Germany: inflation at its lowest since almost 5 years in November.

In November, inflation in Germany, first European economy has reached its lowest level for almost five years, according to a provisional figure which revives fears of deflation in the euro zone and could encourage the ECB to Act further. The rise in prices in Germany has slowed to 0.6% year on year in November, according to a first estimate Thursday from the federal Office of the Destatis statistics, conforming to the expectations of the analysts consensus achieved by the Agency Dow Jones Newswires. The last time German inflation was less than 0.6% YOY dates back to February 2010. From August to October, the rise in prices in Germany stagnated at 0.8%. The country, like its neighbors, is struggling for months with a decrease in the price of energy and a very moderate increase in power. In November, energy prices have increased their retreat (2.5% on a year after 2.3% in October), while those of food remained stable over one year. But even excluding prices for energy and food, volatile, inflation showed a slowdown, probably due to a decrease in the rates for tour operators this month, says Marco Wagner, analyst at Commerzbank. And for the coming months, the recent decline in energy prices – if it is durable and is not offset by a weakening currency – could bring inflation in Germany down, adds his colleague Carsten Brzeski of ING. The evolution of prices in Germany has a significant impact on inflation across the euro zone, which remains very far from the goal of less than but close to 2% posted by the European Central Bank (ECB). The first estimate of inflation in the eurozone in November, expected Friday, could show a slowdown to 0.3% over one year after-0.4% in October, compared BayernLB analysts. The slowdown in Germany and a new drop disappointing price for consumption in Spain, the fifth consecutive, should have weighed on European sales. Used as a reference by the ECB, the harmonized consumer (IPHC), price index stood at 0.5% year on year in November for the Germany. And on a month, the consumer prices were stable. In the light of the German figures, the ECB will remain under pressure to provide more support to reduce the risk of deflation, felt Thursday Jennifer McKeown, analyst at Capital Economics. The Central Bank has deployed since the month of June a vast arsenal of measures, which include loans to the banks and takeovers of assets, in order to support the economy and revive inflation. One of its leaders said Wednesday that the ECB would act no more before he could measure the first results of these initiatives, which will be possible only during the first quarter of 2015. . Original facts can be found visiting this web site.

EU, Rejected the motion of censure, Juncker stronger Commission.

The motion of censure had been motivated by accusing the President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, to be politically responsible, by former Finance Minister and former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, tax avoidance system, revealed by the Luxleaks scandal. A system that has allowed hundreds of multunazionali to pay very low taxes in Luxembourg and no set elsewhere, subtracting resources Member States where these companies had their activities. The motion was signed by 76 members (corresponding to the minimum number of one-tenth of the members of Parliament needed to submit it). But, although he collected 35 votes in several of the signatories, the initiative was clearly a political failure for the promoters: not only because it is distant 501 votes threshold (corresponding to two-thirds of the seats) that would be needed to approve it, but above all to the fact that the Commission Juncker comes out even stronger, than the vote of confidence with which the European Parliament had set up a month ago. The 461 votes today against censorship (and therefore in favour of the Commission) are almost 40 more than the vote of confidence on 22 October (423 in favour). And the numbers are even worse for the promoters of the motion, if you look at votes against Juncker, Executive that the October 22, 209 were over 100 of 101 in favour of censure today. The Greens and the Gue radical left (Gauche unitaire europénne)-two groups which in October voted against the no-confidence supported the censure. The Greens have voted mostly against the motion (except 10 10 MEPs who abstained) because they didn’t want to designate Juncker as the sole scapegoat and considered politically smarter to give him a chance to change, as it has pledged to do, the tax system, which is accused of promoting. The Gue has mostly refrained (except six MEPs in favour) because, in principle, it would vote ever with the far right, and because, as he said the leader of the Spanish movement Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, among those who have submitted the motion there are precisely those that argue the system of tax avoidance by multinationals. Stop offend me, I will do what I promised here, in this Parliament, to 100 per cent and with all my strength, Juncker had said during the plenary debate on the motion of censure, last Monday, addressing the promoters of the initiative, which questioned the commitments he made to do everything possible to put an end to the system reported with Luxleaks scandal. Agreements such as those reported in that story are possible in 24 of the 28 Member States of the EU, and not only in Luxembourg, had rielvato the head of the EU Executive. The rejection of the motion of censure is not a blank cheque to the Commission. If not in the coming months you will begin to see results in policies at European level and in the legislation against tax evasion and tax avoidance, the European Parliament ask him account. It should be noted, however, that legislative decisions in this sector in the EU, can be taken only by consensus, and therefore mainly depend on the willingness of the Governments of the twenty-eight. . For more data on this subject visit url.

62 million bribe – Greek prosecutor sues Siemens Board members.

64 once highly respected Manager received mail from the Athens Public Prosecutor at the Court of appeal in these days. Instead of Christmas greetings, Galinos BRI sends the charge in one of the probably most talked-about graft procedures of the past decades. Gone is the impressive sum in connection with a contract, the then Greek Government sign left on 31 7 1997 between OTE and Siemens. With the help of the German engineering giant, the Greek telephone distributors should be converted from analog switching on digital technology. From 1998 to 2002, Siemens carried out the necessary work to the telephone network and provided the appropriate technology to Greece. The Prosecutor is convinced that many useless facilities at over-priced prices were filmed on the Greeks in the treaties with the invoice number 8002 / 1997. In addition the Convention for the Greek side had fallen from unilaterally unfavourably, so the indictment. So no penalties had can be imposed if they were failures by Siemens. . For extra insights regarding this topic check blog.

Every morning of the world.

Just this year, the inevitable ‘ p’ P’tit dej "took to his rank: two successive studies conducted on adults, by researchers in Alabama, then in Bath, England (both published by the very serious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition), demonstrated that do overlook the first meal of the day was neither lose nor gain kilos, for thin people or those overweight. Only notable difference: those who feed at the alarm have in general a more active than the other morning. Gold for growing children, this remains an argument of size. And some even claim that the breakfast makes smarter: a study in 2013 by the school of nursing of the University of Pennsylvania, the kids who eat well every morning have an IQ higher than others. Still need to know what breakfast. The injunctions and nutritional recommendations are many, sometimes contradictory. It is a dairy product, but coffee in milk or hot chocolate, it is indigestible. Eating fruit is good, but point too is necessary, and especially not in drinking water (insured bloating). Bread, maybe – unless it has the phobia of gluten-, but by limiting white flour (that turn too quickly into sugar) and too full meal (often poorly assimilated). The egg is good for protein intake, but it’s still a little rich. Attention sugar industrial products, cereals, fruit juices, biscuits, but saturated fats, butter, salted meats or sausages,. Hello puzzle. In France, the ritual of breakfast is often limited to a bowl of cereal for children, a small black and a tartine for large, more and more often alone, swallowed up front a screen. Unless this is an energy bar swallowed speed on the way to school. "Breakfast of children seems to be that there are more important for health, says the American photographer Hannah Whitaker. ” But the reality is often need to just try to feed the kids until they run at the school.  » Cultural markers, traditional breakfasts are as varied as there are from countries, as reveals series of Hannah Whitaker, who has been photographing children sitting at dawn at the four corners of the globe (France, Japan, Turkey, Malawi, Iceland, Netherlands, Brazil. . . ). Perhaps it is time to draw morning tables from here and elsewhere to compose the breakfasts of a new kind: meals quick and tasty to share how buffet, where each grignoterait as his wish vegetables raw or fermented, fresh cheese, broths and soft-boiled eggs, olive oil and seeds, raw and cooked fruit, corn pancake, wheat or lenses,. A moment stolen from time, where the still sleepy child can explore and nourish itself at its option. . Root source could be found clicking the following

Rapper arrest warrant: fat, disruptive talent.

And the first plate: Short stories by the force of a Clemens Meyer and the playfulness of Dadaists on speed. Scenarios, as devised by Gottfried Benn, you made a drum machine in the wine House Wolf and declares: Mach now time serious with your macho poetry, because the word is the phallus of the spirit. I tell them of my major deal that I signed with penis, it says in the piece of Saudi Arabi money rich. Warrant songs plates are signed with genitals; that the libido can go in generating profit, if you only capitalist-oriented enough, has formulated not a poet so drastically. Who now says it’s just verbal idolatry of the small man of who tagged dreams with pop songs in the boardroom, who falls for those teacher hermeneutics, which sociological has artists and aesthetic is cold. What intrigued and distraught, to warrant this is his talent. The linguistic Audacity can not breed in literary institutions. Time is money, HA, Tipp-Ex on Rammstein contract, and just give me the copy. This is shorted with the idea of the palimpsest, the founding act of the business life. . Additional info can be found checking url.

He killed the psychiatrist Paul Labriola: sentenced to thirty years the former patient.

The gup Roberto Oliveri of Castillo sentenced him to 30 years Vincent Poliseno, accused of the murder of the psychiatrist Paul Labriola, on 4 September 2013 in the mental health centre in via Casale, Lieutenant to freedom. The accused who chose the abbreviated killed the doctor who had treated with numerous stab wounds. According to the psychiatric report prepared by Judge Robert Oliveri of Castillo, at the time of the murder Poliseno was capable of understanding and will. I don’t know why I’m here, I have explained that I killed someone but I don’t remember that moment. Vincenzo Poliseno has spoken these few words during the last hearing in the trial with the abbreviated Rite where is accused on charges of murder, aggravated by cruelty and futile reasons. The psychiatric examination performed by the Professor of forensic psychopathology of the Policlinico of Bari Roberto Catania, despite a determined personality disorder with borderline traits-prevalent anti-social behaviour, they deem it capable of understanding and will. The defender of the accused, lawyer Philip Castellaneta, demanded the recognition of semi-insanity. After the discussion of pm Baldo Pisani who asked sentenced to 30 years in prison, the word is passed to the plaintiff. Lawyer Michele Laforgia has quantified in a total of 1 million 300 thousand euros damages against her husband, three children (including twins minors) and former husband of the victim. . For extra data regarding this topic read resource.

Emmanuelle Devos embodies Simone Veil: art must support there where it hurts.

It is a role that torments me for a long time. I am, like many French, fascinated by this woman. And even since childhood since I lived in her home and spent each day before his apartment building to go to high school. In my rather Gaullist family, she was a true icon. My grandmother loved it.   Yes, really. And this issue has not left me filming, except maybe towards the end. I was afraid not to be in the right direction. Interpret Simone Veil is, foremost, to internalize. The exterior is known to all: a bun and a tailor. While find the intimacy of a person as it is somewhat complex. Especially because she is very reserved in nature and that it was impossible to interrogate his entourage.   Art must shake and support there where it hurts. Be a source of reflection. Direct or indirectly. And then, in this invaded world of testosterone show an actress in a very beautiful role, a feminist Act. And policy!  . Similar text can be found visiting url.

Disappearance collaborator of Stephen, Pignatone: «murder Investigations».

The findings will be coordinated by the Prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone personally. The investigation. On the evening of October 8, 2009 Marco Di Stefano’s last seeing Alfredo Guagnelli. Her good friend and travel companion sparir shortly after. The politician of the Democratic Party was not yet parliamentary and especially was not under investigation for corruption over alleged favors to builders and Antonio Daniele Chicks: him a million and 800,000 euros per Guagnelli 300,000. It’s the disappearance of Guagnelli, that Di Stefano in 2009 is interviewed by "Chi l’ha visto". It is the only one among the people close to arguing that Guagnelli was somewhere to have fun. Another story. For his brother Bruno history another. Today, as then, he thinks that Alfredo has been a victim of crime. Meanwhile never been unveiled the mystery of the stolen computer from the apartment of businessman, n you clarified whether the yellow key was in the gym, close to the place where, some months later, will be found the car. The testimony. On the evening of October 8, 2009 Marco Di Stefano meets Marco Guagnelli under the seat of the Lazio region. Just where, according to a recent survey of the military currency of core finance, a few months before they were made the basis of a mega scam the welfare of doctors agree with the chicks. Di Stefano said: he was a dear friend, I am not ashamed to have attended, but we had no working relationships. I’ve seen it quiet. Then adds: was quiet, nothing that could arouse suspicions. I don’t think the something happened, then somewhere. Always said I would go away. Scanning. The October 8 di Stefano’s son was supposed to dine at home, but Alfredo Guagnelli’s home will not return ever more. The thesis of removal convinces only Di Stefano. The pm instead, in 2009 opens a file for kidnapping. The disappearance. The following Sunday the disappearance, family members realize that the apartment of Alfredo remained the computer, but when men of mobile, as delegated by the pm Giancarlo Amato, want to sequester the pc to search for a track, the computer disappeared. Shortly before disappearing, he indicated a Guagnelli partner people to search if something happened. The Prosecutor’s Office in Rome continues to murder for the disappearance of Alfredo Guagnelli, former right-hand man of Deputy Pd Marco Di Stefano, the latter being investigated for corruption and forgery as part of an investigation on kickbacks. . For extended regarding this topic visit

Urban dwellers less sort their waste than the rural areas.

The observation is without appeal. Is sorted two times less our household waste in the city in the countryside, says Eco-Emballages. The private company approved by the State to manage the national system of sorting and recycling of household packaging, presented this week in Saint-Fons (Rhône) its balance sheet by 2013 recycling sorting centre in Rhône-Alpes, France. According to these results, in urban areas, each inhabitant on average sorted 30 pounds of packaging annually, while in the rural sector, this figure is increased to 54 kilograms, or 70 pounds in some municipalities. Among the worst students, the weight of recycled waste can drop up to 15 kilos per capita. Several initiatives have been launched to densify the collections and improve information to residents. In Saint-etienne, an experiment was conducted in 2013 with a team of seven ‘ambassadors’, they are responsible to explain the recycling to the inhabitants. They performed diagnostics in premises and added 20% sorting trays and mobilized people. Result: the ‘performance of sorting increased 57% ‘, according to Eco-packaging. The company also made rehabilitation in a Saint-Etienne residence traditional refuse disposal chutes in order to facilitate the tri-selectif. The first review of this operation is positive as an increase of 37% of the waste sorted. The tax incentive also helps improve the results. «More the inhabitant sorts, more Eco-Emballages pays. The manufacturers who adhere to Eco-Emballages do so via a financial contribution in proportion to the weight of the packaging. More packaging is going to be "eco-design" with a set of sorting on its packaging, less it will pay, the more "disruptive recycling" packaging more it will pay. Back Eco-Emballages pays local communities with the money of industrialists, in proportion to the recycled tonnes", explains Richard Quemin. And this redistribution from the impacted communities directly tax removal of household waste that will drop when the tri has been efficient. . For additional facts about this matter check

Military reinforcement reduces the disturbances in Ferguson.

For several hours, a tense calm was experienced. The environment was extremely volatile and repeated back and forth movements of protesters and security agents. Continuously any back and forth, pending any gesture. Enduring temperatures below zero, the protesters, mostly black youth, they tried to stay active. Just saw community leaders making pedagogy to prevent unrest, as it did in the final phase of the protests in August. Young shouted some of their usual songs, like ‘You No justice no peace’ (without justice there is no peace) or ‘ Fuck the police’ (who fuck the police ‘). There were occasional arrests. "The frustrations that we have seen do not refer only to an incident in particular. They have deep roots in many communities of color, who have the feeling that our laws are not always applied in uniform or fair way", he said repeating almost of literally what he already said at the White House Monday night, when he called for calm, seen the events in Ferguson, had little eco. . For more information about this topic click info.

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