Mujica: who really like silver have to run them from the policy.

It should affirm the Republican sense and see us as equals. Drifted in that Republic. We strained side. Why that much like the silver have to run them, they are a danger. That does not mean that there are no interests in politics, but these are non-material they are another type, they are moral, said Mujica. When I go out on the street a lot of people give me their friendship and companionship. And in the other (the material) I’m not poor, I’m sober, light luggage, so that things do not rob me freedom, said the President, residing in a small and humble farm on the outskirts of Montevideo where he grows flowers and vegetables. If governs most, it must be placed in the perspective of the majority, not the minority. And that is why people ends ‘disbelieving’ policy. And when men and women do not believe in something is the worse circumstances. Because this animal that we are is the most utopian bug and you believe. (. . . ) And when does not believe in anything, you live only for one, selfishness, he said. We was raised on the idea that this is a valley of tears to enter paradise. No, Valley of tears do not. This is the beautiful life that must be looked after and that must fight to be happy as much as possible, with all its contradictions. No wasting. Freedom is to have time to live what motivates us, ended. . You can click the following blog to discover more on this interesting matter.

Italy among the twenty most Nations ‘ lazy ‘.

The sedentary lifestyle is a disease and as such should be recognised by the national health service. The fact, Italy is in the top 20 most Nations ‘ lazy ‘ in the world with over 24 millions of sedentary, about 42% of the population and an index of 54.7% idle. Is the warning issued by sports doctors, gathered in Catania for the National Congress. For them the sedentary lifestyle is really a disease and ask the Ministry of health to be the first in the world to recognize it as such, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer. The reasons, they explain, are many. Starting from the size of the phenomenon: our country is the 17th most lazy nation in the world, with an index of downtime that exceeds 50 percent, against a media that stops at 31%. If reported to the European Union, the picture is even more bleak. We are fifth, exceeded only by Malta, Cyprus, Serbia and United Kingdom. Istat enumerated, in 2013, more than 24 million sedentary. Several studies have shown that sedentary lifestyle-in addition to make mischief at the physical layer-decreases the neuroplasticity and the size of the hippocampus, as well as promote aging of Telomeres (Dna sequences located at the end of chromosomes, that at each cell division are shortened, considered a kind of "biological clock" of cells). Physical activity promotes instead a neuroprotective effect, with better learning results. That is why it is strongly indicated in the third age. According to the World Health Organization, deaths for non communicable diseases (NCDs) will increase by 17% over the next ten years but, with coordinated intervention, you can avoid over 30 millions of premature deaths in the world by 2015, of which almost 50% in under 70. Somewhat surprisingly, are the guys to be very lazy in adults between 30 and 50 years. «Over 30 begin to practise sports as a factor of aggregation or to follow your doctor’s advice. Once you have finished school, where the facilities are lacking, teenagers are not equipment and suitable spaces and dropping out of physical activity accordingly. Becomes important and then exploit also offer media to communicate the importance of exercise», say Italian sports medical Federation (Fmsi). «Physical movement is, along with proper nutrition, one of the guarantors of individual well-being. And it should be prescribed as treatment, like a drug, in the right individual dose, where sedentary lifestyle must be recognized as an illness, "added sports physicians. "For all these reasons, the scientific message he wants to get to the Ministry of health is to proceed with the Fmsi on a path now should not be delayed and for the health of all citizens, which sees the recognition of sedentary lifestyle as pathology within the Nhs". . Extended information can be found clicking

Espresso, useful stable at 4.6 million. First online newspaper

Milan-Useful stable at 4.6 million in the first nine months of the year (4.5 million in 2013), for the Espresso group which recorded a decline of 8.1 percent to 471.2 million shares for net revenues and a growth of 8.1% to 41.5 million euros to EBITDA. Net financial debt amounted to 44.8 million at September 30, shrank compared with 73.5 million by 2013 and end to 61.7 million at September 30, 2013. Fall of 7.7% that costs-in fact-balance contraction in revenues. The accounts of gruppo editoriale recessive economic context affects that affect advertising investments: the negative trend that continues for five years anyway mitigated. On circulation revenue recorded an increase of subscription digital products subscriptions of the newspaper and the good performance of local newspapers. In line with last year the Internet advertising, radio and tv, while the Republic. it is the first online information site with 1.7 million unique users per day. In the light of the results obtained, the Group believes that the year-end results will be broadly in line with that of the previous year. In 2013 the express had registered a profit of 3.7 million and a turnover of 711.6 million.   . You should click the following page to read more on this amazing subject.

Renzi: gigantic investment plan, Europe time page.

-Are you prepared the European investment plan is gigantic, will serve for job creation. All this is the result of Italian involvement. Matteo Renzi said referring to the Senate today about the upcoming EU Council will meet in Brussels starting Thursday, and the new Commission headed by Jean-Claude Juncker, while at the Centre of the debate remains the stability law, after the long talk yesterday al Quirinale between Napolitano and Renzi. The Italy’s biggest win in Europe is that of having proposed and in some ways imposed an investment plan by 300 billion. It is the first sign of attention not only to austerity and rigour but also to growth and investment. We are in a transition sentence. As always, he annotated Ennio Flaiano. I wish the new European institutions show a little more courage and pride of belonging to this community that is Europe, said Radhakrishnan to Senators, stressing that the EU and its institutions is changing and we must seize this opportunity because we’re not the watchlist, but a country that makes reforms. Tomorrow will be the last European Council led by Van Rompuy which will participate, as President Barroso, after ten years. I think it’s a relevant passage underlined Renzi. Europe page turns in its institutions. When I read newspapers instead of hostility to Brussels on sentences of Commission staff aides, this is an inferiority complex which we must overcome. Europe and Italy should not be in contradiction, pointed out Renzi, citing Giorgio Ambrosoli. At this time in the face of reliefs always made relative to the stability law it says ‘ here comes the EU letter ‘, which it does conjure up who knows what procedures, messages or threats. But all this is natural, as is natural that Italy is with your own voice without external diktat. The international economic community’s climate is rapidly changing the economics, the G20 Summit will center the word growth, said Radhakrishnan, I find that it is a long overdue discussion about how Europe is to point out tight margins only penalty to aim for a growth strategy. There is just one problem, but of the entire Italian the Euro area, which is now the Cinderella world development, said the premier. Moreover, the IMF pointed out that the focus on growth is absolutely a priority. In this connection, today the President of the new European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker announced that the investment plan from 300 billion will be presented to the European Council before Christmas and not before the end of January. The EU must also have another ‘ triple-A ‘, that’s equally important social, economic, added Juncker. Don’t ask my Commissioners blind obedience and at my age do not start a career as a dictator. I want them free to advance their proposals and put forward their ideas. The Italian premier was however focused on the ongoing international crisis. There have been significant strides between Russia and Ukraine that have found new life by Milan talks, the spirit of Milan, I like to call it so, went on Radio talking about the crisis in the East of Ukraine and of the last Summit in Milan with, among others, Putin, and Poroshenko and Merkel. The Italy has no energy, anxiety does not underestimate the economic concerns but Russia’s role applies not only for Italian companies but also and especially for the maintenance of international stability. The recovery process of Russia is important for the role of focal point for the Ukrainian people, for Europe and the international community. A strong Europe is built on respect and dialogue. Finally, Islamic State: Between Syria and Iraq is an alarming escalation, said Radhi, what they committed extremists causes outrage and grief throughout the international community, why Italy is at the side of the dignity of man and woman. The Coalition Is not going to be a short-term intervention. . Root facts can be read checking this page.

Why sexuality?

When I started in this field, in the 1970s, it was still necessarily a suspect morality when it wrote on the history and sociology of sexuality. Many were still convinced that it should be considered in terms of the nature of biology, when it was not thought that it was a private matter, in no case a serious academic subject. It has even been suggested that sexuality research would prevent me to succeed in my career. For a long time, indeed, the facts seemed to give reason to this prediction. Then why have I so stubborn? Simply because the subject appealed to me both as a person and as a citizen. To provide a less pithy response, we can say that it has become increasingly clear that understand sexuality more generally is a way of understanding social and cultural developments. The 1970s are synonymous with a double revolution in our understanding of sexuality: first sexuality broke in public policy, since, with the emergence of new social movements linked to sexuality, whether they are feminist, homosexual, or from the smaller minorities sexual, often rejected, such as sex workers, new questions were raised concerning the identityrights. Then, new approaches to economic and social forces at work in the history of sexuality made their appearance: the works of Michel Foucault were here determinants, although other thinkers have also made their contributions. The idea of an essential role of sexuality in the issues of power in modern society has emerged, while at the same time, attitudes and representations, control and legislation have experienced profound changes. Western societies speak of a sexual revolution that changes the lives of the people since the 1960s. Do not understand this as a, dated and unrepeatable event. I prefer to talk about a long, deeply upsetting and irregular process. Irregular because it manifests itself in various companies West, knows a more or less rapid progress, is function of different historical conditions. The rest of the world has, itself, been affected recently, mainly through globalization and the digital revolution. This revolution is still in progress today because companies are often still very divided about its rate of growth and its consequences. By the 1980s, AIDS, in addition to being a health crisis, becomes a battleground where confront different moral views, which the Conservatives seeking to assign responsibility for the appearance of the virus victims. Controversies autour of AIDS are only one of the aspects of uncertainty and anxiety that nowadays, often accompany questions relating to sexuality. Religious, Islamic or Christian fundamentalism is concerned, at the global level, body, the nature of the masculine, the woman’s autonomy and expressed strong hostility toward homosexuality. There are also, in some places, discussions around women who wear the veil, which raises difficult issues such as the possibility of choice, bodily integrity and the evolution of the position of women. In the same way, gay marriage has revealed very marked divisions: many conservatives of left and right fear that it undermines the symbolic order which founded the company. Overall, quarrels around sexuality are more often disputes on the nature of the society. This is trends, possible, primers,. which are causes of deep anxiety for some. We know that the conservative forces use these developments to mobilize people who many fear change. Just look at how, in the USA, the Republicans and the Christian right use the gay marriage and the right to abortion to address the progressive achievements, how the refusal of marriage for all brought together a French right also divided, or even how conservative regimes, from Africa to the Russia, use hostility to homosexuality to strengthen anti-colonial and national traditions. As I wrote, the sexual revolution is under way: it is not known what his future is made, it obeys no automatism. On the other hand, it can be said that the future of sexuality depends more on nature, religion, tradition or any authority, but the actions of millions of people who, by their daily practices, raised the great transition. . Root facts may be studied visiting this hyperlink.

The journey of brides, from Florence to Sweden to say Yes.

There are all the classic elements of double plays: the choice of dress, the decisions on the menu (it starts with herring and closes with the Swedish national sweet), the concerns of the weather (rain, no rain), the maid with the faiths, the mother who cries, but when they arrive the newlyweds to put on the wedding cake we understand that marriage she said sìha something special: are two brides. Today part of Florence, Milan, Rome and other cities of Italy and the tour of Maria Pecchioli, Ayman Saleh and Ingrid Lamminpaa. Made with crowdfunding and part of a multimedia project, the film tells of the journey of Lorenza and Ingrid from Florence up to Sweden to marry, since same-sex marriage in Italy does not exist. From today in Florence, and later in Rome, Milan and other cities of Italy il film di Maria Pecchioli, Lorenza Saleh and Ingrid Lamminpaa. Made with crowdfunding and part of a multimedia project, the film tells of the journey of Lorenza and Ingrid from Florence up to Sweden to marry, since same-sex marriage does not exist in Italy. After the film won the audience award at the Bologna festival, arrives in theaters these days comes from the Wonder Pictures at arrival in room of she said yes, the documentary that chronicles their marriage in Sweden in June 2013 (to the Bishops from Tuesday 21 to Tuesday, 28 October), Ingrid Lamminpaa and Ayman Saleh met with Republic readers. With them, arguing a strong topical theme such as same-sex marriage, also the President of the City Council of Florence Catherine Biti and the film’s Director Mary Palmer (forum hosted by MARIA CRISTINA CARRATU ‘, FULVIO PALOSCIA and GAIA RAU; video by ELIZABETH BAINBRIDGE) read the article we tell the location of Ingrid and Lorenza through traditional steps that all couples must make when choosing to marry-tells the Director, here on his first feature film-their special, but it was a marriage that has experienced the same problems and the same contingencies of all marriages. Plus the fact that having two women, had to go to Sweden in order to marry. The film wants to engage the Viewer to travel along with them because at the end of the film who is far away from this world would place the responsibility on what are the rights. And so we follow the two brides in the months before the fateful date with the announcement to friends, relatives, the explanations to children (go to Sweden because two women in Italy you can’t marry. And why? asks insistently a little mum), the Organization of the event in Sweden (land of origin of one of the two girls, but mostly country where same-sex marriage is recognized by law). And then the journey, the arrival of family and friends, the preparation of two packages, the ceremony officiated by Captain Benny (bailiff and Fisher), the feast, lunch, family photo. Directing style, which tries to be invisible but who ends up being very involved, the film is a cheerful, poignant and original thanks to the music of the Florentine group Rio mezzanine. The fact of turning a private and personal event like a wedding in a made public before with the blog and then with the film was not a choice table outlet-tells Andy that with fellow (or would it be better to say Swedish wife) Ingrid documentary-signature has come gradually. First there was the brainchild of Mary that has figured out how this story could have a universal value, then the idea of videoblogs that was now incredibly shared on social networks and then finally the idea for the film but it was made possible only because of crowdfunding. We don’t know how it would have been our wedding without all this and we’ll never know, but we’re happy with how things have gone. The film begins his tour in an important political moment in the struggle for the rights of gay couples, a few days after the Mayor’s gesture Marino who has written sixteen gay marriage celebrated abroad. For us that day was a beautiful conquest said Lorenza-we don’t think that this is about movement or cause our but is a strong signal for civil society see a mayor to recognize such unions. Ever since we started to realize this project the issue of same-sex marriage was already very hot; It was during the primary argument of Pd, electoral theme. There is a movement in Europe that is moving while in Italy it is talked about so much and then has done little; This move subversive of mayors has an important meaning. Sometimes we think that eventually we will be married in a church because, paradoxically, the Pope seems to us to be more careful that certain politicians to our rights. And speaking of Bill of their former Mayor, Matteo Renzi, inspired by the German model and is far from Swedish wedding Lorenza says: we want an equalization of rights between all types of couples and we hope that there will come a day when we no longer ask ourselves this question, but given the current situation, which leaves these couples without legislation nor the protection we are convinced that it is important to begin to get something. She said yes, after the jury and audience prizes at the Bologna festival, hits theaters distributed by the Wonder. . For more insights regarding this subject check

Hackers attack from Austria: captured thousands emails of the AfD.

Activists of the Austrian "Anonymous Austria" hacker group have copied sensitive data from the computer systems of the AfD for months. On various Internet sites, the Group published among other things, the names of hundreds customers of the party’s own gold trading business in the past few days. The last names, addresses, and number of purchases of customers have been disseminated by the hacker group in list form. An alleged representative of the hacker group with the pseudonym "The Dude" said FAZ. On Tuesday, the group, NET took advantage of the so-called Heartbleed-bug for their attacks. This is a programming error in a worldwide popular encryption technology for Internet connections called "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL). Programming error, answers the server not only with a confirmation that the connection persists, but mistakenly forwards a portion of his memory to the hackers. Then sensitive passwords or emails can be located in this random part of the memory. . Root source could be studied checking this blog.

The France most tax real estate than its European neighbours.

The France is the European country with the highest property tax. It is the result of a law firm Fidal study commissioned by the Federation of real estate developers of France. A way for them to explain to the Government why their construction costs are high. The study distinguishes between two phases: the construction and acquisition of immovable property, as well as the detention of the apartment. And in both cases, the France significantly ahead of its European neighbours. For the purchase of an apartment nine out of 200. 000 EUR, taxes weigh, on average, 27% of the price of purchase, 8 points higher than the United Kingdom, countries the most favourable taxation for the purchase of real estate. The gap is equivalent to a financial advantage between 24. 000 and 26. 000 euros and 6000-14. 000 euros for the other European countries cited by the study (Germany, Netherlands, England, Italy, Spain). If French taxation is much higher than that elsewhere in Europe, it is because the France accumulated a significant VAT and indirect taxes associated with the construction of the real estate. In the first case, if the France displays a rate almost equivalent to that of the Netherlands or the Belgium (16% vs 17%), its VAT is much more punitive than the Germany and the United Kingdom (9%) or that the Italy and Spain (8%). Ditto for indirect taxes where the France arrives in mind even if the amount paid to the United Kingdom (20 000 euros) is similar to that paid in France (21 000 euros). The finding is the same for the second phase. Even if the difference in taxation is a little less pronounced. It is, for example, by 9 points with the United Kingdom where taxes weigh 20% of the purchase price, or a financial gain of 18. 000 euros over the France. With Germany, it rises to 13 points (27 000 euros) and 27 points with the Netherlands (EUR 56 000), less tax-advantaged countries for detention of an apartment. The rise in local taxes (land and House) due to the drop in allocations to local authorities is not foreign. The study explains that, for example, a couple of middle class with two children, will pay 20. 000 euros of property taxes against 8000 euros in the United Kingdom, 7000 euros in Germany or 2000 in the Netherlands. A sizeable gap which should enable, according to Fidal, off the controversy over the rise in housing aid allocated to modest families. "The housing subsidies do that partly offset the tax burden, explains Fran̤ois playwright and actor, president of the Federation real estate developers cited by Les Echos. If the aid cost EUR 42 billion per year Рof which 43% are paid to the occupants-, property tax reports 60 billion, of which 31 billion to the State and 29 billion to communities". . For extra insights on this topic visit web site.

Milan fly with Europe boost the Chinese economy.

-At 12:15. The growth is the lowest since the first quarter of 2009, but is still a purpose high enough to put the Beijing Government to not introduce special stimulus to support the economy of the Asian giant. It is, however, the conditions that generally the market appreciates less, since on the one hand the growth slows, but on the other hand not enough to lead the authorities to artificially pump up the performance of the economy. The scored in the third quarter, an increase of 7.3% year-on-year, slower than in +7.5% in the prior quarter. However, the figure is higher than analysts ‘ expectations, without a +7.2%. Between the individual components of GDP, registered a slowdown in fixed investment and the housing market (for which the authorities have already introduced stimulus measures); He also expected the increased 8%, the trend in September, with a sharp acceleration from the previous month and above market expectations were for a +7.5%. Published data on today, which have slowed down with a +11.6 percent on year, below expectations of 11.8% and a decrease from the previous month (+11.9). The lists of Europe, initially in the wake of weak Eastern exchanges, then turning sharply upwards. It strengthens to +2.5%, doing better than that advances of 0.7%. Good tune too (+1.5) and (+1.3%), in strengthening of one percentage point. A Piazza Affari are always protagonists banks, ahead of the ECB’s stress test that will be published next Sunday. Among the most exposed institutions there is Mps recently hit by sales despite having denied rumors of rejection on the part of the Eurotower. Today the Monte dei Paschi tries to recover ground. The spotlight also Rcs Yoox titles: the Publisher of Corriere salt on rumors about possible candidates to buy the Group’s radio Finelco which is (44.5% for Rcs), for the fashion Portal makes the trawl the performance of English Asos. Be monitored even Wdf, in the middle of a period of weakness due to the negative evolution of the situation in Spain. The back meanwhile to strengthen the dollar: the opening of the main markets of the old continent the European single currency is being exchanged with the greenback at 1.2815. Yesterday, according to the survey of the ECB, the euro was worth $ 1.2773. The between Btp and the Bund is falling below quota 165 points with a 2.5% return. It’s still going on the placement of the new Btp Italy, which at the end of the first day of orders recorded a good question but did not see the crowds of previous releases: about 3 billions the level from which leave requests to the East, as mentioned, the main stock exchanges are weak in the wake of China’s data. He closed the session in sharp decline after the jump by almost 4% reported yesterday. The Nikkei index of 225 stocks Guide, has given 2.03% down to 14. 804.28 points. The data shown are expected for the month of September, expected an increase of 1%. After Apple’s excellent quarterly is there waiting for reopening. Yesterday the price lists Americans have ignored weak European markets and have closed up. Even the Dow Jones, in spite of the thud of Ibm, has managed to finish the day above equality: earned the 0.1%, to 16. 399.67. The S&P 500 climbed 0.9% of at 1. 904.02, the Nasdaq added 1.35% and compared to lowest touched last Wednesday rises of 5%. Meanwhile continues quarterly season, with brands like Coca Cola and McDonald ‘s. According to the analysis of Neuberger Bermanm overall U.s. companies have been able to navigate in a challenging context. So, if the expectations were confirmed by the results, another quarter of strong earnings would offer investors the opportunity to return to focus on fundamentals and provide stability to financial markets. Today does not supply the tranquility of investitari the Total, whose number one Christophe de Margerie has died in a plane crash in Moscow. The increase in Chinese demand, which in September grew by 6.2%, touching the 10.3 million barrels a day, instead of trolling the upward oil prices on Asian markets. Wti light crude in New York advances by 30 cents to 83.01 dollars a barrel, on Brent London earns a cent to 85.41 dollars a barrel (commodities). . You should visit the following to learn extra regarding this amazing matter.

Sports cars best sellers: housewife Porsche? By due!.

In 924-riders during the construction of the car to withstand some malice. All the world knew that he was developed in co-operation with Volkswagen and actually with VW logo on the market would have to come. Housewife Porsche christened him the Scoffer therefore – and did not that everywhere where it mattered, the know-how of Porsche was visible. For example the excellent chassis which ensures a very good road holding even by today’s standards. Or in the so-called transaxle design, with the gearbox behind the rear axle for optimum weight distribution. The car sold very well then, to the 150 000 copies left in 13 years. And what comes more from today’s perspective, are the recognized timeless form and the practicality of the car: the 924s has even a reasonable boot and a fold-down rear seat, even IKEA is not screwed with this Porsche. A key argument for the 924s was that the model is still affordable, says Reuter. I’m not rich and I want to not come also as the art Chick, which itself has bought just a Porsche. The plans for the car in order to remain so: next time in the resin so that and then if time is, according to Italy, across the Alps, where there are suitable roads for a Porsche. . Similar data can be found clicking weblink.

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