotiate even an association agreement with Russia. Only in this way could to prevent that the Russians Europe turned to the back and could turn to the Chinese. It is an illusion to believe that Russia is isolated. He says rather we need Russia, overlooking the international crises in the Middle East. Only with the Russians one could solve them. Criticism of Putin? On the annexation of the Crimea? The destabilisation of the Eastern Ukraine? Error display. To do this, Schröder says nothing. Later at an impromptu press conference in the lobby of the hotel of Neptune’s journalists, ask him what he thought of the occupation of the Crimea. Schröder blafft back: I have a contemporary history seminar to do no desire with you. You should now create a political solution for the Ukraine. He said critical words just about economic policy in Russia. The conditions for German companies would have to improve. Russia would have to commit clearly to the property rights and investment guarantees and the independent judiciary and again breaking down trade barriers, which has built up the country after WTO accession. This speaks to participants of the Conference from the heart. Schröder affects them, as if he were the meat become German Russian Chamber of industry and trade. . You can click the following resource to read extra regarding this great subject.

Super League: the Catalans Dragons for a historic final.

The Catalans Dragons, winners of their last two matches away, will have to perform Thursday (9 pm) a new exploit on the ground of the French of St. Helens in order to qualify for the first time for the Grand Final of the Super League of Rugby League. Laurent Frayssinous, 7th players the regular phase, have already made two authentic performance qualifying outdoors at Leeds (24-20) then Huddersfield (18-16), for their first semifinal since 2009, where they were eliminated by Leeds. The market presenting himself Thursday in the Northwest of England looks even more high, since the Saints of Saint – Helens won five times the Super League, the last time in 2006, since its inception in 1996. Also finalists from 2007 to 2011, they mostly finished at the top of the regular phase, which allowed them to choose their opponent in the semifinal, and received a week of rest more than Dragons, only non-English franchise of the Super League. The second semifinal, Friday, will be a repeat of the last final between Wigan Warriors, tenants of the title, and the Warrington Wolves. The Grand Final will be played on 11 October at Manchester’s Old Trafford Stadium. . Similar information can be inspected clicking article.

My Germany: Be embraced, Captain!.

Recently, I came back from Russia. It was so beautiful there, I never wanted to get away. The high banks of the Volga, the music festival, My friends. In short, my At home. But I had to go back again. Guests in mass came on the evening prior to departure, as it should be in Russia, and in the night, My friends at the airport drove me. And it went right off: no fuel before us an accident. In short – we came too late. Not too late, but the check-in was over. And suddenly I understood how Very much I wanted to actually fly. Not only because I had to, no, because I missed Germany. I mean almost sobbing found rescue: A young Lufthansa employee brought me with a heavy suitcase, with the bags with my laptop through passport control and to a large extra bus, in the, I climbed into it with difficulty. But that Me too would come up the gangway with all this stuff was unrealistic. That’s why I left my suitcase on the tarmac and ran into the plane. The steward was strict: never such a thing as hand luggage go through and the rest – that is my problem. . Root source may be found visiting the following

The rogue State: vices and public abuse.

Government of the people by the people and for the people, our public R a double crisis: the by no longer works, because d is representative democracy is perverted; for is imperfect, because the State pi tine too often citizens should be used. Yes, the administration of our democracy d is fr frequently anti-Church democratic. This is what shows the investigations you excavated e and relentless Caroline Brun and Marie-Christine Tabet, published by Albin Michel this October 1. Incase ‘ rogue State, we see the public power racketeering taxpayers, refuse to pay its suppliers, pi tiner – sometimes – law and – system automatically – those who him r more. In all impunit, since justice does not help attack a fortress administrative,. which is also hers! This book is beneficial, it is a br streets for the citizen re pass and must encourage the readers fight the Government viathan L, fed by our ts imp and d vorer wants in addition to our rights. The State still has good reasons for not paying what he owes. Both t he has more budget – more cicada as Ant, there d pens in nine or ten months that he would d onto the e ann – both t the reason is technical: precisely, he loops his accounts! Any invoice pr feels e central administration of National Education after the end of November, and which will, in any case, not t e valid before 10 December, will be so kindly put c t. It take f February or March of the next year, or later still, so the comptabilit service plans to deal with: the time, para t – it, that programmes budg owners of the new year are s arrival. Marseille, one of the largest courts of France, with a hundred judges training and 30 to the Procuratorate, singing under the invoices. A judge takes for example this expertise m medical command in July 2011, made in January 2012, pass e accounting service in f February 2014 and which still waiting be tagged at the time,. of the writing of this book r. Or even this invoice by a computer consultant from EUR 6 000. It was a case of spoofing identity on the site of the corner good. The command, e pass the company on 22 August 2012, had t e delivered in October 2012. Note a t tax e-l’ payment in legal jargon – in January 2014. . . When an invoice is e tax six months it is very, very well, says a Marseille magistrate, r alit hard e is pleased t 18 24 months. Suppliers of the courts are paying the price of so-called cr valuatifs, at least badly earned s s tr. Budgets are s allou each year in function of the tribunal is cens d think within twelve months come. R alit, cr so-called are g n usually siphonn before the end of the first half, says an official, after continuing work as if but we know s tr although there is more money. What is extremely striking in this mode of operation is that once the State further bring to others the weight of his shortcomings and faults. Unable to spend enough time on complex issues, agents go to the easier, that is,-say the subject homes the tax on income, the employees, or the small bit to e in s sophisticated fixtures that are d lices of major groups. And when they hold a customer, they do the l displayed not! To be convinced, nothing is more instructive than the word of a former control their loosely converted in the priv fra. For the taxpayer, all starts when a 39-09, it is –say a control programming plug the. Computers send us alerts, one between incoh differences found are in the folder, and the proposal of control follows the way hi hierarchical to land at the Divisional Director. And this is the going gets tough,. Station one who returns with a white, conc of our former sp specialist companies in Seine-Saint-Denis fiscalit. Translate: an o folder there is no priori nothing r claim. In this case, it is wrong not, is regarded as a bad, he says. After all, the taxpayer payroll officials for what they report,. Therefore, the taxpayer enters its costs! Humor? Cynicism? Without tre performance, tax officials are strongly incit s not go empty-handed. Leaves lose sight of the r t g n ral int focusing on an evil company point the tax adjustment will bring a little more d p t of balance sheet. Leaves also, t taniser lambda housewife who sees coming, by letter e recommended, a notification of adjustment to the Pharaonic amount. It is the first Act, after sending potential of a specific information request, by which control them down his cards and means the taxpayer is criticised. But this document is often tr s the r status works it home pingl and r claims that it will be in fine! Because, in the expectation of r response of the taxpayer – that is only one month for is run, except if it motivates a request for d lai suppl elemental-, ts does h site imp agent not load the boat. In the sometimes perverse game between control their and contr l, the two parties are not fighting weapons gales. It peals out on the original notification, because it is on this indicator is jug, it is this amount that fits into statistics, not the amount that will be r really recouvr e, following a procedure contradictory which can be long, r sume our old Inspector. The gap between what is initially demand and what will actually pay can therefore go 1-10 while the administration feels way called into question by the disproportion of its pr attempt. When we see revenues g n r runaway es by radars, EUR 800 million in 2013, or an increase of 25% over 2011 so that costs are more my tris s – 220 million euros in 2013, or + 11% by 2011 report-, told that this windfall must be very useful the public security s. In fact, it is nothing. Because the State’s increasingly affect this prize any other uses and simply use it as a booster budg among many other recipes. The last straw: in 2013, EUR 50 million will have t pr s lev on radars and revenues to s to d sendettement of the State and the Fund cr for r resolve suffering me toxic loans. A report any with internal security routi re? Pirouette would d be arr ter l. But when J r me Cahuzac d boat Bercy, after the election of Fran ois Hollande, himself takes me feet on the mat: he believes that the measure is p reindeer and thus counts new r colter EUR 800 million. But he is wrong. And lies face a hole of EUR 800 million at the time of closing its first budget. This undaunted: he will invent the exceptional tax on the exit tax, which will yield new 800 million euros in 2013. But this time, it will be directly to e in the pocket of the State budget. Edifying,? the administration may also engage the upper speed and exit the unstoppable weapon: the expropriation. L, she decides to force you sell your property for public utility cause. A pr historical prerogative of the State of which we can understand the need n: no major collective infrastructure (motorway, railway, canal, etc.) could be built without it. [. . . ]When the threat is pr cise and that the administrative machine starts (investigations you of public usefulness, Declaration of the cessibilit of goods, etc.), useless r sister. Except be soi – m me a senior official at the heart of the system, and be able to use and abuse her effective interpersonal relationships. But risking, in this case, to be taken hand in the bag. A former associate of Christine Lagarde at the Ministry of the economy, Fran ois-Gilles Egretier, was thus transferred in November 2013 in court by Judge Van Ruymbeke that had indicted it a few months more t t (3). The skills learned by the magistrate are heavy: trading in passive influence per person is ant one public service and traffic of influence by a person charg e of a public service. This story would be e pass totally unnoticed EU without the unfortunate r v freezing of various email adress s ex-secr Secretary of State for transport, Dominique Bussereau, and the Director g n ral d l gu R bucket RRIF of France (RFF), Jean-Marc Delion, to obtain the revision of the future track e RRIF. And especially without the opini Royal association of residents LGV the voices of the North zone, which has d d ask, in October 2011, a complaint with civil party – in this case, the Attorney is oblig taken into account – so that the case be tried. In May 2010, a simple complaint first had class e t no further action. The parquet at Mont de Marsan obviously did not want to pursue the Counselor of a Minister in sight, President of g n ral nearby and the boss of a major company. � . You should read this page to discover more regarding this interesting matter.

Ebola in the United States: first case outside of West Africa.

There the disease he was diagnosed yesterday beyond reasonable doubt samples, the Chief informed the US health authority, Thomas peace, at a press conference. The patient have only A few days after the entry into the United States developed symptoms and embark in a hospital in Dallas in the U.S. State of Texas. There he was raised in an isolation ward. Peace was on the phone with US President Obama of Barack, to inform him about the case in Texas. The two talked about the strict regulations to the isolation of the patients, the White House announced. Peace told Obama that the Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) be prepared and could respond safely and effectively to such a situation. Obama had already two weeks ago visited the CDC is headquartered in Atlanta, while doctors and said other CDC employees and called for quick action in the fight against the virus. There were more suspected cases in the United States not currently CDC Chief said peace. I have no doubt that we will control this Ebola case so that the disease will not be spread in this country, peace said. We will stop that. It is possible, however, that the patient have infected other people with Ebola. All the people with whom he had contact since his arrival in the United States, would now be located and placed under observation. It was a handful of people, mostly family members, said peace. The patient had come from Liberia in the United States to visit family members. First, the health authority wanted to not disclose further details or personal information. According to current information it look as if the patient not to fight the epidemic in West Africa had been involved in. It was unknown how he got infected. The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas was well prepared to deal with such a situation, said Edward Goodman, who worked there as a doctor. Already more than 3000 people have fallen according to the World Health Organization (WHO) the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, particularly in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The number of those infected rose to more than 6500. But, WHO anticipates a high number of unreported cases. So far, five patients had been treated in the United States since the beginning of the recent Ebola epidemic as a whole with the disease. They were all infected in West Africa, had been diagnosed there and then brought to the treatment in the United States. Meanwhile, three of them have survived the disease. About the condition of a patient brought about three weeks ago in a special clinic in Atlanta, in the State of Georgia, there was initially no information and no personal information. Last weekend, a fifth patient with Ebola from West Africa in an American clinic had been brought according to the US FDA NIH. It was a doctor who worked in Sierra Leone. There were no further details about his health condition first. Politicians, meanwhile, urging a faster help for the Ebola countries in West Africa. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) criticized the sluggish European support in a media report: we’re in Europe not powerful and fast enough. I would like that we’d be faster. In such disasters, better coordination at European level is necessary, she said of the Allgemeine Zeitung (Mainz). Also Liberia’s Trade Minister Axel Addy urged to more haste. Addy said so Very much we appreciate help from abroad, she must arrive faster at us, at the United Nations in Geneva. . For extended regarding this subject click

Marisol Touraine taken favourable to parental leave in an equitable manner.

Marisol Touraine, Minister of health, said Tuesday it favored that parental leave is taken equally between the father and mother and has refuted the idea that the family measures can weigh on the birth rate. The law of 4 August (on real equality between women and men, Editor’s note) has already introduced the possibility of a sharing of parental leave to the arrival of a second child without specifying the distribution between the woman and the man, said Ms. Touraine, invited show evidence by three (Public Sénat/Dailymotion/AFP). That this sharing can be even fairer? Go for example to a distribution 18 months for women, 18 months for the man or another criterion of distribution?, she asked. The question of what she wished precisely, she replied: we are going to put in discussion the idea of equitable sharing. While family associations found that cuts in family benefits announced Monday under the Bill’s funding of social security for 2015 could have an impact on the birth rate, Ms. Touraine assured: I can not believe that his children should be by calculating the amount of benefits that you will receive 10 years15 years old. Asked about the possibility for the Government to have to resort to article 49-3 (which allows to pass a text without a vote), the Minister replied: I’m never in this perspective, because we need to share, to advance and to vote on a text which is a text of responsibility towards the future. . You must click this home page to learn more regarding this great topic.

Renault will manufacture 100,000 utilities for Fiat in Sandouville.

Renault will produce 100. 000 utilities for Fiat in its factory in Sandouville, said Tuesday the brand lozenge, Carlos Ghosn, CEO at a press conference on the industrial site of Seine-Maritime. These vehicles, whose production will start in 2016, will be based on the Renault Trafic and the 100. 000 units are cumulative over the life of the model, said Mr. Ghosn at this press conference alongside the Minister of the economy Emmanuel Macron, which praised her on the side of good news. What you are showing to the France, it is not inevitable, said Mr. Macron, after having opened with Mr. Ghosn the string mounting of a restyled version of the traffic. There is more concern about the future of the site (de) Sandouville, said for his part Mr. Ghosn, referring to an activity carried out over five to ten years for Sandouville, which should produce a minimum of 80. 000 cars per year in term. The plant is destined to become the epicenter of the production of the Renault utilities, said Mr. Ghosn. This plant has gone through a trough in terms of activity, which is behind us, he assured, two days from the opening of the professional days of the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris. . Original data can be studied reading the following

Archaeological heritage: in via Giulia in Rome rinterra, to build.

"The side is needed to protect them, anything will be above. And must be protected even during the construction of piling that later will be able to hold up the ceiling of the Museum or whatever you want to do over. So it is written in the opinion of the Soprintendenza archeologica: this accommodation is still required ". So they said to Cam, the construction company that is building the parking of via Giulia and piazza della Moretta. They were the last days of last May. Then, in July, the delibera di Giunta with which is incorporated the new project, which involves a halving of the volumes to be carried out, with a reduction to only part underground. So at the end of a long car journey will take. But it won’t be completely underground and, especially, there will be no room for the archaeological evidence found from the preliminary investigation, which began in 2009 and finish in 2013. The paved road, the spa complex and monumental system of the Augustan period, identified as one of stabula, stables of factiones of Charioteers who ran in the circus Massimo, basically irrelevant. Despite the conditions. "Major Discovery under different views, ,. for the opportunity to know the architectural design, spatial and functional ancient stables so far witnessed only by a few military camps or by rare images in mosaics", claimed in February 2013 by the Soprintendenza speciale per i beni archeologici di Roma. Yet without the intervention of the then Minister ai Beni Culturali Ornaghi new buildings under the blueprint would overrun the area. Having received the favourable opinions of the Soprintendenza archeologica and of that architecture. Escaped danger. At least until the end of last May. When the body of guardianship decides that we need to rinterrare everything. No money for collocation within the area, who after the discovery was supposed to ensure the Cam. So will parking, that "an important discovery" already sealed under heaps of pozzolan. It does not matter whether those remains could have been an opportunity to redesign an urban void that has dragged for decades. To identify a place neutral with a piece of ancient forma urbis. Useless so far also a letter-appeal written by urban planners, archaeologists, art historians, and many citizens in cultural heritage Minister Dario Franceschini because intervenes to save the area. The Renaissance, that via Giulia is witnessed by the works of all kinds of authentic star of architecture and painting, Roman Archaeology and put in a corner. Collection. For a work called "critical to the mobility and the decoration of the historic" when it was launched from the Capitol in February 2008. A work that, in spite of the participatory process which would provide indications for the accommodation of the top surface, runs the serious risk of humiliating the area. A story to via Giulia anything but isolated, in Rome. Same fate of stabula had the remains of the villa of the necropolis and the large cobblestones identified during the preliminary investigation, between 2009 and 2011, along via Grottaperfetta, in the southern part of the city. Buried themselves in anticipation of a new building complex I-60. Over 400 thousand cubic meters of concrete.  Similar case, some months ago, for the Roman villa and burials under former Atac store on via della Lega Lombarda, in the area of the built Sun City, at 500 metres from Tiburtina station. "It is important to enhance, preserve, but also knowing how to reconcile the needs of citizens and of anyone who builds," said Paola Filipinos, responsible on behalf of the Soprintendenza archeologica di Roma, of the excavation. Probably, at least in this circumstance enhancement and conservation does not appear to have been prioritised. In short covering, for different reasons. But you do it.  How covered and widely practiced, in view of the resources available to the starved Mibact. "If you do not have sufficient funds to other works by protecting the side’s methodology is foreseen", argued recently, the Managing Director of Mibact per il Lazio Federica Galloni, about piazza della Moretta. But to arouse concern is another. Are the timing so far used and the contrast between statements, on the occasion of many discoveries, extolling the beauty of discovery and then the final opinion. A substantial reverse. With permission to build and the remains back covered. To provide protection, it says. In anticipation of a future settlement. Although not infrequently the provisional status becomes final and the conservation is only partial. In short, the side becomes the simplest answer, inability to find other solutions. Not to mention that frequently use this option takes place after a long time. When abandonment and decay have already "marked" the monument and archaeological area. Just as happened to the necropolis of via Cristoforo Colombo and via Padre Semeria. Discovery in the spring of 2006 by the Soprintendenza archeologica di Roma, during the preliminary investigation to the construction of a new Postal telegraph building. Covered with earth last February on decision of the Soprintendenza archeologica. Via Giulia, via Grottaperfetta, via della Lega Lombarda and via Padre Semeria, cases that could have different outcomes if the different clients of the works to be realized were due compare with direct constraints applied by the Soprintendenza archeologica. The story of those three parts of the city would have had a different development. In which archaeology would not have been as usual cannibalizzata from urban planning. But maybe it would have made it part of a larger project. Because those remains have a value far higher than that of "simple" archaeological evidence For this reckless rinterrare appears new potential places of identification. Depriving the city of vital polarity. Urban regeneration cannot be separated from the actual inclusion of its archaeological heritage.   . You must visit the following to learn more on this amazing topic.

Video: Catalonia: Constitutional Court stops Abspaltungs referendum.

The judges To want to check whether the referendum is against the Basic Law of the country. The vote is thus exposed. The President of the autonomous region, Artur Mas, said Catalonia will nevertheless continue its way on Monday. The blocking of the referendum is only a move by the Central Government in Madrid. O of MAS (you didn’t even begin to inquire and not allow others to ask. This is the core of our problem. Because they are afraid of the answer, which could get them probably. But what really should scare them is that one question remains unanswered and that if it has to do with democracy and Rechtsstaatlicheit. ) MAS signed a decree on Saturday, which envisages a referendum for the November 9. The Central Government in Madrid under Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy holds the action illegal. Catalonia is about as large as Belgium and is located in the northeast of the country. The comparatively prosperous region has its own language and culture and already is fighting for more rights. Experts believe that in Catalonia elections be called, if the referendum is stopped. Thus, the revolution will be strengthened. The procedure before the Constitutional Court could take years. LOCATION: MADRID, BARCELONA (Spain) closing. Extended information can be found checking homepage.

Airbus A350: seven years for the right to fly.

Therefore, the aircraft manufacturer and the EASA define a timetable and a certification basis depending on the type of aircraft. They also provide "special conditions" for technological innovations that are not yet taken into account by the legislation, the first evolving more quickly than the second. Composite materials, lithium-ïóñòü yet new generation avionics batteries are listed. Their certification advances regulation. Then undertakes the campaign ground testing and in flight (between 2500 and 3000 hours) during which the aircraft is "tortured" and pushed to the limits of its capabilities and its flight envelope. It is the last crucial phase of the certification process. The aircraft performs a series of flights in near actual operating conditions. What to evaluate its ability to be operational and technical service. Late July 2014, A 350 began its route proving. He chained the takeoffs and landings. His behavior was husked throughout a course that he took him on five continents, alternating short and long destinations. He flew with the staff cabin and, as appropriate, with the passenger. In total, the A350 has travelled 151. 300 kilometers, stolen for 180 hours and fact stop at 14 airports. Obtaining the certificate of flight marks the beginning of a new process for the device that will gain experience in commercial service. Throughout his life, he will be monitored via "follow-up of airworthiness. It allows to analyze the information and incidents related to the commissioning and to address them. This feedback to correct defects in youth that affect all new aircraft. EASA will issue airworthiness directives which have value of law for airline companies and the Builder. The Agency may decide inspections, changes of room and even, in the most serious cases, flight bans, as was the case for the 787 Dreamliner beginning 2012. . For extra information about this subject check source.

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