Lack of education in day-care centres: Germany’s children are not well enough cared for.

It was a historic step with the policy has responded to the needs of young families: since August 1, 2013 the legal right to a kindergarten place applies to children aged one year in whole Germany. It should guarantee the childhood education in a daycare center or children’s day care. However, the implementation not only hapert, that many parents find a place for their child. Also the everyday life is not what parents want in the day-care centres. The Bertelsmann Foundation considers the early childhood education systems of all provinces since 2007 and finds a significant deficit in the current results, to see the country monitor. In early childhood education, good quality often remains on the track, because many day care centres have not enough educators. The personal key for day-care centres in Germany partially significantly differ from a child-friendly and educationally meaningful student-teacher ratio, and are also from federal State to federal State varies, it says in the latest study. In Germany, there are 16 systems, says Anette Stein by the Bertelsmann Foundation that has grown historically. Each State has there with other conditions to do and the countries define the personal key itself. While 80 percent of annuals in the Kita in East Germany, there are only 25% for example in Bremen, said stone. The East-West divide in numbers means: while in the East German crèches a governess to an average 6.3 children worry, 3.8 children on a teacher come in the West. At more than six children per supervisor arises the question, what does the term early childhood education. Sleep more than feed, wrap, place? So the kindergarten is not a pure storage site, need more education. We need urgently uniform quality standards, which are governed by a federal-Kita-law, said Jörg Dräger, CEO of the Bertelsmann Foundation. The Kita quality is crucial for good growth and fair opportunities for education of all children. . Main source may be studied reading the following

Anti-Russian sanctions: 15 people and 18 companies added to the EU list.

The European Union widened Thursday the list of natural persons and targeted Russian morales by sanctions by adding 15 Russians and Ukrainians and 18 companies accused of supporting the insurgents in the East of the Ukraine, reported Thursday the AFP Agency, citing a European source.  According to the source, it’s nine companies and nine institutions whose names are not revealed.  The Committee of permanent representatives of the countries of the EU (Coreper) examined Thursday the additional sanctions that should be imposed against the Russia. These include economic and defense sanctions. The ambassadors of the 28 countries of the EU have also decided to expand the list of natural and legal persons covered by the freezing of their assets and expand once again the criteria to complete this list.  The Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev had previously said that sanctions against the Russia were actually used to disguise protectionist measures implemented in favour of certain companies. The Ambassador of Russia to the European Union, Vladimir Tchijov considers for its part that the EU has for the moment unable to abandon the path of sanctions, even if it is obvious that this path leads nowhere, You must check this to learn extra regarding this interesting topic.

‘Galician by drying our tears town thank you’.

You accompany a group of some twenty wounded and relatives of deceased in the accident. It makes several days announced publicly that p not quer an Medal, but never said which will not come masters to act and this Thursday, on the anniversary of the accident, have decided to move to explain in person why do not want these medals. They have failed. N police prevented a cord is. Whilst inside the event, they did not let them go and have not given explanations of why. We have asked, we have asked that come to a head, but passports and that there is a cord which prevents us from passing, as if fu terrorist semos, criticizes a spokesperson of the platform V o Alvia 01455, Teresa G mez Lim n. Sec n explained, we are told that n is no invitation, but none of which are here we received no invitation n. Previously, several tens of v o is hab an concentrated on the Plaza del Obradoiro, in a protest by members of the two groups of affected, V o Alvia 04155 platform and the Association attended n Perjudicados the railway accident of the Compostela Santiago Alvia (Apafas), as well as affected t particular category not attached to ning n collective and, in support ofneighbouring Angrois and representatives of the Association V o Metro 3 Julio de Valencia, where in the or 2006 there were 43 dead and 47 wounded. Laura de el Moral, Member of the platform V o Alvia 04155, explained that took to the streets with your banner because the same ticos pol who sold us the high-speed want to now also take advantage of our pain with the delivery of these medals instead of helping them by convening a Commission investigaci n n who have refused the PP and the PSOE in the Galician Parliament both the Congress of Deputies. We are not h you heroes, we don’t have any medals, we just took a train not birthday to security conditions, flag. On the t term of this protest, went to the Cidade da Cultura, where is les neg entry. . Related information can be read clicking

World Cup stress no problem! -Guardiola is contrary to Sammer.

At that time the Spanish world champion became – six of them for the FC Barcelona Winger (just as many world champions such as now with the Bayern.) Guardiola introduced Iniesta, Puyol & co in the Championship after Championship and won the Champions League with them. Just last week-hatteBayerns Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge criticized that rejected his request for a subsequent Bundesliga start (29 instead of 22 August) by the Club. The preparation for Bavaria’s World Cup semi-final and final participants (seals, Dante, new, lame, Götze, Schweinsteiger and Boateng, Müller go only to 5. 8 in the training) was too short. Sports Board Matthias Sammer warned after the 1-1 against third-division side MSV Duisburg: "what I’m worried about: that a reasonable structure for leistungssportlichen reasons not the speech may be." You need a certain amount of time for training for construction – and we don’t have that now. "Guardiola opts to start (Super Cup on August 13 against the Borussia Dortmund) probably a chain of four! In the offensive may be the fans on the return of France star Franck Ribéry (back) are happy. PEP: "Franck has a good rhythm and can play in Hamburg for a couple of minutes. Brazilians Thiago need probably another six weeks after its internal tape-OP, however, still time. . Root source can be read checking this article.

More and more faulty cars: So many callbacks as never before.

According to a study of the center of automotive management (CAM) in Bergisch Gladbach and more cars have been called back in the first half of 2014 than ever before. Thus United States had to be taken alone in the reference market 37.2 million passenger cars to the review in the workshop. 11.1 million vehicles are together in 2012 and 2013 more than in the same period last year and already now more than in the calendar years. Thus, the year 2014 marks the largest recall volume of ever already at half-time. Negative leader is General Motors. Until the end of June, the US group in the context of 37 recalls had to order a total of about 25 million cars in the workshops. The latest measures, which raised the number to 28.8 million, are still not included in the calculations of the CAM. The Toyota Group, which had to call back so far 4.4 million Toyota and Lexus models in the United States in the year 2014 followed by second place. Even Tesla Motors, Subaru and Ford have massively deteriorated in comparison to the previous year. Honda, BMW and Hyundai enjoyed far fewer callbacks than 2013. Measured on the registrations of VW Group has the best recall rate of all German manufacturers in the United States. The U.S. versions of Mitsubishi, Jaguar/Land Rover models are most reliable. The latest recall comes on the account of the current problem child General Motors. Due to unreliable indicators, improperly mounted seats and a faulty power steering, a total of 823 000 copies of Chevrolet models spark, Silverado, Impala and Camaro and the Buick must shelf in the shop. 718 000 of the affected cars, which most are newer year, were sold in the United States. Because of the flaws, there have been two accidents with three injured, said the car company in Detroit, Michigan. Models of European subsidiary Opel are not affected. The new recall increases the number of GM vehicles, which need to be reviewed since the turn of the year in workshops, to 28.8 million. Most of them are on U.S. roads. A majority of the recalls applies to cars with defective Zündschlössern. These can jump while driving in the "off" position, what turns off safety systems such as airbags, power steering or the brakes in addition to the motor. According to GM, there have been 50 accidents due to the defect about with 13 dead. U.S. consumer protection organizations assume significantly more deaths. GM, however, is not the only car company, which recently had to launch recall campaigns. Last week, BMW ordered a total of 1.6 million copies of an older generation of 3 series in the workshops – 450 000 of them in Germany. The action was due to potentially defective airbags. Just yesterday, Chrysler, the third-largest U.S. carmaker, a recall due to faulty ignition switches had to start. About 792 000 copies of the Jeep Grand Cherokee of in the model years 2005 to 2007, as well as the Jeep Commander from 2006 and 2007 can jump the ignition key in the off position when the rider pushes with the knee, however. According to Chrysler, there had been an accident because of the problem, but no one was hurt. In June, the Group therefore has launched a recall of minivans. . Main facts can be read clicking the following hyperlink.

Porn shoot for leisure: what goes on the head my hobby?

After work everyone can drive, what he wants. Or? A teacher was fired because she turns porn in their spare time. How far can the employers in private life interfere? In the tight bra, pink Julia faces the camera. She loves to show. The 38-year-old in swinger clubs is on the way for years, now it plays also in porn movies. In this video, she lost from what man with her to a cottage weekend may drive. On a weekend with a lot of fun, as she says, before she reaches into the box with lots. The drawing presents Julia pink on a film on the Internet, is a thank you for them. Have all the men now certainly they with the purchase of your DVD supports. She wants to pose now on the Internet. And will turn even porn. I need that, says pink. Sex in front of spectators is a kick for me. Not only in church facilities, including so-called trend enterprises such as parties or trade unions employees are committed to a certain loyalty their employer compared to. You can request their employees to refrain from doing anything, which could jeopardise the credibility of the operation, Rauscher says. Also employees in the public service are not fully free, what they do in their spare time. An employee in the public service should not actively fighting the State in his spare time, ruled as the Federal Labour Court in the case of an employee of the Oberfinanzdirektion in Karlsruhe, which had called for the revolution as a member of the NPD (AZ.: 2 AZR 372/11). The Federal Labor Court has defined three cases where the employee bears the risk of failure of work himself: if he runs a particularly dangerous sport, the sport in particularly reckless way exercised or is itself significantly overestimated. A sport is considered particularly dangerous, if the risk of injury is so high, that even a well-trained athletes can not avoid the risk. Such a danger has been explicitly only Kickboxing certified but also beyond the risk sports an employee may hit at leisure over the strands not so that he can not come to work the next day. An employee is repeatedly so hungover at work that in the Office constantly eyes fall to him, he must reckon with a cease and desist letter. Julia pink says her work have not suffered from the porn shoot. What I do in my spare time is something anyone, she finds as before. She gave always their best at work. And she have also taught the Church values their protégés. We prayed a lot together. . You should visit this to read more about this amazing matter.

Traveling by hitch-hiking: this robot travels from Sunday through Canada.

A bucket as a torso, this colourful arms, gloves and rubber boots: the Hitchbot is one of the strangest Anhaltern, which you can get on Canada’s roads in the car. The robot with the outstretched thumb to hitchhike across from Sunday to across the country, from Halifax on the East Coast to Victoria on the West Coast – and that completely without minders. The whole thing is a research project that initiated the scientist David Harris Smith and Frauke Zeller. With the Hitchbot, we want to stimulate discussions about culture and technology, about the confidence in technology, about Canada, and about the hitchhiking, said Frauke Zeller, who works at Ryerson University in Toronto. The usual question ‘people can trust robots?’ wants you creatively deconstruct and turn around, in: robots can actually trust people? The hitchhiking modern technology to help the Hitchbot, it is equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers. So, he can detect movements and language, but even with the drivers communicate with knowledge that he gets from an online encyclopedia. A driver allows him the recording, the Hitchbot can also take stories and so later participate in the world on his hitchhiking adventures. Who wants to follow the journey of the robot, can do this on Sunday via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the Hitchbot seems well networked. Via Twitter he has already pointed out, that he rather not want to travel on motorcycles–it was too uncertain. . You must read the following to learn extra about this great matter.

In the land of fireworks, where every day is new year’s Eve.

NAPLES-We turned on the camera in continuous mode, remaining in the same spot, for fifteen days. But we could continue for weeks, months. The fireworks in the province of Naples, now known as land of fires, never stop. Now is no longer the land of fire, land of intombati poisons or burned by the camorra, but also a land of fires ,. Fireworks. A word game that someone will smile, a little less to pulmonologists and people with lung disease (in the province of Naples there is the peak of lung cancers according to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità). Beautiful to behold, the firecrackers conceal a high hazard. It’s called ‘ soot ‘, a mix of chemical compounds that are released after each explosion. "It is not only a powerful pollutant but constitutes a kind of glue several carcinogenic compounds that can be defined as," explains Professor Edward Sgrella, pneumological hospital Naples Monaldi hospital. The risk, ranging from bronchial asthma to lung cancer, rises the more frequent and the constant presence of particulates in the air. An alarming framework supported by how discovered at Girona, Spain. Some scholars have noted that the metals that are freed after two hours of Fireworks can withstand even the atmosphere in the next four days. Two hours of fire, he said. Within the territory that we have been able to monitor we counted explosions every day, from 30 June to 15 July (and in the days to follow until the rain). An average of 18-20 pyrotechnic bombing per day (multiply over the weekend) with a duration ranging from two to 15 minutes each. But it can happen, as the last July 12, keep your nose up for 47 minutes (at least those that we managed to resume). In a narrow, arid territory of green areas, open spaces where poor municipalities follow one after another without interruption. Some shooting done with an infrared camera (better known in the dense whitish Halo chemicals) looks like a war. In particular do not schedule time to resume the explosions in a latitude that begin at the other three in different places. What we have enclosed in the video is only a small part, for reasons of time. Result: an average of 30 minutes per day of borio, copper, aluminum, titanium and strontium, used as dyes but also as propellants. The boom of fireworks is relatively recent. First was the preserve only of organized them for Common festivities or major events. Once a year. Today it is an important business figures. One minute fireworks costa from 200 to 300 euros. Are no longer games but become real fire those battles that are unleashed on the occasion of weddings. We cater to authorized firemen (i.e. with regular license) but sometimes what you do explode is entirely unknown, ‘ craft ‘ as it says one of them. Are rectangular boxes as large as a shopping cart. It takes two people to raise them. Nothing ‘ Chinese ‘ reassuring things, "those we use for the newspaper". The artifacts provide «» barrels for about 30 minutes to continue. But there are only weddings. We’re seeing fireworks for «celebrate» communions, baptisms, promises of marriage, engagements, christenings, birthdays, name days. In some areas it is custom to turn on a battery of firecrackers in celebration of victories of Naples. Everything on the street. The local Chronicles speak of the use of fireworks as code language for organised crime, a primitive morse code, to warn of the arrival of someone or something. So it would have been for a period of time. One of the firemen that approach tells us that the contact by both popular districts, also to celebrate the release of jail some ownership both bishops and priests on the occasion of the great celebrations. The rules say that firecrackers can be lit only by professionals with regular permission, talk about permissions that should release the Mayor and the police and in some cases even of Ente nazionale per L’assistenza al volo. "We have reasons to believe that in most cases there is no permission. We encourage citizens to contact our local offices to denounce these donates-said the National Secretary of the Codacons, Francesco-Tanasi. We have repeatedly urged the mayors to prohibit these shows. They have the power to do so with an Ordinance. Also because it is not only a primitive and dangerous practice but events with serious environmental impacts ". Then there is a network of intermediaries who go from electrician to the grocery store, since cigarette smuggler at the gas station, the neighbor to the professor who cares about match supply and demand. In our case we accompany an accountant that wasted time helps to shoot Fireworks. Tell him you want to organize a big party for the wedding of a relative. Leads us to see a friend’s store. Who sits behind the counter has a lit cigarette between his hands and behind shelves with each category of ‘ fires ‘. On a computer that explains what you can do. But we need to exaggerate, we want the top. And the top is not on your computer and costs 1500 euro. "Those things there don’t put on your computer or run the guards and they ask you where you got them fired and how they’ve prepared." He makes the greengrocers in the morning but it’s in this small area, knows all and everything. It warns us that you can’t turn them on everywhere. A Naples city is difficult to shoot them, not issue approvals and then there are tightened controls. Best in the province. Best in the land of fires. "That is my area," says one of them. " Is quieter, we can put even one hundred mortars to land, is not none and not risk anything. ‘ . You can check this to discover more about this amazing topic.

Billions for education: Baden-Württemberg universities promises more money.

At the end of the year the new college financing in Baden-Württemberg to be signed. It enables the universities with the additional money, defend their national positions and to remain competitive in the international competition Finance Minister Nils Schmid said on Wednesday at the presentation of the plans in Stuttgart. The Science Council, the main body of advisors in science, had recommended to grant the universities annually a generation equal to the rate of inflation plus one percent. Science organizations and college representatives had campaigned repeatedly for it, following the expiry of the excellence initiative to create a solid financial basis for the universities and universities of applied sciences. However the conditions vary greatly for this in the individual federal States depending on the financial situation and political priorities. Lower Saxony for example plans released BAföG funds additional teachers to set – a plan which criticized Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka (CDU). In Saxony-Anhalt, there was dispute to cuts in University Budgets – last year was therefore the former agricultural Minister Birgitta Wolff (CDU) from the Office. . For additional facts regarding this matter check

Premio Pieve, a century of Italy in the final.

From combating poverty an orphan vaccaretto (Giuseppe Anise) born in Piedmont at the end of ‘ 800, pen-friendship between a university lecturer (Carmela Cosentino) and a Lifer (Guidotto Carmel). In the midst of the great war by a volunteer motorist of a Sienese nobleman (Guido Chigi Saracini), the Mission of evangelization in a Franciscan (Ruffino Barfucci) in China of Mao Tse-Tung, the second world war by a young fascist (Giancarlo Chailly) captured by the allies in Sicily. And again: the nearly 40 years of controversial love story between two guys (Andrea and Lorenza) who know negli anni ‘ 70, the Mission in Rwanda one genocide (Mohammed Fazli) of doctors without borders, volunteering in Bolivia by a teenager romano (Gabriele Camelo). The eight stories that have reached the final of Pieve (18-21 September Pieve Santo Stefano-Arezzo) recount more than a century of life of Italy and Italians. Just like the other seven thousand that are kept at the National Diary Archive, the memory bank is born in the province of Arezzo 30 years which organises this unique contest reserved for autobiographical writings. An event conceived by writer and journalist Saverio Tutino coinciding with the founding of the Archive that, in 1984, moved its first steps thanks to the precious help of the Republic that the 22 November published an appeal for Tutino: you have a diary in the drawer? Don’t let it go to the 2,000 rats, then send it to the archive Logs will be one of thousands of stones of a new building for tomorrow’s scholars. Reality has exceeded the most optimistic expectations, from that day on, the diaries have never ceased to flow toward the store. . Original facts could be studied checking the following info.

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