Music: Siren Festival, a Large indie rock gotha world.

On the first one they think of a misunderstanding, a hoax, a fake son of our days. At least to me, and to many like me, it seemed that. A substantial fraction of independent rock world aristocracy for two days in concert in Central Italy, and mica in Rome. A Festival that disfigures compared to other geo-political listings of music, in a small seaside resort that does not even provincial capital. A third Springtime Sound in the region that at one time it was customary to define "the locomotive of the South": the Abruzzo. And the comparison with the Spring Sound holds up a lot, if we think that indie heavyweights like The National, Mogwai and John Grant, seeded of the first edition of the Siren Fest, which Friday 25 and Saturday 26 July held in Vast, as little more than a month ago have dominated the scene both in Barcelona and Porto, where the Spring is officia. Word of who writes, that the ceremony was in mind, body and spirit. Siren Fest. As long as there is rock there is hope. It’s in suburban churches that often take place more resounding miracles. The National we know them all. Also because they are part of the now common to hear television advertising. Impress live. Their latest album ‘ Trouble will find me ‘ consecrated them with Grammy nominations. The New York band, led by Matt Berninger, a bespectacled but bourgeois Bohemian blood with the guitar, builds insinuating lyrics-perfect Gallop mantra to be tuned to the stadium, or in the car, or mouth shut in the library. Moving and moving. And the Mogwai? From Glasgow with sonica poetry, and with tender fury. It was originally post-rock, mixed in key sometimes noise sometimes melodrama; but then the Mogwai have progressively emancipated from that maximum sound typical of the 1990s, while remaining coerentissimi to themselves. Film, our strongly invested always caresses, even when strong Devil just wants you. In concert is a unique experience, and always changing. Eventually the ears whistle, the heart beats strong, the hypothalamus bows. But even John Grant not joking. A little Elton John and/or Antony, a little electronic Elf; a gloomy and difficult past redeemed by talento, succeeds in a company that manages only to great: get light and magic, and thick and light songs and irresistible from cracks of life. Was the album ‘ Queen of Denmark ‘ to us. His latest cd is titled ‘ Pale green ghosts ‘. And then will i Fuck Buttons, with their strict electronic, lush and post-industrial; the frontman of Hot Chip, Alexis Taylor; Tycho, electronic arts master dreamy; and several others. July 25: The National, Dry the River, The Soft Moon, The Drones, Anna Von Hausswolff, Adriano Viterbini, Club Boxerin, Jennifer Gentle, Movie Star Junkies, Ninos du Brasil, monks of Surf Giorgio Gigli (djset), wild sea (djset). Inspirational facts could be found visiting the following

You have never seen these animals star nose Mole, Echidna, Matamata -.

The rare and somewhat bizarre-looking animal, the short ear-eared is one particularly cute. She is at home in Africa. In contrast to the domestic European mouse, she is not a rodent, but belongs to the proboscis jumpers. Therefore, it is called also short eared shrews. Bit strange looks too the star nose Mole is used mainly in Eastern North America. His most sensitive skin area is the snout which it searches for prey in the soil. The echidnas or Echidna is one of the few mammals worldwide that lays eggs. The Saiga Antelope with their unusual nose looks like from another planet. It is threatened by extinction. According to WWF, dry steppe landscapes, trend falling crowd still 40 000 animals. Also the Asian giant soft turtle, the meat of which unfortunately, is regarded as a delicacy, according to WWF, are at risk. Difficult to discover the desert long-eared Jerboa is with her Dumbo ears. She is at home, inter alia in the Mongolia. This camouflaged animal the fringes turtle who lives in calm waters in South America is good and also Matamata is called. The "Pampa"Hare or Mara is at home in Argentina. The rodent looks like a Bunny, but belongs to the family of the Guinea pig. . Extended info can be read visiting

The patron of the PS of Gironde in court for corruption.

The case dates back to 2008 when Ludovic Freygefond makes the acquisition of three lots of land to a subdivision coveted by the company Arcla, a Mérignac SARL, specialized in the development of small plots and prosecuted for corruption today active. The land he buys at a price per square metre negotiated by the proponent, are part of the ‘Flowers of the Maynieu’ subdivision, and lie on the territory of the commune. He subsequently built his house on one of his courses, before reselling the other two, become Constructible. The transaction would have made him realize appreciation over EUR 300 000. In November 2013, investigators seized a number of documents relating to the development of the subdivision during a search of the premises of the Town Hall of Taillan, Ludovic Freygefond home and headquarters of the development company in question. Their analysis would indicate that work boundary, servicing or easement of the lands of the first Secretary of the PS of Gironde were made by the sponsor which, at the same time, was able to carry out its proposed subdivision. On 20 June, in the aftermath of a custody of 48 hours, the Socialist elected announced by a press release he put back from his position of first federal Secretary to concentrate on his defense. . You can visit this website to read more regarding this amazing topic.

Tour de France: the art of patience in tail of platoon.

Five minutes before departure, five. The radio announces the imminence of the race and, with it, the race in the race. At each stage, nearly 100 vehicles will glide between bikes. Or perhaps is it the reverse. Photographers, race stewards, smugglers of cans, race Director, doctor teams,. Everyone is invited to the ball, even the Republican Guard. But he had to know the good not to dance step 16: the Pack stretches in the first change of the wind direction across the fields of sunflowers. But no time to admire the panorama, this is the time where the tail of the Pack may release. In cars, the race directors chew pens and speak into the microphone. Motorcycles, they verge on strollers and cardboard cows. Four-wheelers, must theoretically be the race Director, the doctor and the teams in order of the standings. But in the battle of the back field race, each team plays the Horn to back up to a rider in difficulty. All this under the Grand gestures of the regulator, returned on his motorcycle: back in the race, facing chaos. Finally, the breakaway part, the peloton took the opportunity to meet a first pressing need. It was clearly time. The yellow Jersey stops and one dozen others take its sequel, before refueling. Teams and riders cars ball can begin. As the latter compete in ingenuity for storage. In Astana, it slides two cans under the Jersey along the spine. An inspiration from the desert. It’s hot in tail of platoon. Giant Shimano and Garmin are called for synonymous supplies of thirst. At the bottom of the col, 202 opens the closure of his Jersey. It did the same on the bike where we spent a few seconds in dancer, after more than 5 hours sitting without chamois. KM 212 – Chavanel is 5 km from the Summit, swept away by the crowd that hangs out and also causes the Jersey polka-dot, darling of the passes. There are 42 and his bandages. . You should read the following to learn more about this great subject.

The strike, new tool of South African workers.

In January, the strike led by the world’s three leading producers of Platinum miners had already paralyzed the South Africa. This strike for five months, the longest in the country’s mining history, struck the South African economy of hit resulting in the deterioration of his financial note in the first quarter, recalls the "Mail & Guardian". For journalist Steven Grootes, corresponding to the ‘Guardian’, the strike which ended in small victory for employees, marked a political turning point: "this victory proves that there are now other black political actors who are not affiliated to the ANC in South Africa. If this fervor is spreading to other sectors, trade unions may well become a significant force in the country.  » Grootes got it right. Since July 1, more than 220. 000 members of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) went on strike to ask for a salary increase. Numsa calls for an increase of 15% and 1. 000 RAND housing allowance. But patrons of the metal and engineering industry offer an increase over three years, from 8% to 10% the first year. For the "Mail & Guardian", these differences are not huge and an agreement could be found quickly. "After four weeks, the strike is no longer a matter of money but an anticipation of future work stoppages", writes the paper. These are employees themselves who are unable to agree on the duration of a possible agreement. They therefore anticipate their future rights to strike. Meanwhile, General Motors and Toyota have stopped their production in South Africa, due to lack of spare parts. The cessation of activity on sites more leaden economy. . Main data could be found reading this weblink.

Nibali passes without damages the first Pyrenean stage and yellow Jersey.

And go. A less. Without any Vincenzo Nibali leaves behind his back the first stage pireniaca, from Carcassonne to Bagnères de Luchon. The longest. Won by Australian Michael Rogers, already starring in the tour of Italy with two hits (Zoncolan and Savona) with a strong Sprint in the final. The yellow Jersey controls the race without any problems. And in the last ascent, the 11 miles of the Port de Bales, pass with Spaniard Valverde and French Pinot, protagonist of the day because his attacks helps to blow Romain Bardet, former White Jersey and young great hopes of French cycling. Bardet, together with the band Van Garderen, is the real victim of this first challenge. Bardet wanted to strengthen its position and instead pays duty on the last climb. Not only loses the White Jersey, but also lose the third place in the standings leaving him at unleashed Pinot that begins to feel the scent of the podium. Pinot is now third in about five minutes by Vincent. However Valverde held safe its second place over 4 and a half minutes from Sicily. Spanish resists, but does not advance by one millimeter. The impression is that most games in defence and in attack. Clinging to the podium, hoping that the Providence gives him a hand. A puncture, a crisis of hunger, a macumba which hit the yellow Jersey. Anything is possible in a long marathon as la Grande Boucle. But Nibali is solid as a stone. And even ride under the mustache that did not. A cat that, step by step, plays with his mice. They dance, even if the play between them, because these skirmishes, in the end, skimming competition. Vincenzo is quiet though this time, in the last 25 kilometers, remains without companions cavandosela however brilliantly. Someone objects: remain without team in the final, although Nibali is in great shape, is never good and righteous thing. But Vincent, who must think to hard work of the next two days, it does take anxiety. "So far my comrades have worked hard. Some are even killed. I prefer that retrieve the forces every day. I’m fine, and I know that in the next few days I can still count on them ,. ». Even from these things we see a captain. And also from this tranquility you see a yellow Jersey. They must think about the present but also the future. And the future, while approaching, is still long. This was a day to leaks, the longest of the Tour, but with a goal that came after a long descent to twenty kilometers. Now, this Wednesday, there is the hardest stage of the Pyrenees with triptych three hills hotel (Portillon, Peyresourde and Val Louron) before the final ramp Plan of Adet. Four climbs one behind the other. The hamlet is short (124 km) but can cause a lot of damage. Nibali must be on guard, but is the first to know. Although to hear Pinot, which should be the most rampant, trackers and tells him to fear attacks from the others, but it seems that now you think more competition in defence. As if to say: Nibali is from another planet, let’s keep tight a place on the podium in Paris, which is still a nice firm. This is the air you breathe, but it is better to stand on who goes there. The Tour is as in life: not just thirty, 31 must be. And the thirty-one and the third and final stage of the Pyrenees that runs Thursday through his Majesty Tourmalet (2015 m) that precedes the always difficult climb of Hautacam. Here is the ultimate danger because then Nibali can go in a carriage to Paris. The last time trial, that of Saturday, despite being long (54 km) does not represent a threat to the yellow Jersey who hasn’t, in the standings, chronoman that can packed into Montmeló. Touch wood. . For extra information about this topic click homepage.

Memorial in Utöya: A wound that should remain visible.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg chose very similar terms like her previous Jens Stoltenberg: 22 July had put us to the test. Our answer was: cohesion! We responded, in which we looked to each other. This is the prerequisite for a Norway as an open society in the future. The memory is an obligation for all of us on the 22 July. We have to fight for openness, tolerance and diversity, she said. It is a rather quiet day in Norway. Even after three years, it is still hard, finding the right words, especially 40 kilometres from Oslo away at the Tyrifjord. Now, what will become of the island Utöya? And can you ever find a common form to remember? The thing has become difficult, especially for the families and survivors. Last but not least due to this strong debate around the Memorial. We want a dignified remembrance. And therefore it would be reasonable to take more time, said Jan Tore Sanner. The Mayor of the small town is aligned hole opposite the island. The man has a problem, because the headland at him at the Lake to be cut. A three and a half meters deep gap will be created, all the way down into into the water. A symbolic wound. Memory wound is the award-winning idea of the Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg. He said: the challenge is to create a personal space that works in a public space. This Memorial will fall into the eye, we will see that thing every day, Ole Morten Jensen says. Nothing can obstruct it. It is difficult for us, to accept that we every day should be remembered for the rest of our lives on the 22 July. Jensen speaks on behalf of its neighbors. Is exactly opposite the island. Three years ago, they had rescued children and counted bodies. There is not a day where you don’t think about it.   . Extended text can be found visiting website.

Transfer of MH17 victims in the Netherlands.

17 hours, so it was called from the Ukraine on Monday evening at first, the transport should take door to Kharkiv. All of a sudden went faster then all a few hours. The message was recorded with relief in the Netherlands on Tuesday afternoon, that the train containing the mortal remains of apparently 282 of the 298 passengers of the crash engine of Malaysia Airlines on a military area of Kharkiv controlled by the Government in Kiev arrived. First of all whether the remains will arrive after the transport with a Dutch Hercules transport plane on the same day in Amsterdam or a neighbouring airport, not fixed. The main objective, to which the Dutch Government has been working since days, seemed to be achieved however. The death toll, including 193 Dutch, are no longer in the area controlled by the pro-Russian separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. The identification of the body can soon begin and that at least one of many uncertainties of grieving relatives and friends of the victims be taken. Even five days after the alleged shooting in Amsterdam under flight number MH17, and with the aim of Kuala Lumpur launched Boeing 777 are the Netherlands, however, still under the spell of the events. A full-page ad in the, Prime Minister mark Rutte on behalf of the Government said to the relatives of the victims assistance and support appeared in the daily newspapers of the country. ¸ "The Netherlands are shocked by this dramatic event," it says in the display. It bears the names of the 298 victims in alphabetical order: the British John Alder to the Dutchman Robert Jan van Zijtveld. With the handover of the remains also the discussion to set which had heated some minds in the last few days seems to be in the Netherlands. So, in particular Prime Minister Rutte was accused by critics, he suggest to to the Russian President Wladimir Putin these days conciliatory tones on. Also at a special meeting in Parliament on Monday of liberal politicians had made clear once again that those responsible for the accident to justice would have to be considered. Priority, however, is the fate of the victims and their families. "Everything we do, that a blame can be construed as, reduces my innermost belief the chances of that, to bring back the bodies and a possible incoming clarification of the causes", was the motto of Ruttes. On Monday, the Prime Minister together with King Willem-Alexander in Nieuwegein near Utrecht met relatives of the victims behind closed doors with about 1000. Than Rutte again telephoned Putin on Tuesday, seemed to him the development in the Ukraine the right to give. From Moscow, it also means in Parley with Rutte, also a possible ceasefire in the Eastern Ukraine had come to the language. Also the Dutch head of State has been occasional criticism in recent days. So, King Willem-Alexander had been accused in the difficult hours of the past few days too far away to have held. After the meeting with the relatives of the victims he volunteered visibly drawn in a television language to Word. "In deepest need it’s up to the inner strength, compassion and mutual solidarity. There are those properties on which our country seems to have in decisive moments,"the King said. It was not until the third relevant speech of a Dutch monarch since 1953. Then Willem Alexander’s grandmother Juliana, 2009 then his mother Queen Beatrix after a murderous attack on the national day in Apeldoorn had focused after the devastating floods in the South-West of the country to the people of the country. At that time was a 38-year-old man with a car inside raced under the eyes of the King family deliberately into a group of spectators, eight people were killed. . Related info can be found clicking article.

Concordia, bad weather to Lily but Sloane reassures: Ship ready at sunset, tomorrow we start.

  Time uncertain, it rains at times and it’s cold. This morning at dawn, a storm hit the island. Now, clouds are low.   But despite the bad weather it worked all night. The ship will be ready to go at dusk, said Nick Sloane at the port, before they reach the control room on the wreck. Talking about the trend of operations added: everything is in place, in the early afternoon we should be able to ensure the caisson S14, so today the ship should be ready, so you can start tomorrow. The ship traffic will be shut down at 8. 30, after the arrival of the ferry to Porto Santo Stefano, and will remain closed for 4 or 6 hours. Then, at 16, are expected to resume links. The Concordia 70 degrees will be rotated to direct the bow eastward, said an engineer of Costa Franco Porcellacchia. While the prefect Gabrielli has annotated: there is no longer an excuse for not starting tomorrow, unless the meteorite. It then waits for the refloating still missing, the draft in the next few hours will come to 17.5 metres announced several times, only to return to 20 needed for the departure and deemed safe for navigation. In essence we will see the wreckage rise even higher and then falling back a bit. The Gang continue to get survivors of the sinking and relatives of victims. There are parents, wife and son of sub Spanish Israel Moreno died in February when a caisson. And the husband of Mrs. Maria Grazia Taneja, whose body was found after the parbuckling, last October. It lacks the appeal only Russel Rebello, the young Indian waiter: the research will begin as soon as the Concordia will have left the island to return there where she was born in Genoa. To be made into pieces. . Similar information can be inspected checking reference.

MyFerryLink could cease its activity at the end of the year.

The cross-channel shipping company MyFerryLink, ex-SeaFrance to which Eurotunnel rents boats, may need to cease its activity at the end of the year if its appeal of the British prohibition to operate from Dover is not suspensive, according to the CEO of Eurotunnel. The hypothesis more likely for the end of the year is that MyFerryLink be stopped, said Jacques Gounon, patron of the operator of the tunnel under the English channel, in a conference call on the occasion of the publication of half-year results of group. The British authority of competition and markets (CMA) confirmed June 27 its decision that Eurotunnel should no longer be allowed to operate the service of MyFerryLink from Dover. The CMA believes that MyFerryLink should be independent of Eurotunnel. Mr Gounon said await notification of the British competition authority within a few days. We will appeal, and request that the appeal be suspensive, but we have little chance to succeed, he said. MyFerryLink a good chance of winning on appeal, he added, but it is likely that the decision is made after the expiry of six months at the end of which the company should cease its activity: activity may stop while there is not yet the results of the appeal, is concerned about the CEO of Eurotunnel. With DFDS Seaways and P & O Ferries, MyFerryLink is one of the three companies serving the Calais-Dover, main line entry point for the cross-channel traffic in Britain, and has 533 jobs in France and 71 in Great Britain. The first half of Eurotunnel results in the red. The group shows a net loss of EUR 11 million set, reduced by more than a third compared to the same period of last year. Seasonal, cross-channel activity is traditionally much better in the second half than in the first. After a net loss of 18 million during the first half of 2013, Eurotunnel had reached year-end net income of EUR 101 million. . You should visit the following home page to learn extra regarding this great subject.

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