Tasi, Confedilizia: deliberations in Common 5,220.

Are 5. 220-according to data of Confedilizia-the municipalities that have approved the rates from 31 May to Tasi today and in which, therefore, the first installment of the charge must be paid before 16 October. Today the term expires the Publisher to trigger the obligation to pay in mid-October. Tending the other 2. 178 municipalities had already fixed the rate, the Government does not have decided-and that you will pay in lump sum with the base rate (1-per-thousand) by 16/12-I’m 659.   The rules for Tasi-report still Confedilizia-have no influence on the Imu. For such a tax, in fact, passed the June 16 deadline for the payment of the first installment (equal to 50% of the amount due for 2014, determined by applying rates and deductions set for 2013), the next meeting is scheduled for December 16, with the payment of the balance of the tribute, to be determined on the basis of the agreed common by 2014.   There are those who applied the basic resolution of 1 per thousand and it differentiated between land categories. The Tasi deliberated by the provincial capitals for the first home range from minimum of Trento (1 per thousand for all) to 3.3 per thousand generalized Ancona.   . Inspirational data could be found checking this reference.

Putin threat: In 2 days the invado Poland.

During a phone call on the Ukrainian President Vlaidmir Putin Petro, and Poroshenko would have threatened to be able to order to invade in two days in addition to Ukraine, Poland, Romania and also the 3 Baltic States, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. It is the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, citing a report by the EU. If I want the Russian troops could be in two days not only in Kiev, but also in Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw and Bucharest, we read in the text. Ukraine: Putin, Western sanctions violate Wto principles-Western sanctions against the economy of the Russian Federation violates the basic principles of the Wto (World Trade Organization) and those of free and fair competition. He denounced President Vladimir Putin, as reported by the Ria Novosti Agency. The introduction of restrictions against Russia is not only a rejection of the fundamental principles of the Wto, thundered the Kremlin leader, opening a meeting of the State Council. Violates the principle of equality of conditions of access of all countries to the market of goods and services, he added, is ignored the principle of free and fair competition. According to him, all this is done so politicized, with no respect for universally recognized standards of the World Trade Organization. In fact, underlined Putin, a group of countries allowed unilaterally to ‘ erase ‘ these and a number of other principles and rules of the Wto. The Russian President recalled that Moscow has responded to the sanctions of the West-nonn the last part-session-with protective measures, moves not by a desire to punish the partners but to influence them. First of all we think our interests and development objectives, continued, accusing never call them the EU and the us have other priorities than the normal condition of the world economy. God shall judge them ‘, it’s their choice, he concluded. . Similar facts can be found visiting http://cyberport2.hagamanlibraryeasthavenct.org.

Call the Aida,. but avoid the: a film of animation on the Tiger mosquito.

My name is Aedes, Aedes albopictus, but you can call me Aida: a short film of this animated comedy the Tiger mosquito capable of transmitting dengue virus and the chikungunya, and the means to protect themselves. Directed by the Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), this 5 minute film presents a humorous, but scientifically exact angle the biology of the Tiger mosquito. I’m easy to recognize with my slender legs, my waistline, and especially my inimitable black and white stripes, is Aida, mosquito-Tigress. She tells us about her short life, his loves, his relations with the men,. As my grandmother used to say, it is fabulous a man, it offers you the cottage and cover. The film explains how the mosquito transmitted diseases and how to protect themselves: empty any standing water (flower pots, etc.), wear covering clothing,. Originally d?Asia, the Tiger mosquito, which became known overseas, is now present in nearly 20 departments of metropolitan France, emphasises the IRD. . For extended information regarding this subject visit http://cyberport2.hagamanlibraryeasthavenct.org.

Infrastructure, from M5S proposal to bring Italy “public debate” on the works.

A few days after the publication in the official journal of Italy, Unlock the Decree Movement 5 Stars puts to vote of a Bill signed by Andrea Cioffi in order to avoid the dispersion of funds allocated to the advancement of work on strategic infrastructure.  The stated purpose of the proposal is to place pallets and "test the interest and acceptance socialedelle local communities" in a process known as participative discussion débat public and used for years in France. It is, in practice, to involve the population since the phase of the project, so as to avoid later protests and opposition by local committees, as in the case of the Tav. For this reason, the proposal provides that the Ministry of infrastructure to make available on its web site the "business plan" and "related works". Within 45 days so anyone can submit comments or opinions in written form. At the end of the public consultation process, the public entity responsible for "adopts its decision taking into account the results arising from the activities of consultation of stakeholders". Afterwards "the administrator for interregional public works in coordination with the prefect shall prepare a final document in which shows a description of the consultation carried out and alternative hypotheses emerged". Within three months of the publication of the document, "the proposer States publicly whether it will abandon the project or present an alternative, proposing modifications to the project, indicating those that intend to implement or support the same project on which there was public debate, arguing the reasons for this choice."  Within 10 months of reconnaissance, the competent Minister must consider whether and how to update or change the list of works to be financed. According to pentastellati, the procedure should not involve only still works on paper, but could also be applied to those whose works have been completed up to 80% of the total. In that case, "can be placed, completing the identification of design variants to lowest cost, and stop the work".  In this case "all contracts would lose value," with "the payment of the equivalent of the work carried out in addition to the 10% of those still to be carried out".   . You can check the following http://cyberport2.hagamanlibraryeasthavenct.org to discover more about this great subject.

Tasi, the cashier in over 5,600 Municipalities in October. In the average rate to capitals 2.63 per thousand.

Milan-Ends the great race of mayors to decide and publish the rates for Tasi, the indivisible services tax of municipalities (from lighting the road maintenance). For now, they are in line with the deadlines 7. 779 municipalities, which have managed to publish within the resolutions adopted by their respective Councils: in the evening today, 18 September, decreed the stop publication (thus missing a few hours for the final results) by the Treasury. These include almost all provincial capitals, with the sole exception of Crotone. Here is the Capuoluoghi called to pay the deposit within the 16 ottobreAi 2. 178 municipalities that already had published the rates by 25 may, if they are added, so other 5. 601. the main include Rome, Bari, Catania, Verona, Padova, Palermo, Siena, Perugia, Trieste, Pescara, L’Aquila, Campobasso and Reggio Calabria, Florence and Milan: in all of these cases, the 16 October you will pay the deposit of 50% of Tasi. For the few (less than 200) yet defaulted, there is time until the end of November to publish judgments, but in this case you will pay in a lump sum on 16 December. In case of further non-publication, the 16 December you will pay in a lump sum but with the standard rate of 1 per thousand. Here’s how does the deposit of 16 pagamentoSecondo mode ottobreLe the elaboration of Territorial Policies Service of Uil, who remembers how difficult it is to compare Tasi and Imu (since there is in the case of the tax deductions equal to national services all but even 100,000 possible combinations), in 106 provincial capitals that have approved and published the first rate between May and today, this stands at 2.63 per thousand, then above the normal maximum rate. The latter is in fact considered to 2.5 per thousand, although mayors have had a chance to go up further by 0.8 points to tie the Pact more revenue in deductions. Waiting to have the complete data, also the last Municipalities added to confirm the trend noted by the Territorial Policy of the Ilo in the latest projection. Then (with 84 monitored Capitals and 336 families residing in the sample), the simulation showed that 51.8% of the nuclei, in fact a family on two, Tasi will be heavier than paid with the Imu in 2012.   He then William Loy, Confederal Secretary Uil: Implementing the ‘ subjective ‘ payment method, our projections show that for a House listed in A/3 on 168 families 103 of them (61.3% of the total sample), the Tasi is heavier than the Imu. For an apartment in A/2, on families 168 71 (42.3% of the total sample), the Tasi is heavier than Imu 2012. In particular, for a dwelling in A/3 and a household without children, the Tasi is heavier than the ‘ Imu for 48.8% of families (41 families on 84); as with a child that percentage rises to 73.8% (62 families on 84). While for a dwelling in A/2 and a household without children, the Tasi is heavier for 35.7% of households (30 on 84); While with child 1 the percentage goes up to 48.8% (41 families on 84). They are therefore more penalized situations with children. Overall, however, the Ilo pointed out that in the cities analysed the average cost of Tasi stood on average EUR 211 against 222 euros paid average with the Imu in 2012. How much does the Tasi: seven out of ten families more than the Imu. Tables: all simulations. Root facts could be studied reading this http://cyberport2.hagamanlibraryeasthavenct.org.

Wanted to decapitate a civilian in Australia and filming the action: arrested alleged members of Isis.

The Australia today announced that it has arrested 15 people and foiled murder on its soil designed by jihadists of Isis, which had also intended to film the beheading of a civilian. More than 800 police officers participated in the anti-terror blitz executed at dawn on the outskirts of Sydney and Brisbane, in Queensland and new South Wales, with the aim to question 25 alleged members of Isis. -The operation, the largest of its kind ever organized in Australia, comes just a week after Canberra raised the level of alert against terrorist threat consisting of Australian fighters of Isis returning from the Middle East. The blitz were decided after intercepted a message from an Australian apparently very high up in the hierarchy that appeals to the jihadist networks of support in Australia to carry out public killings, announced Prime Minister Tony Abbott. According to the Abc public tv, the suspects were planning to drop a civil case in Sydney, wrap it in a flag of the Islamic State and decapitate it in front of a camera. . For additional information regarding this matter visit weblink.

Leonard Cohen: I’m singing political fears that we all have.

LONDON-everything seems obvious. Trivial. Even the extreme good taste of Canadian Embassy in Grosvenor Square. The shouting subdued, a wailing, laugh everything opaque, indistinct. Until they arrive Leonard Cohen and thanked with that voice that sings when he talks (and talks about when he sings). Is lean, elegant, serene, with inseparable Borsalino, but without the stick with which he did photograph on the cover of Popular problems, his thirteenth studio album that was released on September 23, two days after his 80th birthday. Nine songs, 36 minutes of music: in a blazing masterpiece all years of our bafflement-concern, anxiety, fear, indifference, despair in this global war without winners or losers. The Canadian artist in fifty-year career has touched millions of lives with his soul in "Almost like the blues sings: I’ve seen people starve/Massacres, rape/burned/villages and their fleeing/couldn’t meet their looks/I stared at my shoes/was sour, was tragic/almost like the blues. Winds of war, revenge and betrayal are blowing in Samson in New Orleans after Katrina, on A Street, composed of cast in that September 11, and Nevermind, with wonderful voice of Donna Delory. Are songs you arrive quickly, mutters Cohen phlegmatic. The recipe is to always. Here are the most obvious ones that I call popular, problems in recent years are creating a feeling that divides and unites men-the sense of constant and common concern is on the one hand and on the other side of the fence. Producer Pat Leonard and my son (Adam Cohen) have helped me to put in the right frame of these songs. And today, the finished disc, I feel a sense of gratitude. Do songs is always a mysterious process, sometimes slow, painful; in this case, immediate, torrential, rewarding. This is my music, I didn’t want to reinvent anything nor have I ever been afraid of old songs, I re-examined all the three hundred concerts in recent years. Today like then I have a feeling while singing, they all fight the same battles and conduct the same mediocre lives. At the beginning was a necessity because of financial problems (in 2005 Cohen denounced the manager Kelley Lynch found guilty for embezzling $ 5 million from his personal account, ED), then I discovered that life on the road for which I didn’t feel more cut I like. And then, what is the trouble? I can say that I get tired to sing when there are people dying of hunger, falls in mine or rot in jail? Do what we don’t like is tiring. In my case wash the dishes. The atmosphere in which we are immersed also passes under the doors much is thin and poisonous. We are prisoners of a sense of fear and loss, threatened by dark forces that are changing our lives. All suffer, we are all engaged in a struggle for mutual respect. We must begin to recognize that our pain is equal to that of others, that our battle is legitimate as that of our enemies. We are the result of circumstances, free and prisoners at different times. As for the political figure, for years I try to get one-that nobody has ever deciphered. I’ve always asked Allen Ginsberg, but I’ve never denied my roots, I was born into an observant family. The Torah has given me essential to my survival values. Lighting research is not contrary to my belief, during meditation I don’t have a God to pray, I just learn to ignore myself. It is rich, it evokes plenty, is a wonderful word to sing. Transmits energy when the spit in the face to disasters, is an affirmation of our force. It is no secret, I am an optimist. At home I am happy, Montreal is one of the places that inspire me the most. We Canadians have a great sense of solidarity, and we are very attached to our Earth at the edge of the America that we look at how women look at me with suspicion. Do not forget that Canada hosted my family fleeing from Eastern European regimes, in 1860. In my house no one be offended when we forget a birthday. . For additional information about this matter visit http://cyberport2.hagamanlibraryeasthavenct.org.

India: the border feud invites himself during the visit of the Chinese president.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised with the Chinese president Xi Jinping, State Thursday in India visit, the question of the incursion of troops at the disputed border between the two countries, relegating to the background the strengthening of their economic cooperation. The Chinese president arrived Wednesday in India with promises of enhanced trade and investments but the announcement by the Indian media of a face-to-face meeting between hundreds of soldiers in the region of Ladakh (North), in an area claimed by both countries, has changed the physiognomy of this Summit. An Indian parliamentarian of the region, on condition of anonymity, indicated to AFP that about 1. 000 Chinese soldiers were moved from the side Indian yesterday, indicating that the Government has sent reinforcements. A meeting between representatives of the two armies took place Wednesday, according to the Indian press. India and China disagree on the delineation of their borders in two specific areas: a territory within Ladakh, but also in the East, the State of Arunachal Pradesh that China claims. The two countries engaged in a short but bloody war in 1962 won by China regarding this State on which New Delhi keeps the Trusteeship since the withdrawal of Chinese troops shortly after the end of the conflict. The subject spoke Wednesday night at a meeting between the two leaders and will be again at their talks on Thursday, said a spokesman for the Indian Foreign Ministry, Syed Akbaruddin. All issues of importance will be discussed today, including the most recent, said spokesman to reporters in response to a question about the border incursions. The head of the Indian Executive had rolled out the red carpet Wednesday for the first official visit of the Chinese president in India, the welcoming dinner under a luxurious tent along the River in Ahmedabad, the main city in the State of Gujarat’s Modi. The India seeks to attract Chinese investments to improve its infrastructure, largely insufficient to revive growth, essential to get out of the poverty of hundreds of millions of Indians. China is also interested in an improvement of its relations with its western neighbor because it faces at the same time in several territorial disputes with the Japan and other Southeast Asian countries. The Chinese president stressed Thursday morning the benefits of a strengthening of ties between the two countries for their 2.5 billion people. During this visit, I hope to work with the Chinese leadership that we are ardent defenders of China-India relations and to bring to a higher level our strategic partnership and cooperation, said Xi at a ceremony in New Delhi. -Struggle for economic influence – making assault of promises of cooperation, distrust remains and the Indian Prime Minister had warned during his election campaign that China should renounce its expansionist spirit. In April 2013, the India accused China of an incursion into depth on the border between the Indian Ladakh and Chinese Tibet, leading to a long face to face for three weeks between the militaries of the two countries. XI, first Chinese to visit president to visit India since 2006, had visited early in the week, the Maldives and Sri Lanka where he announced major investments in the infrastructure of these areas usually under Indian influence but that Beijing considers important for its economic development. A part of the Indian leaders are concerned about the growing economic influence of China in the region, seeing it as a deliberate attempt to encircle the India. China is the first economic partner of the India but the Indian trade deficit widened since ten years, reaching more than 40 billion, against $ 1 billion in 2001-02. . For extra data about this topic visit link.

Why the Italy can’t find the path of growth.

The announcement has the effect of a cold shower across the Alps. The OECD revised Monday to lower growth forecasts for Italy for 2014 and 2015. According to the international organization, the country should be the only one of the G7 to know a contraction in GDP this year, probably by 0.4%. It would be then the third consecutive year of Italian GDP contraction that, from 2012, fell by 4.6%. And the future is hardly encouraging. For 2015, the OECD projects an increase of 0.1% of the national wealth. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which have also revised downwards (from 0.3% to-0.3%) their forecast of growth of GDP for this year, analysts that a contraction in 2015 is possible, adding: "the GDP growth will be probably close to zero for the next three years.  » ‘Renzi effect’, the name of the president of the Council came to power in February 2014 with many ambitions, has so fizzled on the Italian economy. The Prime Minister had beautiful distributed 80 euros in the spring to Italian taxpayers, there a beautiful promise wonders, peninsular activity do not take off. His situation remains extremely worrying within the euro area. Why? For supporters of the reforms, the answer is obvious: not enough reforms! And point the finger the difference with Spain, which is experiencing stronger growth (1.5% this year). This point of view, moreover, was adopted by Matteo Renzi since, in the aftermath of the clash of the announcements of the OECD, it is committed to a new reform of the labour market, hoping to recreate the conditions of the ‘confidence.  "Certainly labor costs continue to rise faster in Italy than in the euro area and, particularly, the Spain. In the second quarter, for example, according to Eurostat, the total cost of the workforce in the industry grew over one year by 1.7% in Spain and 2.7% in Italy. But this gap says nothing in reality. Italian and Spanish exports are indeed little comparable. The two countries are present in very different markets. Capital goods constitute one-third of the goods exported by the Italy, compared with only 9% in Spain. Moreover, despite high labor costs, Italian exports remain the only strong point of the transalpine economy which has a trade surplus, particularly with regard to industrial goods. The mistake made by those who were expecting a return to growth of the Italy in 2014 was to overestimate the positive impact of the reforms and count on a recovery stimulated by external demand. She was also underestimated the negative impacts of the strategy of ‘reform’ on the economy. Also, the willingness of Matteo Renzi press step in this direction appears as fort risky. It is even more strange that the pressure of the markets no longer exists: the 10 Italian years shows a rate of 2.45 percent against more than 7% at the end of 2011. In reality, the Italy pays even very expensive austerity. From 2011, Mario Monti and Enrico Letta strongly pushed the economy to reduce the deficit of public accounts under the 3% of GDP and again release a primary surplus (excluding debt interest). But this rapid and violent effort has had terrible consequences in the short and long term. The recessive effect of this fiscal consolidation to forced market was considerable. According to Goldman Sachs, in 2012 and 2013, this policy has removed two points of GDP to the Italian economy. It followed a rapid deterioration of domestic demand, to the point where widespread euro zone austerity undermined the country’s industrial exports. The Italy then quickly found herself without an engine for its economy. And now, nothing is more difficult than turn it back on. In a recent study, the Brussels think-tank Bruegel was attempting to explain the apathy of the Italian economy. One of the main reasons is the low productivity due to a lack of investment in innovation and education. Liberalising the labour market without this problem might not be hardly useful, unless you want to drag the Italy markets where cost competitiveness is essential. However, adjust this Gordian knot of growth, to investment. Public and private. Austerity has blocked a public investment already heavily encumbered since the mid to late 1990s because, primarily, the weight of the debt. It also puts pressure on the margins of the transalpine business, encouraging them to still reduce innovation in the budgets of companies. In other words, austerity has exacerbated the structural problems of the peninsula. Here comes the third node of Italian growth: the lack of bank credit. Investing, to be able to borrow. However, unlike the Spain, the Italian banking sector has not recapitalized during the crisis. It ignores its real state which will appear in October, when it will know the results of the review of the quality of the assets (RDI) conducted by the ECB. Goldman Sachs and highlights the fact that the ECB measures proved to be more effective in Spain and Italy. Transalpine banks must therefore be cautious and weak economic prospects do not hire them to show more lending, despite the actions of the ECB. According to figures from the Bank of Italy, the average rates charged by banks for non-financial businesses are higher in July 2014 to what they were in August 2013 (3.68% on average against 3.62%). The conditions for obtaining remain binding: the money certainly rebounded in the first half, but it is still lower than that of July 2012. . . Maintain the austerity, accelerate reforms, it still make more dull the prospects and more prudent banks. Added to this is the last node: the debt. With 135% of GDP public debt, public finances are caught in a vicious circle. The country must clear significant primary surpluses to remain below the threshold of 3% of GDP. Governments are therefore sentenced to budgetary austerity. We saw how this last weighed on growth. Gold, without growth – and inflation – the debt to GDP ratio progresses, binding again to a round of budgetary screw,. The Italy is perhaps the European country most actually threatened by deflation. Like Spain, the country is now experiencing negative inflation, but unlike the Spain, the wage adjustment was not performed. Suddenly, the margins of companies are being more severely tested in Italy and Spain. And this maintaining the deflation risk weigh still more debt,. The Italian situation is so critical. Rely on further reforms and new economies to "regain confidence" would actually add headaches to evil and do more plunge the country. Yet, stop the austerity will not suffice. The Italy has, in reality, at least need a clash of growth that the Italian State, nor the private sector can truly bring. Where the importance of European investment and the policy of the ECB to break the vicious circle in which loses the third economy in the euro zone. The needs of the Italy, always penalized by its Mezzogiorno, are not lacking. But neither the ECB, nor the Juncker plan TLTRO seem to the extent of the danger. As a strategist of Mediobanca to British newspaper Telegraphmardi, pointed out "it will take a monetary nuclear bomb to reverse the trend (,.).". Otherwise, the Italy is dead! » . For more on this subject check http://cyberport2.hagamanlibraryeasthavenct.org.

The Government does contend: is open to hunting votes not to sink.

The first showdown will come this morning at eight o’clock, when you meet the Pd group in the Senate to know what will the dissidents. Which some are about 30 out of 100 senators, while according to renziani more optimistic than a fortnight. But enough to bring down the Government in the House. "We have to say though marking a contrary position, are poised to vote confidence in the Government, or even this ,. ». Now they’re all resigned, Renzi will use the decree reads, "can’t wait for long times of Bill and of decrees, must give a signal to Europe", bet the hawks. And also left no illusions, for this big with more experience are cautious, preferring to give a blank Bill of Exchange to the premier to treat after the surrender. Without slip straight into a dead end. «For as it is written of this amendment for me is votabilissimo, leaves everything open. " Word of Pierluigi Bersani. «Votabile» this is not the case, they hoisted Stefano Fassina. Behold, a first political result, splitting the party against his forehead, Matteo Renzi has already achieved. Of course, he immediately hurries Bersani said that "if it turns into a test of love between capital and labour, I end up with the most weak ,. But everything depends on the words that are spoken and how it is interpreted by the Government all this. ‘   But the left-wing block Pd, shattered and divided, it’s just one of those on which the Prime Minister does rely: "we are against Gavino and Sel, I guess even the League, maybe even that part of Italy which Force the Fronde at Berlusconi ,. », is a member of the Government. If out of Renzi AG can count on wide support at the turn of the labour law sought by years from all international bodies as well as from Europe, supported by Confindustria and Business Network and shared by a good slice of the electorate in the polls, in the air is different. Can count on two thirds of Pd on Ncd («extraordinary milestone» rejoices Alfano), on Civic Choice (OK, reintegration into the workplace will be only for emergencies like discrimination», guarantees Ichino). But the front against will be vast. And you can consume one epochal clash. That can have reverberations in the squares, with unions in the square. And even lead straight to the early voting, after a showdown that would leave dead and wounded left on the field. Because if the dismantling of article 18 was served just in black and white by Decree, everyone would be nailed with their backs against the wall.   Surely domestic opponents of the Democratic Party are upset because only twelve hours after convened later this month a party leadership on jobs act, Renzi has an amendment to their factoy say not agreed. "In the face of a unitary management, but C’mon!». To ensure the premier hard and pure renziani, "this is the game of life" and therefore will not hesitate to impose a law as soon as the ball is impantanerà here in the Senate or in the House. In the Senate the numbers are on the razor’s edge and just a handful of no to transform Forza Italy vows to ‘ substitute ‘ to ‘ add-ins ‘, with all that it would follow: crisis of majority and therefore the Government, early elections. And in favour of the decree is another factor: a loose Rooms expiring decrees should be converted, noting the most mischievous. So if his majority to collapse, Renzi could get vote well decree by force Italy to have flagged during the election campaign his epochal reform and ,, Main source can be read reading the following site.

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