Emancipation in the sport: Scotland’s ‘home of golf’ will now tolerate women.

The revolution in Scotland was not really, it was only: somewhat unnoticed in the shadow of the great independence Referndums Scotland has changed on Thursday but still huge: the Royal and ancient Club of St. Andrews permitted future women membership in the Honorable district his date 2400 passive or active golfers. This according to official communication "overwhelming" majority of 85 percent aggregate decision of the 260-year-old Club to the leap into modernity entail now a huge wave of feminization: 15 women who have made a great contribution to the development of golf without the permission to enter the Club’s home, will even gladly recorded the fast procedure and probably for a 0.625 percent quota of female members, and therefore probably in the sense of the most notables already a sufficient emancipation provide. "This is a Very much important and good day in the history of the Royal and ancient Golf Club," the Club Chief Executive Peter Dawson said. "The R & A has the sport since 260 years served well and I am confident that the Club will do that more in the future with the support of all his female as well as male members.". Original data can be studied clicking this http://fujitsu.echoesofthename.net.

G20 hold open – door for Russia at growth target.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble supports this, gave growth programs to pump but was again rejected. According to delegation sources, the CDU-politician warned of possible bubbles in stock and real estate markets. What short-term help, mountains in the medium and long term risks, said Schäuble in the round of the G20. He got hired for solid public finances, the implementation of agreed measures, as well as more private investment in the infrastructure. Despite his role in the conflict in Ukraine, Russia should participate in the Summit. The g-20 had agreed to keep the door open for Russia, stressed hockey despite differences. Previously, there had been criticism of a participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin from some G20 countries. Hockey said he had consulted a number of countries. They had expressed for Russia’s participation in the Summit. If anyone should be excluded for various reasons, the consent of all the g-20 is required, he said. . You must read this http://fujitsu.echoesofthename.net to read more regarding this amazing topic.

More than 70 countries are still infested with landmines and explosive remnants.

Since 1965, about 440 million cluster munitions have been dumped in the world. These explosives injure or kill even today thousands of people in more than 70 countries. There are now nearly 3000 victims each year. A figure of considerable, even if it is much lower than that of the 1990s. Then, there were 22. 000 victims per year. Handicap International’s struggle began more than 30 years ago. Its commitment to the prohibition of these conventional weapons,-for which she was decorated, jointly with five other NGOs, prize Nobel peace in 1997 – has allowed the signing of two major treaties for international humanitarian law. The treaties of Ottawa (1997) and Oslo (2008) prohibit the use, production, trade and Stockpiling of anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions (cluster bombs) and obliges States parties to destroy their stockpiles, to clean up their territories and to bring assistance to the victims of these weapons. Since then, the number of antipersonnel bombs has declined drastically, and their trade is officially eradicated. There are 28 ‘free of mines’ countries, and Mozambique – which was part of the most mined countries in the world – should be next on the list. "It took 18 years to eradicate this scourge", notes international Handicap, which is engaged in 1986 in this African country. In Afghanistan, one of the REG (explosive remnants of war) more infested countries in the world, the Mission of the UN in Afghanistan (UNAMA) assistance denounces a 14% increase in the number of civilian casualties during the past six months, compared to 2013. According to the spokesman of the United Nations, this would be due to ‘the increase in military operations’ and ‘pace accelerated closures of bases and fields of fire of the international assistance and Security Force (ISAF) without that should not be removed in advance present explosive ‘. The end of the year, NATO prepares to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, after more than ten years of presence. Since the April presidential elections, the political situation is extremely uncertain, and stability suffers fears of ethnic violence and a rebellion of the Taliban. The association warns that "the withdrawal of troops should not coincide with an abandonment of the Afghan population. "The State of war does not stop when the troops withdraw. It keeps both the danger still present". . You can click this http://fujitsu.echoesofthename.net to read more regarding this great subject.

Cancer, back care of Bella by his son thousands of patients.

And here the difference make the numbers. Two to three thousand persons treated in a few years. Very different outcomes, of course. But some cases make headlines. And that door should be knocking thousands of people. «Nothing» would come too many mail with requests for treatment. Just phone calls, and even so it’s complicated star behind at all. Coming in men with prostate cancer. Women with terrible and devastating diseases. "People now at the fourth stage, those who already are breathing the breath of death say in Bologna. And he, Giuseppe Di Bella receives them all. Talk for hours, explains everything, and if that is the case with the therapy. The medicines are always ones, those that already his father used in his time. Somatostatin first of all and then again octreotide, vitamins (A, C, D, E), melatonin, calcium and more.   "The results we have and excellent» s stirs Attorney Octavian. "The only trouble is that you have to pay all of their own pockets. And not everyone can afford it. " As happens with Stamina, with the care imposed by the courts, even in this case the judiciary is felt. The courts of Lecce, Lucca and a slew of others, they ordered the Asl appertaining to ‘ pay for some sick care». And there are other judgments coming. The judges are based on the results of surveys of Ctu (consultants) that if they notice a regression of the disease, or a stabilization say: «the SLA must pay the care already made and those that will be. " Has already happened several times. It will happen again. "We have more coming, will be revolutionary. This time you can pretend that the cure does not exist» say patients.   Share with requests for experimentation nationally? "It doesn’t make sense» Giuseppe Di Bella suggests. "It doesn’t make sense» insist some patients. And the queue at the door you stretches, on a pilgrimage in search of hope.   . Similar information can be found reading http://fujitsu.echoesofthename.net.

Precompiled tax return, first Government ok.

The tax will become reality soon in precompiled Italy. The Council of Ministers of 29 Government number Renzi indeed today gave the first ok to the decree establishing the precompiled 730 for taxpayers by giving a real revolution for the Italian tax authorities. The tax return is actually compiled one of the pillars of the new simplification of State reports-taxpayers promised by the Executive and is provided by the Tax Authority in force since March. How do they know from Palazzo Chigi, the Council of Ministers has today made a preliminary examination of legislative decree and the measure now moves under consideration by the parliamentary committees responsible for the required opinion. Only then will return in final approval for CdM. The Decree as well as establish the precompiled tax return also contains "a number of provisions aimed at simplifying the additional handling regional and municipal income tax of physical persons". If the deadlines will be respected, the precompiled tax return will revolutionize the relationship between taxpayer and Tax for about 30 million Italians, among employees and retirees, starting from 2015. With the sending of the Declaration in fact will be the precompiled Financial Administration on the subject forced to collect and process the data, while the taxpayer is only required to verify the accuracy and completeness of the data. According to the measure the tax return must be precompiled made available electronically to the taxpayer on or before April 15 of each year. The taxpayer then you can accept it or modify it, by adjusting the data communicated by the Agency and by placing more information. Here is the press release by Palazzo Chigi: Currently it is up to the taxpayer data for compiling declarative model and financial administration is called then to conduct audits and to communicate the results. With the sending of the precompiled statement, however, is the financial administration, the person obligated to collect and process the data in order to send the findings to the taxpayer, according to a strict time limit. The taxpayer remains obliged to verify the accuracy and completeness of the data in the possession of financial Administration. Moreover, the adoption of the model of precompiled statement causes a redefinition of the role now played by the actors who perform the tax of the taxpayer assistance. Accepting a condition contained in the opinion of the Finance Committee of the Chamber, it is pointed out that, if the Declaration is lodged at a CAF or a pro enabled, documentary checks will be carried out, by request, to the person who has applied for a visa of conformity, even in relation to data provided to the Inland Revenue from third parties (banks, insurance companies, etc.), without going to the city. In this case, the CAF or professionals have 60 days to transmit electronically to the revenue agency documentation and clarifications required. Within the same period of 60 days should be paid the amounts required as a result of controls with respect to such intermediaries. For precompiled statement processing, the Revenue Agency will use the information provided in the tax Register (such as the Declaration of the previous year and payments made), the data transmitted by third parties (such as banks, insurance companies and social security authorities) and the data contained in the certificates issued by the tax substitutes with reference to incomes of employees and assimilated to income from self-employment and other income (e.g.fees for occasional activities, self-employment). The taxpayer may accept the precompiled statement received by agency or possibly change it directly (even through the withholding tax that provides tax assistance) or through CAF and qualified professionals. In response to the opinion of the Finance Committee of the Chamber was placed that in the event of acceptance without modification of the Declaration proposed by the revenue agency directly by the taxpayer, not formal control on expenditure data indicated in the statement provided by third parties. If, on the other hand, by changes made directly by the taxpayer (including through the withholding tax that provides tax assistance), affecting the determination of income or the tax shall not apply exclusions from the formal control. If the Declaration is submitted, with or without modification, through CAF or inhabited professionals, they are required to affix the visa of conformity on the data of the Declaration, including those provided with the precompiled statement (deductible expenses, withholding tax deductible). Taking the opinion of the parliamentary committees has been established that the responsibility of CAF to seen infidel is excluded when the same visa has been led by the misconduct of the taxpayer. If the CAF or professional, by 10 November of the year in which the infringement has been committed, send a corrective statement of the taxpayer, the intermediaries are called to pay a single penalty, without prejudice to the application of payment payable by the taxpayer to the tax and interest. In such cases, the penalty paid by the CAF or trader is reduced to an eighth if payment is made within the same date of November 10. . For extended data regarding this topic read http://fujitsu.echoesofthename.net.

Trial No Tav, yes the interception of anarchists.

Accepted as evidence the recorded conversation among three activists No Tav that recalled the blitz at the Tav in may 2013. New developments in terrorism trial to No Tav accused of having organized and executed the blitz at high-speed railway Turin Lyon in the night between 13 and 14 may 2013. The Court of the Court of Turin, where the process is underway, in fact welcomed in the courtroom as evidence even environmental interception registered in a Chinese restaurant in Milan and which led to the arrest of three militants of anarchist milanese area in July. According to the Republic, in a conversation recorded by investigators in the three autoaccusano of the assault but also speak of the four defendants in the process as people present at blitz in Susa Valley. The new evidence against the defendants was filed this morning to the Courthouse in Turin by pm Andrea and Antonio Padalino Rinaudo representing the prosecution. The trial of the No Tav construction blitz in Susa Valley was reopened just this morning after the summer break. Outside the Court in the Piedmontese capital there have been moments of tension. Fifty people who were not able to enter the classroom, no tav activists but also friends and relatives of the four boys accused in fact protested for a long time to come. For safety reasons the agents have not agreed to their demands and was born a protest that involved later also those who had entered. Protesters reacted by beating objects against the railings and chanting slogans against the agents. . Additional info can be inspected visiting info.

“A burden of the other”: screenwriter hero is dead.

The novelist and screenwriter Wolfgang Held is dead. The corner from Publisher in Weimar announced on Thursday that hero died Wednesday at the age of 84. The Thuringian writer had made a name for himself with numerous novels, young adult novels and screenplays. His biggest success was the screenplay for the DEFA feature film one of the other burden. The film about the Communist people police of Saint and the evangelical pastor Blasius in a lung Sanatorium by Lothar Warnecke came to the cinemas in 1988 and became an audience hit. The Strip had 1.2 million visitors in the GDR. At the same time he was a plea for a dialogue between Marxists and Christians. The unforgiving initially opposing protagonists develop an almost friendly relationship at eye level in the course of the tragicomedy. At the West Berlin Film Festival Berlinale both main actors received a silver bear. The film received a nomination for the European film awards. Hero had processed their own experiences in the 1973 written script. born in Weimar in 1930 and grew up in a democratic household, had held in April 1945 his key experience, as he sought his uncle there locked in the just liberated Buchenwald concentration camp and a former prisoner in the face of the dead told him: there, tears are not enough. Hero was people COP. Later he contracted tuberculosis as his movie character. And also like this he divided the room in the sanatorium with a vicar of their peers. 15 years hero had to struggle before his scenario was made into a film. 1995 hero Once again published the story as a self-titled book. 2010 in Roman Last and love Kummerfeld speculated, as the history of the two could have gone further. . Inspirational data may be found reading this http://fujitsu.echoesofthename.net.

The Government wants to play hide and seek.

If as stated this same ma ana general coordinator of CDC, Josep Rull, the Catalan law of consultations that this afternoon to approve the Parliament is not published in the official journal of Catalonia immediately and therefore does not enter into force, the central Government would maintain pending computer to react. There started the game of hide and seek. The Generalitat has escàs simas possibilities, not to say no, to win the game but dizzy Partridge at least entretendr personnel and annoy the Moncloa, the Abogac of the State, the Ministry of Justice, the Council of State and the Constitutional Court. You may also happen that, as suggests Rull, Artur take things with m s calm and waited to the pr next week to include the text of the law in the ‘Official Gazette’. Quiz so that the Council of Ministers, which must meet to approve the appeal of unconstitutionality, do not count with the presence of Mariano Rajoy that since Tuesday found in China’s official trip and do not return until Sunday. Be a bombshell in til. The Council Act to also headed by the Vice-President Soraya S enz Santamar to exercise of head of the executive functions and you can stamp your signature, with all legitimacy, at the foot of the order n. Eventually, even, there is the possibility of the own Rajoy did from China through signature electr nica as did King Juan Carlos when rubric, from Mar del Plata (Argentina), the Declaration of the State of alert decreed by the Government of Zapatero during the wildcat strike of controllers. Not be necessary however to that end, but ah est. . You can read this http://fujitsu.echoesofthename.net to read more regarding this great topic.

Scotland rejects independence.

Glasgow precisely, largest city in Scotland, voters have put the ‘yes’ in the lead with 53 percent of the vote against 47 percent for the ‘no ‘. A gap to weigh decisively on the outcome of the poll. In Edinburgh, on the other hand, the capital of the country, the ‘no’ crushed ‘yes’ to 61.1% of the vote against 38.9%, reports The Guardian. The British leader also defended the idea that an agreement with Scotland should be concluded in the same way with the Northern Ireland and Wales, not to mention the opinion of England: "the Scottish agreement must be able to transpose in all other parts of the United Kingdom. We heard the ways of Scotland, and now we must also hear the voices of England. "Pointing the"very tough fight"and the"very strong passions"generated by the referendum, the head of British State hailed"a strong demonstration of our very old democracy. On Twitter, he congratulated his counterpart Alex Salmond, rejoicing that "the SNP is preparing to participate in the discussion on a higher devolutuion. . You can check this website to discover more regarding this amazing subject.

Referendum in Scotland: it is no! But well done Glasgow!.

It is not. Not al’ independence. Scotland will remain ultimately in the United Kingdom. At 5:15 this morning (6 h 15 CET), the BBC predicted a victory for the spectacular malgrele no score of Aglasgow, the largest city in the country yes. The reasons for this burst of the unionists, who denies the past waves of survey giving the two sides neck-and-neck? The fear of a big jump presented by Better Together as an unnecessary risk. Women, the elderly, the business community were preteune friendly to warnings ear – as it was not threats or blackmail – supporters of the No thanks. In bulk, they votepour that their retirees continue to be paid in Sterling, so that interest rates do not increase, for companies or banks which threatened to pack up South of Hadrian’s Wall remain in the country. Bravo and well Joueglasgow, capital of our Commonwealth and thanks AALL, a Declaresalmond when its irreversible cascade defeat. Yet is the loser? Despite ‘ surprising extent of his defeat after a brilliant campaign, the patron of the pro-independence can boast of having sent London, Westminster and David Cameron a strong message: the appetite of the Scottish people for a strong change. Cameron big winner? This is not certain. No triumphalism. We must now move forward to form a single nation: this statement indicates that the British Prime minister has felt the wind of the fetlock. And he well understood that he should throw the leste giving the Edinburgh Parliament all powers, (including) in tax matters, al’exception of defense and diplomacy. Suddenly, caressed by the most progressive Tory project to engage the United Kingdom if not in the way of the federalist, at least in a decentralization of large-scale in Cornwall, Yorkshire, not to mention the Wales and North Ireland, is far from assured. Saved by the Bell (opponents say by threats and blackmail of the Scottish business big), David Cameron bounces. But three British traditional parties desperate concessions showed its fragility.  There still need a lot of energy and all support to win another referendum, otherwise more difficult achieved: that of the maintenance of the United Kingdom in Europe. The victory of the non al’ free Scotland does not necessarily germ Yes yardstick reformed Europe what he calls its wishes.   . For extended facts on this topic check http://fujitsu.echoesofthename.net.

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