Institutional corruption.

In the digital editions of all the newspapers on Thursday morning had coincidence on the valuation of the resignation of Eduardo Torres-Dulce as attorney general of the State. Nothing makes us think that it will not give the same coincidence that appear this Friday, after a more leisurely reflection. All had agreed that resignation was more than predictable, given the disagreement of the Government and of the direction of the PP with the actions of the Attorney-General, very visible from the 9-N and that Torres-Dulce stated its coincidence with the legal foundation of the car of judge Ruz, which decided the imputation of the Minister of health, Ana Mato, Gürtel plot. Anyone surprised, therefore, that there has been. I think this is the first thing that should be emphasized, because it is an indicator of the huge institutional degradation in which we are immersed and that it seems that we are getting used. Everyone is giving course with greater naturalness which, although formally we have a resignation, materially, we are facing a dismissal. It is taken for good with the more natural than what can be in legal terms, you can be politically achieved via underground and spurious. Affects what it affects. Everyone is giving course with greater naturalness which, although formally we have a resignation, materially we face a Destitucionla resignation of the Attorney general of the State is an example of institutional corruption strictly book. Because corruption is not limited to the venality of the public office, but it goes far beyond this. Corruption is, before all, institutional denaturation, the fact that void the warranty that makes possible an institution to play the role which is constitutionally entrusted. And this is what has happened with the dismissal disguised as a resignation of Eduardo Torres-Dulce. What has been put into question is security of tenure of the Attorney general during the period for which it has been designated, and, as a result, its autonomy from the Government that appointed him. What OK security of tenure established in the Statute of the public prosecutor as a guarantee of autonomy, if the Government can make it blow?With the breaking of the will of Eduardo Torres-Dulce has been simultaneously the devaluation of the status of the public prosecutor in our political system and our legal system. The Office of the Attorney-General is worth less from this Thursday. Track to be a bond garbage that we periodically reported in the economy sections is on. Troubled, therefore, of the vices that accompany these bonds. I do not know who will be appointed to replace Eduardo Torres-Dulce, but it is hard to think that someone who respects himself and be jealous of their autonomy to accept an appointment by a Government that has acted in the way that just made it. Although probably already have thought a candidate of a similar profile to the President of RTVE, to which the servile character is a constituent element of his personality. . You must visit the following to read more about this great subject.

Maubeuge: prison evacuated after a fire.

It is a particularly delicate operation that was played Thursday night in the prison of Maubeuge (North). 400 detainees were indeed evacuated after a power outage caused by a fire, mastered in early evening. Part of the evacuation started late in the evening, said a source close to the dossier, whereby about 200 inmates would be evacuated during the night in various prisons in the region, until the rest of the prisoners are evacuated to turn in the day Friday. The totally CACA situation’ fire, which has not been injured, occurred at 3: 30 p.m., there was an electrical fire at the level of the maintenance, which has damaged a high-voltage 20 cable. 000 volts, the regional Secretary of the Ufap-Unsa justice, Laurent Scassellati said. His colleagues were in a total blackout and should proceed to the total evacuation of the criminal population, to the other institutions of the inter-region. The situation was described as completely calm, according to the source close to the record, which indicated that the operation was serenely, the site having been secured with mobile reinforcements outside. According to Christophe Loyer, trade unionist Ufap-Unsa Justice who was on the spot, the extremely rare decision to evacuate the prison was taken by the prefect at around 8 pm. Eiffage staff came on the spot to see if it was possible to repair but given the magnitude of the damage, they felt that it was impossible, ” said Christophe Loyer.  . For extended facts about this subject visit

He wrote Rimbaud ‘Illuminations’?.

The official theory (so far) is that Rimbaud wrote two recent books of poems – origin, in part, of much modern poesa – before breaking for ever with the world of literature and even the European civilizacin. Both le knucks and is march. One is ‘A season in hell’, that itself was printed in Brussels in 1873, but that no is distribuy. And the other will be ‘Illuminations’. Book and title that were always polmicos, until the own and huge myth of Rimbaud as an icon of modernity termin gobbling up any possible polmica filolgica or publishing. ‘Illuminations’ never actually as a shaped book (the first editions have many variants, including to poems in verse) and the title, which does not exist, was taken by the first editor of a few words spoken by Verlaine on the poems in prose that Rimbaud le bean in his last meeting in Stuttgart that he handed over or sent to a poet called Germain Nouveau, to a Verlaine, by true, saba little of this set of texts written in London in 1873 when he was in jail for having wounded in one arm to its heretofore young lover, Arthur Rimbaud. . . (Say reader some or many, who see no differences in style between season,. and lightings, but this happens, also m me occurred, because we read no doubt the author, know what I’m going to count and overwhelms the myth of Arthur Rimbaud). And it is here where a little-known in Spain and an Symbolist poet must enter already in France while vivi, because Nouveau (rare and cursed character in his own way) just wanted to publish. It was certainly a rare. However, s was well-known in the literary media where he made an original and radical Bohemian life. Germain Nouveau (1851-1920) was born in Pourrires village of old Provence. Study high school in Marseille and at the end of 1872 goes to Pars looking to meet Verlaine and the new poesa which was his also. Almost the same path of Rimbaud. But when Nouveau arrives at Pars, Verlaine and Rimbaud have left already, leaving the well known trail of sulphur. Meet Charles Cros. Only a year after Nouveau find a Rimbaud (Verlaine prisoner est) and you go with l a season to London. All both youth follow this Bohemian life and put ads in the newspapers (both) to teach francs or to converse in that language. Had no luck and nothing sali. But at that time were written texts – very different from ‘A season in hell’, must be attention – which came to be the highlights. To the inversaEl Professor Eddie Breuil has published a concise and very elaborate book ‘ Du Nouveau chez Rimbaud’ (honour Champion, Pars, 2014), where simplicity and precision detailed in a meticulous work filolgica and publishing how truth seems exactly the opposite of that is outright until today. It was not Nouveau which ayud to Rimbaud to copy (maybe go to clean) his new poems, but exactly to the revs, Rimbaud ayud to copy texts from Nouveau and that was often wrong because Nouveau dictated or because it did not quite understand a brief that had not being yours. Many writing errors committed by Rimbaud (and corrected above) are thoroughly analyzed. But not only. Besides the vocabulary, expressions, phrases. It is painstaking work. Rimbaud gave these texts to Verlaine to send them is a Nouveau – as we know person employed, neglected-, but Verlaine did not. Years after were to become friend of Nouveau, but then not the knew. BREUIL, which contributes literary and vital data, concludes: Rimbaud is not the author (of those papers) but the scribe, clerk in another this writer while are doing copies: Nouveau. In 1886 the journal ‘La Vogue’ public for the first time ‘Illuminations’ (‘Illumitations’) without permission and Verlaine and Rimbaud. Editions are different happen with changes (‘Vanier’, ‘Mercure de France’,.) until 1949 the thesis of a criticism, Henri de Bouillane de Lacoste, seems to close the problem – to existing ah – according to the meticulous booklet of Breuil, false. This speaks of a set of poems ghostly and forced. None (but the editor) gave way to a set of texts poticos no order and no one (but the editor) gave them a title. The fame, the myth already fully active of Rimbaud did the rest,. Verlaine never said anything because nothing saba of the prose that I received and because its final years were those of a glorious vagabond dipsmano. But and Nouveau? Here comes the less known. Damned and certainly besides there are types or several modes of this editing. Our three protagonists embody very different styles of dissent, but as returns to say Breuil (following the poets Breton and Aragon that something was suspected) Germain Nouveau was a cursed among the damned!. Indeed the young Bohemian beard who was with Rimbaud and that if he loved the poesa seemed not mind publishing, had several crises of insanity or enajenacin and pas by various hospitals psiquitricos. Out, it had voluntarily become a humble Pilgrim who lived poor and oblivious to everything that wasn’t the spiritual search, occasionally also in poesa. Peregrin to Rome, and in 1911 to Santiago de Compostela, but ended up returning to his hometown (Rimbaud was North, sur l) where at the end – muri with 68 years, indigent-peda alms at the door of the churches in the area. Nouveau who had been a promise (and ms) best symbolism, it is opaque to himself, forget it. Always lived as a wandering sopista, alien to any literary or social life. Is that the life of a good burgus? It is another way – and not naive – of the editing. His work, not long – is notable and can almost open with these illuminations which have much to do with the lights electrical and scenes of life seen in a famous place in Pars on the DCAD of 1870, the Bal Mabille, illuminated and with gardens. When the book ‘Illuminations’ is public (as Rimbaud) Nouveau nor saw it, probably. Nothing is new. In France, the now famous ‘comedian paradox’ of Diderot is atribuy until the beginning of the 20th century to a such Naigeon. It was the great scholar Joseph Bdier who demonstrated that ‘ Le Paradoxe,. ‘ was of Diderot. In a remarkable article of 1948 the poet Louis Aragon wondered who is largest poet, if Germain Nouveau, Baudelaire and Rimbaud. And after talking of two known books of Nouveau, Valentines and Savoir aimer concludes that its author is not one minor poet, but a great poet. Not an epgono of Rimbaud: his equal. That idea is now explained and detailed in the book by Eddie Breuil, ‘ Du Noveau chez Rimbaud’, play of words as I said that may result (if ‘nouveau’ started in tiny) as ‘again with Rimbaud’, but to be a surname (hence mayscula) dira of Nouveau est with Rimbaud, attributed to Rimbaud. Digmoslo with honor: Rimbaud remains Rimbaud, but Germain Nouveau out of undeserved poverty than l same chose. Retrieves the height that had. Lemoslo. Some false case of lightings atribucionesEl is not extraordinary or ms sounded among the works artsticas attributed falsely, in some cases by interest (of the usurper) and in other circumstances is not always easy to track. In Spain took place one of the bleeding ms, of the Rioja Lejrraga O Mara, who according to studies recent will be the author only prcticamente of the writings attributed to Gregorio Martnez Sierra, who apparently was not very plenty of inspiration. The matter of the author raises questions from the same dawn of the known literature. The fillogos discuss whether Homer may have written both ‘The Odyssey’ and ‘La Ilada’. In the case of Shakespeare, there are theories for all tastes, but the tasty ms proposes that his name will be been an alias after which is you might have hidden names illustrious as Christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon and – according to the most recent theories-Edward de Vere, playwright and decimosptimo Earl of Oxford. Willy Henry Gauthier-Villars habit to serve Negroes to supply its production of literary, until one of them, the dancer magazine and writer Colette, that ahab casndose with l, desvel that her husband was not only a professional adltero but a powerless liar before the page blank. The collaborations between writers, which rarely have finished, have left us numerous awards as a little incomplete. A mature Dickens is dedic to burn the letters written to his mistresses and his colleague Wilkie Collins so that in the future it could not be determined until what point was relevant that ‘joint venture’. Hardly anyone remembers that many novels signed exclusively by Alexandre Dumas the wrote to the alimn with Auguste Maquet, among them ‘The count of Monte Cristo’ and ‘La Reine Margot’. In other disciplines artsticas find similar examples. At the beginning of his relationship with Auguste Rodin, the also volcanic sculptress Camille Claudel works for l as Assistant and model. Between 1886 and 1888, when she prepares her group of figures ‘Sakùntala’, Rodin left his pupil the invoice of certain parts of their creations; the communion of interests (and not only of interests) is such that it is impossible to know of quin is each sculpture, and by that little is known that Rodin signature works of Camille as if they own. The dynamic within the paint Workshop offers a problemtica aadida to the dilemma of the author. Fernando Maras, one of the major authorities in the figure of El Greco, argues that the revs of health that suffered the artist in 1608 – quite possibly a stroke in your opinion – you inhabilit safely to continue painting. Customers of Toledo began racing him the price of his paintings at the suspicion that they were collective fruit of his workshop employees. Thanks to the book ‘The forgotten’, of angels case, have known the case of the painter Sofonisba Anguissola, student of Miguel Angel who has works exhibited in museums around the world – such as Prado, but attributed all men: Titian, Antonio Moro or Snchez Coello. So le pas to Artemisia Gentileschi, whose dark and passionate painting has served to magnify the mritos of several artists of their little as Caravaggio or his own father, Orazio Gentileschi. In the field of music, a recent documentary returns to the fray with the hiptesis that Anna Magdalena Bach, soprano and wife of the great Johann Sebastian, there will be written – not copied, as always assumed – some of the scores top of her husband, no less than the ‘cello Suites’, the first prelude of book I of ‘The well-tempered harpsichord’ and up to the aria of the Goldberg Variations. What have the big names: are like an imn’s works by authors with less specific weight. Some bad poems and writings that circulate on the internet are attributed to Borges or quiz like Neruda the (good) Ave Mara four-part was awarded always Toms Luis de Victoria without being yours. / P. UNAMUNO. For more information about this matter read

Català absolutely decouples the resignation of the Prosecutor’s complaint of most.

Barcelona, 18 Dec (EFE). -The Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá, has today unlinked absolutely the resignation of prosecutor general del Estado, Eduardo Torres-Dulce, the lawsuit against the catalan President, Artur Mas, and has defended the action autonomously and without interference of the institution. In statements to the media during his visit to the Judicial School of Barcelona, Català has reacted this way to the decision of the Attorney general of the State, Eduardo Torres-Dulce, renounce his post for personal reasons, according to the institution that has led up to today in a statement. The Minister, who has admitted his surprise by the resignation, has stressed that the Attorney general of the State has worked with independence of judgement in the lawsuit against Artur Mas of the 9N and without interference from the Government. Or in this matter or in none, he said. In that sense, recalled that the own Torres-Dulce has reiterated on several occasions that there was no interference by the Executive in the presentation of the complaint and that, in the case of existing, never would have tolerated it. Asked above if the resignation of the Prosecutor have to do with discrepancies by the complaint after the participatory process of the 9N, Catalan has been blunt: has absolutely nothing to do. We believe in the separation of powers, stressed the Minister of Justice, that he insisted that the best proof of the confidence the Government had in Torres-Dulce is the recognition of their professionalism. The Prosecutor’s Office as an institution, in the case of the complaint against Mas and the consellers, you acted giving proof of its independence and its participatory format with the Board of prosecutors of Catalonia and Madrid, added the Minister. As the Minister explained, had knowledge of the resignation by a letter Torres-Dulce has sent you this morning, while in the previous days have talked about the possibility of resignation, what they have finally done this morning. Català has expressed its respect for the decision, citing personal reasons, at the time that emphasized the professionalism and quality that has characterized her tenure at the head of the Office of the Attorney-General, in his opinion, always defending the general interest. After insisting on that unknown reasons why Torres-Dulce has decided to present his resignation, Rafael Catalá has announced that the Council of Ministers address tomorrow the substitution of the General Attorney, who will return to the Constitutional Court. In any case, the Minister has admitted that somewhat surprised by the decision of Torres-Dulce felt: I’m in Barcelona and at the Escuela Judicial,. somewhat surprising (the resignation). (Agencia EFE) Topics Artur Mas Belgium Barcelona Catalonia Council Constitution David Catalá Jiménez Europe Prosecutor’s Office Government Madrid world parties Rafael Catalá Polo Constitutional Court. Additional info can be read checking url.

Few, assembled and in silence.

Before a rival of the Segunda B, in a round of Cup prcticamente resolved and in turbulent times at the level of aficin, bean curiosity whether in a game seemingly quiet and less tirn meditico than the last Sunday, security measures in lathe Vicente Caldern and especially its South Fund would be as strict as the League encounter. Without reaching these levels, the response was s. Great again a little caching presence police, new double control of fertilizers and ID – with included flashlight-, new assistance of numerous means of communication at the entrance and again to avoid any symbol from the front. And this tense feeling to feel secure at all times,. In a clash not classified as high risk, controls just dropped. Upon entering the field, nothing had changed: no trace that what makes up just 15 das, was front Atltico animacin territory. If curiosity raised security measures, no less happens to the position to be adopted by the group. And, in that sense, the changes were few on Sunday. Started the party, the scattered presence of fans along the South Fund is to obvious. As, an amateur, regular to encourage Mike in hand, reclam unin. (E) inst to gather after the goalkeeper to the present, with silence and norm espontnea. Silence in the South Fund and silence in the other. The tmidos near misses start a hymn to the half-hour or the applause to players to retire to the dressing were back to kilometres of distance from the heat of a camp used to encourage under the baton of a silent front and that is claimed in the social networks. And is that this week’s arrests surrounding the death of Francisco Javier Romero Taboada, and while the club is called prudence pending the investigation, the front Atltico, through their official Twitter account, defenda its required position (#sinelFrentenoeslomismo) and aoraba the love affair with the Tribune, the club and players retuiteando messages of support towards the condition addition encourage group and with references to the official accounts Simeone, Koke or Godn, among others. ‘ We will be back!’, deca the last written message for already two das by the Group on Twitter. A return that, apparently to Hospitalet, will have to wait. . Additional facts can be inspected checking resource.

Milan, the European ultra-right Conference will be held at the headquarters of the province.

The Conference of European ultra-right? Will be hosted at the Congress Center of the province of Milan and to welcome new force, the Golden Dawn and half neo-Nazi continent there is regional councillor Maria Teresa Baldini (elected President in Maroni). Forza Nuova Milan organized and announced by time to Saturday 20 December a public meeting on the theme "Europe, a great and free". The occasion at the base of the event is the birth of a coordination of the European extreme right, that still don’t know was a detailed list of the guests and the location chosen for the convention: the auditorium of via Corridoni. Doing the honors of the House there will be Roberto Fiore, leader of the far-desstra formation, while the list of guests (those clear) opens with the former General Eleftherios Synadinos, Greek MEP and member of the Golden Dawn. Continue with Stefan Jacobsson, leader of Svenskarnas parts, the Swedish neo-Nazi party that until now has not even an elected representative. Also announced Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party’s long-time friend Roberto Fiore, elected for a term of the European Parliament (in 2009). Griffin was convicted in 1998 for incitement to racial hatred. The list continues with Gonzalo Martín, Spanish politician of Democracia Nacional. There will also be a German MEP Udo Voigt, the German National Democratic Party, the main force of Germany’s ultra-right. Voigt long leader of his party in 2008 has been charged with incitement to racial hatred after he made the protagonist of distributing pamphlets considered racist. In 2009 he was sentenced to seven months ‘ imprisonment (with suspended sentence) and was obliged to pay a contribution of euro 2000 in favour of Unicef. The guest list is completed by the franco-Swiss Olivier reactionary Wyssa, French regional councillor who abandoned the National Front in protest against the appointment of Marine Le Pen as President of the party. In addition to those listed in the flyer announcing the event, organizers explain that were invited also representatives of the ultra-right from other European countries who may take part in the initiative. "Today, it said in a press release that anticipates the contents of the meeting – the European nationalist movements decided to coordinate to build the front of the free peoples and rulers. People who aspire to freedom and reject the globalising model that, through the indiscriminate immigration from the southern hemisphere, pushes toward a Europe that is multicultural and multiethnic, multi-religious society. People who aspire to peace and reject the militarist policy crowds of Nato and United States aimed at rebuilding the wall of shame within our continent. In Milan, on 20 December, will present the European Alliance Party for peace and freedom ". Milan, a city decorated with the Gold Medal of the resistance, once again confirming the black capital of the old continent. . Similar text can be inspected visiting

GB: locked bets on the abdication of Queen at Christmas.

DecisioneLa decision occurred after a consistent stream of betting that had come to Coral, which gave the abdication of Queen 10-1. The suspicion of a possible irregolarit of bets due to the fact that the broadcast in which the Queen is Christmas greetings to the United Kingdom already been posted. And then punters who had confidential information from Buckingham Palace might have had good game to earn large sums without actually risking anything. As mentioned for, vatsala last January, when the Queen announced the willingness to delegate more institutional responsibility to Prince Charles, a consistent flow of bets on the abdication of Queen by 2014, had arrived to agencies, so that the latter had decided to suspend betting. Then it happened nothing. The Queen, at least for the moment, not abbandoner the scepter and throne, assured a Buckingham Palace spokesman who did not wish to comment on the news relating to betting. Our practice not mentioned. . You must read this to learn more about this interesting topic.

Holland promised retirement at age 60?

"Mr Holland, the hand on your heart in this face-to-face to Mr Sarkozy said: me President, we return to retire at age 60. ” What is came back on retirement at age 60? Today we are being told instead to climb to 63, 64, 65 years!»Christian Estrosi, UMP Deputy-Mayor of Nice, December 16 on Europe 1. INTOX. Monday, the Court of Auditors issued a pessimistic report on the State of the pension system, advocating the postponement of two years from the age of 62 to 64 years. The opportunity for Christian Estrosi, the next day, remind, according to him, the betrayal of François Holland on the subject: "Mr Holland, the hand on your heart in this face-to-face to Mr Sarkozy said: me President, we return to retire at age 60. ” What is came back on retirement at age 60? Today we are being told instead to climb to 63, 64, 65 years!»REHAB. The position of François Holland on the legal age of retirement was sometimes well blurred,. But what Estrosi says is false. It was during his face-to-face with Nicolas Sarkozy between the two rounds of the presidential election, may 2, 2012 François Holland embarked on his now famous anaphora: "President Moi,.". But among the fifteen points addressed by the candidate PS in this list of promises, no trace of retirees and a promise to return to the legal age to 60 years,.In fact, François Holland well addressed the issue of pensions in this debate. But this was before the anaphora, and it was especially to say something different than what Estrosi keeps in memory. This is what declared the candidate Nicolas Sarkozy PS: "Finally, on the subject of pensions, you’ve done a reform, which also will be more funded starting in 2017-2018. You did vote, it has its drawbacks, and it has its burdens, especially its injustices. The first injustice is only a woman, a man who began working at age 18 and that will have its 41 years of contributions, who say but not, is more than 60 years, it is now 62 years old and therefore it’ll be 42 years, 43 years of work, are often those who started earlywho have made strenuous occupations. I considered that Yes, for this category, I build the start in 60 years there are 41 years of contributions and it started early to work: EUR 5 billion. And you described how contributions will be effectively identified at the end of the quinquennium: 0.1% by year end of 2017, and I assume there yet this choice. "Clearly, Holland promised to make possible the starting at age 60 for people having their contributions and having started work at 18 years. What he has done quickly by Decree once elected. And that has nothing to do with a promise of general return to retirement at age 60 as Christian Estrosi tries to believe. In fact, Holland has been vague on the issue of pensions, if not during the presidential campaign, where he has hardly varied, but in the battle of Socialist primary,. Holland had multiplied the contortions on the subject. It took the craft of Martine Aubry (and reminders of Patrick Cohen), during a debate televised mid-October, to push Holland out of the vague formulations and formal commitment to a return to the legal age to 60 years. This will be the first time. And the last. Designated socialist candidate a few days after this debate, Holland did not wait long before coming back on this promise. Two months later, on December 13, 2011, he understand on RTL that it would not be on the legal age to 62 years. A position which has more varied since. And especially not in his debate against Nicolas Sarkozy in may 2012, contrary to what Estrosi wants to believe. Conclusion: we can blame in Holland to believe the Socialists that he defended a return to 60 years to be nominated the PS candidate. But it is wrong to say that he did believe in French that he defended the measure during the presidential campaign. At each electorate his speech. . For extra facts about this topic read page.

Investment and Ukraine, protagonists of the last EU Summit of the year.

The heads of Government of the 28 States of the EU are gathered today and tomorrow in Brussels at the last Summit in 2014. Unlike other years, and even of the above, the meeting today has a relatively light agenda, modest aspirations and even limits much more relaxed. The arrival of the new President of the Council, former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, brings fresh air and hope to resolve the bulk of issues in just a day (half time in reality). Diplomticas representations, however, are less optimistic, and calculated that in the best of cases, the idea of concentrating discussions lead to a close I late Thursday, and there is no guarantee that morning there again. The summits of this type have an agenda of the very closed, and all the issues that are on the table have been spoken, negotiated and drafted for weeks by national representations to the EU and each executive teams. Every prrafo, every sentence is carefully selected. But there is always room for discussion and additions. Over today Thursday two will be the main topics: the Juncker Plan investment and the situation of Ukraine, and therefore Russia, just hours after the annual speech of Vladimir Putin and in a week critical to the eastern neighbour. All passes, except Spain, presented a detailed list of projects likely to receive resources from the new fund European of investment Estratgicas, which aims to raise up to 315. billion euros in the next three years. Today, the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, reiterated from Brussels to wait until definitive entry into operation of the Fund, in the mid-2015, to make official that list. The operation of the Fund be fight policy in the next months. Team Vice President Jyrki Katainen has worked since his arrival in a complex mechanism to satisfy everyone passes, and is very satisfied with the result. An idea that with just 8. billion euros of capital in the EU ‘ s budget aims to achieve a multimillion-dollar investment. That will not generate debt (which meets Germany), does not require much more law (like London) and puts some public money (something requested by Pars). However, European sources have already left to see that the Council, the Member States, which rearrange the idea to your liking. And so there are several open issues. As the ended of the Executive Director of the new Fund, if Member States make direct contributions of capital itself and, above all, if to do so must be accounted for this investment for excessive deficit procedures or not. Several passes have shown their interest, but are not expected to leave figures or firm of the meeting today will. The first Minister finlands, Alex Stub, has indicated upon arrival the building of the Council that his country is not scheduled to provide. While Lithuania s has intend. For its part, Spain, that as flag last week Luis de Guindos est considering all possibilities, wants in the conclusions of the Summit there are references and efforts to combat aggressive tax strategies of large corporations to avoid paying taxes on passes in which economic activity is generated. For that this week has sent a letter to Tusk urging further progress. Precisely yesterday, the Commission requested all Member States ‘tax rulings’ details (individual tax agreements) that have signed with the multinationals, to increase the fiscal control. Spain believes that a European tax identification number will help much. Finally, during the dinner, the Presidents and Prime Ministers discutirn about the situation is Ukraine, after having agreed as increase sanctions against Crimea, limiting the investment community in the travel and prohibiting, for example, that European cruises stop (starting from March, when existing contracts expire) at its ports. investments to Sevastopol and Crimea are ilegal. The European company and which has its base in the territory of the EU cannot acquire properties or entities in the Crimea, finance companies or provide services, explained today the Council. . For more insights about this topic read

Xavier Niel buys Orange Switzerland for EUR 2.3 billion.

It is the largest acquisition carried out by Xavier Niel. Through his personal holding NJJ Capital, the founder of Free buys Orange Switzerland for 2.3 billion euros (2.8 billion Swiss francs) to the investment fund Apax partners. The latter had bought Orange Switzerland in Orange late 2012 to € 1.6 billion, a price corresponding to the low range of estimates. In may, the billionaire net had pocketed 55% of Monaco Telecom for 330 million euros. This summer, it failed in its attempted takeover of T-Mobile in the United States. The operation to 30 billion dollars was conducted by Iliad, the parent company of Free. Xavier Niel puts his hand on the third Swiss operator. It has 2.1 million customers in mobile to September 30, 2014, or a market share of 19%. It is far behind Swisscom (54.3% market share) and Sunrise (27. 4%). In one year, Orange Switzerland has not won a single customer,. He has not lost either. Free boss has room for manoeuvre to conquer new customers in Switzerland. The revenue per subscriber (Arpu) of Orange Switzerland is still high: 33.2 EUR per month. It is two times more than the average in France! But there is a noticeable difference between the two markets. On this side of the Alps, Free features of solid earnings in the fixed which allowed him to finance a very aggressive pricing policy and the developments in mobile. This is not the case on the Swiss market. In addition, Apax partner has already implemented a policy of cost reduction. In one year the operating margin increased by 3% to EUR 231 million. Xavier Niel therefore pay ten times the gross operating surplus of the Swiss. The operator on the other hand has a very good mobile network. It covers 90% of the Swiss population in 4G. "From 2012, when Orange Switzerland was acquired by funds advised by Apax, my team and myself have followed closely the evolution of the company. We have seen the successful transformation of Orange Switzerland led by Apax. As the new owner of Orange Switzerland, NJJ Capital will bring continuity to Orange Switzerland customers as well as its employees and its leadership. NJJ Capital is a strategic investor in the long term, owned and managed by professionals from the telecommunications with a proven track record in the field. Their objective will be to share and exchange best practices with the management of Orange Switzerland. Finally, my highest priority will be manage Orange Switzerland in accordance with the environment and the specific characteristics of the Swiss market,"said Xavier Niel in a statement. . For more data about this matter read

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