England press destroyed van Gaal – Manchester embarrassment: clipped wings with chainsaw.

The "Telegraph" called van Gaal decided to protect service providers such as Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, although the Club is represented in this season not in international competition, "a mistake". The Dutchman collected as "Savior" defended himself: "we build a team. We can not in a month or even a year. It is very disappointing, but I hope the fans keep their confidence in our Club", commented the coach. These sets have heard this last the United fans – by van Gaal predecessor of David Moyes before the network spared no comparison. In Milton Keynes his team gave up only although the first shot on goal of the dons in the 72nd minute, problems plagued but again mostly in defence. The goals fell partly after hair-raising mistakes, so that the media of van Gaal called disaster formation with three chain. One thing is clear: until the end of the exchange period of the Dutch must buy. Highest priority: another defensive player and a player for the defensive midfield. That United for the first time since 1995 because of weak pre-season at all in the second round of the League Cup to participate had to, would have been enough already degrading. But it was even worse. In the newspapers on the island, there was the receipt for the lousy performance for the player the next morning: "That was one of the biggest humiliation of United – embarrassing for all great players who have ever worn this Jersey," it said in the "Sun". The "Telegraph" the duel called the "game of shame". Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko just laughed at city rivals. . For extra on this subject visit blog.

Start the course before 8:30 would be bad for the health.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota have tudi eight lyc es who have to start their 8 h 55 courses rather than 7 h 35. The number of car accidents involving ens lyc has, s d then, down by 70%, r v the Acad mie am American. Studies show that teens who sleep enough have less risk ob sit and d pressure,. They have better grades and a quality of life more e lev, explains p pediatrician Judith Owens, principal signatory of a sleep study. Giens and lyc ens fran ais coll did escape not this gle r. As the rel ve Slate, the national Institute of prevention and education for health (Inpes) had established this m me finding in 2013: 30% of 15-19 years are in sleep debt and 25% of 15-year-olds sleep less than seven hours a night. Doctor of public health, Jean-Pierre Giordanella was d clar as adolescence the hard minimum sleep e should be between eight and nine hours and the time limit of bedroom should not d pass 10 pm. A re num America, d purpose of the course would not be the only problem me Coll giens and lyc ens. The multiple notches also parasitize the sleep of our teenagers. � . Inspirational facts may be found reading this http://hagebau2.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

Paris hunting party Chief Vienna shopping leaves the Paladin of austerity.

While in France the President François Hollande hunting by Arnaud Montebourg, the anti-austerity man wanted by Brussels, replacing it with a Macron, a former Rothschild banker, businessman in Vienna was the exact opposite with the sensational resignation of Finance Minister Michael Spindelegger Falcon, which dimetteva from Office because contrary to the proposal of the Social Democrats who want to reduce the tax burden on lower incomes to revive consumption. If you wanted to highlight a Eurozone split on fiscal policy issues would not have been able to choose better, to demonstrate to a single thought about public finances in Europe. If in fact the Austrian Finance Minister resigned Tuesday from all his offices in controversy with a drift "populist party", Hollande in Paris opened its doors to a former business banker to try to reassure the markets about French willingness to reduce the deficit, making structural reforms to improve competitiveness in Exchange for flexibility over the timing of the return to the road of public accounts. In Vienna, however, the resignation of the former Minister Spindelegger pointed the opposite front Socialist Chancellor Werner Faymann, who leads a country with the lowest unemployment rate in the EU and a deficit-to-GDP ratio of 1.5% in 2013. The Austrian government debt amounted to 74.5% of GDP in 2013 and forecasts indicate a possible rise up to 80% this year. In short there are margins for a loosening of the purse strings to boost consumption during braking due to the decline in exports to the East, held back by geopolitical crisis escalating tensions in Ukraine. 2) in Brussels is to grant some flexibility in addition to accounts within the treaties and prepare an investment plan to boost public spending as anticipated by the President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, with an extraordinary plan from 300 billion euros that will weigh on national accounts; 3) the ECB is mandated to bring close to 2% as set out in the treaties-even non-conventional means such as QE, the quantitative easing by buying bonds-Eurozone inflation, now at 0.4% and 0.3%, perhaps at. To each his task, but unfortunately still in order without a Federal Government. . Original source can be found clicking the following fact.

Napoli, Benitez’s confidence: ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ we can do it.

BILBAO-The buzzwords is trust. Believe it, Rafa Benitez, despite the 1-1 in the first leg compel the Naples to make a large enterprise to the renovated San Mames, a stadium where Italians have never won. Up for grabs in Bilbao’s qualification to the group stages of the Champions League, a key hub of the club’s season blue. The preliminary exceeded would get the club’s coffers over 30 million euros, money that in part would be invested immediately in the marketplace. Unlike the season of Naples would take a decidedly different turn and investments would be reduced: in the first leg at San Paolo Athletic defended well and pressed us often but despite this being offensive we had four or five chances to score a goal. We have a lot of confidence in ourselves, we respect very much both Athletic Bilbao that San Mames, but tomorrow night we will play to win, said Benitez at a press conference, stressing the concept already expressed on the eve of the match first leg: non-failure to qualify would be a failure. A project passes through many things: from improving society or structures, and we’re doing it. The recipe for beating the team of Valverde (Napoli must win or draw, scoring at least two goals, ndr) is simple: ” you have to be faster in the round ball and increase the pressure. We sacrifice? I do not believe has guaranteed the coach of Napoli pointing again on Higuain, the author of the goal that keeps alive the hope: ” You Must be decisive in every game because it can make a difference, especially against Athletic Bilbao as it has done in the past with Real Madrid. The team is well, maybe they have a small advantage from the physical point of view because they have already played more matches than us. What worries me about the game? Nothing, from psychological aspect, or the ability to withstand the pressures. We have the players to do well on the field tomorrow night. We will wait for them on the pitch and not play to 0-0. We have to think to make goals. The team is full. We have to think that if we win this game we’re Champions. We have world-class players and we have to prove in court. We know that we have to take the field and score and make a perfect match tells you there Callejonche thought to bow out. ‘ ‘ A tragedy? There we own. Will be very important in the first 15 minutes of the match, will direct the whole game. Athletic Bilbao will take the initiative, also because playing at home in front of his fans. And because this is their game philosophy. Benitez has brought in Bilbao all players available, although the game can be summoned only in 18. Among the four for the Forum, in addition to two reserve goalkeepers, there should be the Colombian and Brazilian Henrique Zuniga: the form later. Rafa wanted to make them participate in the same to the Board, though: to shrink the group. There is no need for everyone. Three ballots in the formation. Ghoulam, Inler and Mertens undermine Britos, Gargano and Distinguished, leg holders. But Benitez doesn’t revolutionize the Napoli, after the misstep to São Paulo. The technician has full power and maximum confidence of De Laurentiis, who decided not to attend the last training session for warding off and also in the afternoon visited the Guggenheim Museum. The right will find it particularly inspired Higuain, however: it is about its goals if the blues are still in the running, now we need at least one more to win over the Champions. . Root data could be studied clicking the following article.

The South Africa avoids recession in the second quarter.

The most industrialized of the continent, South African economy has avoided recession in the second quarter, showing a weak growth of 0.6% after a dip of 0.6% beginning 2014 caused by a historic strike of the miners of Platinum. This low rebound was made possible by a revival of public expenditure in full election period, before the legislative elections of May. Late January to June, the activity of the three world’s leading producers of Platinum remained at a standstill, paralyzed by a salary standoff of a radical and unprecedented duration that failure was highlighted by several governmental mediation attempts. The strike, legal and less violent than in 2012, though having left seven people dead, has promoted in May the breakthrough in the legislative elections of the new populist party of Julius Malema (6.35%), quick to denounce the wages of misery which the black majority must merely twenty years after the end of the racist apartheid regime. Work resumed on 25 June, the production of Platinum is still not returned to normal but South African Statistics Agency was unable to see the damage, saving a further contraction in mining and manufacturing activity in the second quarter. Incidentally, it is also the industry that has been affected, creating an atmosphere of creeping crisis, with households forced to tighten the belt, high inflation and an endemic over-indebtedness. There not that Platinum, but there was also a poor performance in the gold mines. All mining activity generally also very poorly worked, said Gerhardt Bouwer, Director for macroeconomic statistics. This is a rollup of all industries, he said. But if you want specific examples of industries that have very little market, include automotive manufacturing, but also the petroleum and chemical industries. Forecast for baisseEvidemment, the weakness has begun to spread to the areas of consumer and industry services, note Nicky Weimar, an economist at Nedbank. Clearly, the constraints on production, strikes and all incidents, çà eventually make oil stain and weigh negatively on disposable income and consumer spending, he added. It is quite negative and disappointing as sales. Only the relative acceleration of the activity of the Government services helped to prevent a decline and the recession, he said. The economy of a country is considered as in recession after two consecutive quarters of GDP decline. The South African economy is also disturbed by an electricity supply expensive and permanently on the edge of the break, with frequent triggering blackouts on production lines. In addition to public spending, transportation, storage and telecom sectors also brought a positive contribution to the economy, as well as agriculture, banking, real estate and services businesses, according to Statsaa. In annual glissdement, growth fell to 1% from the second quarter of 2013, said the South African statistical agency. The Central Bank and most economists never cease to revise downward their forecast for 2014 and 2015. The Central Bank has more this year on a growth of 1.7% against 2.1% previously expected (and 2.8% at the beginning of year) and 2.9% for 2015. These figures are much lower than those from the rest of the region, the international monetary Fund (IMF) providing for growth of 5.4% in 2014 and 5.5% in 2015 for sub-Saharan Africa. They are also totally insufficient to absorb very high unemployment and create jobs in a country growing demographic. Growth regularly decreased these years in South Africa, by 3.6% in 2011 at 2.5% in 2012 and then 1.9% in 2013, while the public debt has tripled since the financial crisis of 2008/09. . Additional information can be read checking url.

Pilot judgment on Fukushima: «The Central operator to compensate suicide».

TOKYO–for the first time, the depression leading to suicide entitles to compensation in the circumstances related to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. A court in the city ruled that the atomic plant will pay approximately $ 470mila to four members of the family of a woman who took life for mental stress caused by having to leave their homes due to the risk of radioactive contamination. Ms Hamako Watanabe was 58 years old when they set fire on July 1, 2011, almost 4 months after the catastrophe but not many days after he had to abandon his home of Kawamata, about 40 miles from the Center. The suicide occurred, however, in the same House of Kawamata, where the woman had wanted to return momentarily. The initial request for compensation was roughly double. Family members have claimed that the woman fell into a State of extreme depression and anxiety, for the absolute uncertainty about the days when he could return. Were about 140,000 refugees in the region, many of whom still live in temporary homes. In these days were disclosed statistics on delays in the construction of new permanent housing for people evacuated. It is not the first case in which the Tepco has faced the problem of suicide has already reached several out-of-court agreements in the context of a mediation mechanism promoted by the Government. Other court cases now become likely, while Fukushima back to make headlines at several levels. The Government has agreed to disclose next month the full testimony of the head of the plant at the time of the disaster, Masao Yoshida, who died of cancer last year. One study has reported that 57 children of Fukushima province have developed thyroid cancer to other 46 show early symptoms, but the lack of comparative statistics makes it difficult to determine with accuracy the percentage of increase compared to the norm. . For more insights on this topic click link.

The Russian soldiers arrested in Ukraine were there by accident.

A source in the Russian Ministry of defence confirmed to Russian agencies arrest of Russian soldiers on the territory of Ukraine announced by Kiev, claiming that they had crossed the border by accident. The military in question participated in the Russian-Ukrainian border patrols and have crossed it probably by accident on a stretch without demarcation, said this source, quoted by the official Itar-Tass and Ria-Novosti agencies. According to the security services Ukraine, ten Russian paratroopers were arrested at Dzerkalne, about 20 kilometres from the border, and 50 km from the fief insurgent Donetsk. It is, according to Kiev, from soldiers of the 331st regiment of the 98th airborne division based in Central Russia. Arrested with identity documents and weapons, they reported that they had been dispatched in Russian Rostov region border of the Ukrainian regions insurgent of Donetsk and Lugansk, and Ukrainian territory, later according to the same source. The Russian military source stressed that these men had offered no resistance and said that Ukrainian soldiers had repeatedly crossed the border. Kiev regularly accuses Russia to send soldiers or tanks in territory Ukrainian to pull artillery in Ukrainian territory and to provide weapons and fighters to the insurgents. These statements have always been denied by Moscow. Misinformation regarding our invasion is not what is missing, said Monday the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergueï Lavrov. . Related facts can be found checking reference.

Saxony: A shy campaign.

Martin Dulig, of course, sits at his kitchen table. For weeks the top candidate of the SPD Saxony dragged the good wooden furniture on marketplaces across the country – in the hope that as many potential voters put to him. The table is so close to the election, now back home in Moritzburg near Dresden. And in the kitchen of the family Dulig, everything is ready for the important turn of the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk on Monday night: the lard bread lubricated, draped the large kitchen spoon in the background, as bulging filled fruit basket, the best green campaign strategists had not nicer bio can make. Country house Idyll pur so only the SPD candidate at the table looks a little nervous, so much he also strives to maintain the cool look of the daredevil. Is confusing, who sits still so everything around him: A shy woman who the candidate will present later as his wife, as well as four others who remain incognito first look but also always enter on the edge of the table, when the camera focuses on them. Welcome to the mysterious concept of the Saxon Landtag election TV debate. That’s why the six parties represented in the Parliament of Dresdner were allowed to debate publicly with each other on Monday night next Sunday. However, without really discuss. The MDR was the candidate of the CDU, the party of the left, rather from different places in the broadcasting center in the switch to SPD, Greens, FDP and NPD, one has received his questions to the current agricultural policy after another. Fall into the word, is really contradict the politicians could not be so. A format that reportedly especially CDU Minister President Stanislaw Tillich so had wished. Supposedly not to enhance the NPD candidate Holger Szymanski, had to be loaded according to the MDR for the Landtag membership of his party in the television. It is also true that Tillich especially wants to avoid, to give such great opponents like the Green Antje Hermenau or just the ambitious Martin Dulig – a platform and rhetorically to lose at the end against them. Comparatively fine the country, campaigning in the middle of the summer holiday passes quietly, so the MDR sums up the situation on his site in Saxony. This sentence should have fallen Tillich the CDU candidate. For 24 years, his party ruled the country, and she will do it most likely after the election. Tillich, who from a mountain Inn in his native Upper Lusatia turn to left, looks satisfied on poll numbers around 40 percent for his CDU. He and his strategists want to spread mostly a feeling of satisfaction.     . For extended regarding this topic read page.

Mission Minsk: crisis Summit on the conflict in Ukraine.

The event is harmless: on paper, it’s about the Customs Union. But when the Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko today on the talks in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, are probably completely different things in focus. The meeting of the Eurasian Customs Union has become a crisis Summit on the conflict in the Ukraine. Indeed Russian President Wladimir Putin comes to Minsk. It is the first meeting of the two heads of State since her early June – met in Normandy on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the allied landings in France. In Kiev, there was criticism of Poroschenkos travel to Minsk in the face of recent messages. He should not meet Putin with the cynical Agressor, asked about former Defense Minister Anatoli Grizenko. Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow in turn warned the participants to make ultimatums in Minsk. Instead, he expects talks about the humanitarian situation in the Eastern Ukraine. . Extended facts can be found checking http://hagebau2.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

Redesign: looking for Ministers in the line.

For new entrants, all eyes turn to the wing to Centrists and environmentalists, even if the margins for manoeuvre in these directions are narrow. The direction of Europe Ecologie – the Greens has been abundantly clear on a redesign that "seems away still more a change of course they call their greeting. If some meet mermaids, this will be ‘in their name", warned the National Secretary Emmanuelle Cosse. Senator Jean-Vincent Place and deputies François de Rugy or Denis Baupin names are mentioned. That of the Member of Parliament Barbara Pompili, especially whether to feminize the case. But the sirens could not be heard. Cap 21 Corinne Lepage independent ecologist is also on the ranks. This defector from the MoDem has advocated Monday "an opening in the Center. This opening could relate to the ex-ecologiste and ex-MoDem Jean-Luc Bennahmias, at the head of a new formation, the Democratic Front. "I don’t expect anything. After, if they call me, we’ll see", he said to Marianne. Like all those who are hoping. . Original data could be read reading this http://hagebau2.ingyenesenletolthetokonyvek.net.

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