Pedro Sanchez and the importance of managing the socialist GPS .

I hope Sanchez can better manage a pas a GPS . We do not know if the rector of George Mason University in Virginia, is a supporter of PP or can . What s can say is that it has not only blurred the leader of the PSOE trip to America, but has given his enemies politicians (and the worst are internal ) a crushing argument to machacarle in mtines and debates. The dismissal of Sanchez to get lost on the way to the George Mason University will be only one joke if it were not for the PSOE there are more than one who thinks Ferraz ship adrift if you follow piloted by l .The rivers are riots in the Socialist Party . The expectations lifted clear win against Sanchez candidate Rubalcaba, Eduardo Madina , last July, have been deflated in just five months. The greatest danger to the Secretary General of the PSOE is that the chair have started just movrsela from the feud that gave him victory in the primaries : Andalusia. When Luis Angel Sanz public in THE WORLD (15-XII-2014) that the leader of the Andalusian socialism no longer trusted Sanchez as a candidate for the general election headquarters in Madrid all the alarms went off .First it was the first time that suspected explcita is haca and , in addition , because the earthquake had already transcended the Andalusian powerful federation. Within the Parliamentary Group of the criticisms to his management was not hidden . A gust of zapateristas not criticize them constitutional reform to limit the public deficit . Nor was well received among the most ancient leaders demagoguery with which his boss is refiri to the high salaries of government. Not to mention the frivolity which is , according to qualify various sectors , ask supresin Defense Ministry .In recent weeks , the appellant comment in socialist circles is overstaffing role of Sanchez , his eagerness to appear on all television programs , following the strategy marked by her boss image , Vernica Fumanal , artfice the politician takeoff Albert Rivera. To Fumanal the priority in the first stage is to inform Sanchez , who half a year ago was unknown to the vast majority of Spaniards . In just a few weeks we have achieved the level of knowledge of Pedro is as high as that of other leading politicians Leaders years starring in the political life of the country, daring me coment advisor .From now on , we must begin to build the politician speech, aadi . The cuestin if the content is too late. One of the best experts in the field , who has advised various socialist leaders , told me just give : If you ask anyone who passes by cules street are proposals Pablo Iglesias, certainly tells you something , that wants to end with the breed , with evictions . . . If that same person you ask qu proposes Snchez not know what to say. It was much discussed in the most influential circles the PSOE the appearance of Sanchez in the program Jordi vole ( December 21, 2014) .The leader of the Socialists tried to convince a Catalan family left they voted to PSC and not logr . Sure, you Pensarn , is that it is almost impossible under the present circumstances . S , okay, but as I deca my previous partner : If you go into a program and know what you ‘re risking , it’s best to not leave if you have no guarantee that you will achieve your goal. It matters little that you were clueless on their way to the American university is a taxi driver or course of conduct which the vehicle was an immigrant who had just six months in Washington.Who has directed his darts rector Cabrera has been toward the speaker . Regardless of forgetfulness , what worries ms, both socialist leaders as militancy and voters , is what will make the PSOE in municipal elections and autonmicas . The indefinicin is the worst way of doing politics. And in this essential matter , any covenants with We , an Sanchez has not said what will. After his election in July 2014 , the Secretary General of the PSOE can tena clear that was his main obstacle to achieving the Government : To win the PP have to win can , told me a few weeks to win the primary.It seemed clear, at least then, that Sanchez ruled out any agreement with the party of Pablo Iglesias . However , a survey came to change his initial approach. It is a comprehensive survey that the PSOE Custom late last October. According to the study of opinin ( with 2, 500 samples) , a pact with the PSOE can be well seen by 52 % of respondents , while a coalition with the PP only be approved by 18%. But , an most importantly, among the lost PSOE voters , the agreement with can receive the approval of 75% .The survey, Sanchez kept secret , gives reason to believe that an agreement will conPodemos how to retrieve the profile left the PSOE lost during the years in which he was leading the party Rubalcaba . The cuestin , which they criticize various sectors Sanchez , is that it has not been able to recover the wasted vote . If the PSOE is third in the municipal elections if the can remains behind , then we are dead, tell me a socialist deputy and not just assets against Sanchez .Until May not be expected to criticisms openly, although not necessary to be a lynx to detect its terminals. You should go to the municipal and autonmicas ms elections as united as possible to try to achieve a good result ; then , as is seen. I assured the deputy who works in the team of the secretary general. The timing is certainly difficult for Sanchez . After just one month ‘s municipal elections will have to face a primary in which, if, as expected, do not get good results await you , almost certainly , Daz or even Carmen Susana Chacon .The self-destructive virus that nests in the PSOE could end the leadership of Pedro Sanchez , a political who has every right to hold office and that his critics have not given even a year to consolidate. The fundamental decision is now . His worst mistake will yield to pressure and direct GPS politician into a covenant can in May. If it does, the PSOE there will be definitely lost the direction to success in general . . Additional text can be read checking url.

Banks , the government wants to turn them into spa . Unions in the trenches .

Farewell banks. The government , according to drafts of " investment package " that will arrive next week in the Council of Ministers , will dip into the Banking (Tub ) by changing its articles on popular . Ie credit institutions set up as cooperatives . The goal is to promote the necessary consolidation of the sector . " There are too many bankers and little credit for small and medium enterprises ," the premier said Matteo Renzi during the leadership of the Democratic Party , announcing the measure .But the means identified to facilitate aggregations – at least according to the advances on the content of the decree – is forcing popular transformed into joint stock companies . A move with heavy consequences on the mechanisms of internal governance of listed groups such as Banco Popolare , Banca Popolare di Milano , Bper and Ubi . And in power even on employees : not for nothing did the news immediately mount the barricades of trade union , which – in less than two weeks from the strike called for January 30 – afraid of the risk of further job losses in a sector that by 2000 to date has seen 48 thousand employees to retire early and still counts at least 12 thousand " surplus " of staff .One of the articles of the decree , in particular , provides for the deletion of Article 30 of the Tub . Therefore with a single stroke of the pen you delete the " vote" , that is the principle according to which each member has one vote regardless of the number of shares held , the prohibition of any holdings exceeding 1% of the principal and minimum number of members ( 200 ) . Aspects on the one hand plastered decision making , on the other hand , in some cases have opened the door to abuse.As was the case , according to the judiciary of Bergamo , in Ubi Bank , whose appointments summit would be " driven " by two groups of shareholders , the Association of Banca Lombarda e Piemontese then presided over by the chairman of the supervisory board of Intesa Sanpaolo Giovanni Bazoli and l ‘ friends Association Ubi . Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan , in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore , says the goal is to " facilitate rationalization of the banking system so that users can have more efficient services , lower costs more credit ."But the secretary general of Uilca , MaxymONE , wrote in a note that " if the proposed Renzi goes in the direction of decreasing the existing banks with more mergers and aims to reform the banks and Bcc , without an overall view of the problems , what would aggravate the already difficult situation by putting even more at risk the sector in terms of employment and creating even more problems for the banks that have not received any help from the state . "While the secretary general of Fabi , Maria Lando Sileoni , commented that " if the president wants Renzi decrease bankers face as well, but reform the banks , the cooperative banks and local banks who have always supported the economy of transforming territories in spa is a mistake . " " In total disregard of the parties in 15 years we have lost 68 thousand jobs ," added Sileoni . With an intervention such as that provided in the package investments " inevitably would create the conditions for further staff cuts ."Reaction to the interim , however , by the National Association of the cooperative banks and rural banks : President Alessandro Azzi has anticipated only that " will read with interest the texts of the measures ." But between the rules on credit included in the decree are also , according to the advances , innovations for consumers . From provisions to facilitate the movement of the current account to another bank : institutions must complete the transfer within 15 days of the request .If they do not will be required to compensate the customer . But rather to the strengthening of the Central Guarantee Fund so that it can also guarantee securities from securitization transaction that would object to debts owed by small and medium enterprises , investment in the latest draft compact were added a few words , "performing " that seem to refute the rumors on the will of the executive to grant a government guarantee on loans at risk to ensure that the ECB can buy packages of Abs containing them.Now in fact the text specifies that securitization should concern not impaired loans . Not only is reduced to a maximum of 60 % , from the previous 80 % , the intensity of coverage live on each transaction . According Padoan " there is a problem of resources " on which " is reasoning " . . Main facts can be read checking the following fact.

Negotiations between trade unions and employers stumble on social dialogue .

Unions and employers have failed to agree Saturday after a marathon negotiation to simplify and improve the social dialogue in the workplace, but give a new chance to meet the demand of the government, agree or disagree , wants to legislate quickly. After four months of negotiations and a record sequence ( two days and one full night ) , the employer ( MEDEF and UPA) has thrown up at dawn to present a new text after reviewing critical yet many unions.No new meeting date has been set at this stage, the CFDT suggesting a possible meeting next week. "We will set another date to continue negotiations and try to lift the blockages that persist , there are still large ," predicts Joseph Thouvenel (CFTC) . "We all go to bed. It’s a shame to fail in these conditions , "laments Marylise Leon (CFDT) . "We’ll see after the next final session ," "I ‘m not disappointed , negotiation is not over ," insisted his side the leader of the delegation of MEDEF Alexandre Saubot , which nevertheless considered the day before " unthinkable " to prolong the discussions.Mid- furious unions, disillusioned middle waited for twelve hours a new employer text. It never happened , without clear limits in the ranks of employers on acceptable amendments by its members . But also because " employers could not be between different approaches ‘ ​​unions seeking to amend the text says Marie -Françoise Leflon (CFE -CGC ) . On methodology – with texts called into session Thursday as Friday – " should have been able to work more quietly ," she laments ."Night was spent waiting " to " hear that there is no text " plague Marie-Alice Medeuf – Andrieu (FO) . "It ‘s the modernization of social dialogue ? If that’s the model I pity the employees " , while the quality of the employer- employee relationship was precisely in the heart of the negotiations. To alleviate the constraints of enterprises and the famous social thresholds, MEDEF and UPA (craftsmen ) want to consolidate all of the employee representation bodies in more than 11 employees of companies into a " Business Council ".In return , they offer a "universal" right of representation for all employees , which should allow those very small companies (TPE , less than 11 employees) to find advice from an external body in each region. The fate of the health committees , safety and working conditions ( HSC ) remained throughout the discussions a major concern for the unions. The project provides for it to become a committee of the Council , optional 50 to 300 employees and mandatory above ."We were not going to enact such major setbacks for employees " excludes Agnès Le Bot ( CGT). FO , the project " challenges " more than half a century of acquired rights. Nothing to lose was the condition imposed by the three unions (CFDT , CFTC and CFE -CGC ) inclined to accept this great upheaval of the single instance . Friday, they considered the text too "fuzzy " and " ambiguous" on maintaining the privileges of the current authorities and pointed a " lower average ".Formalize a representation of employees in small businesses, even externally, is a subject of discontent this time for the CGPME employers’ organization is not ready for this concession in return for the single instance . The signing of the third employer partner is not essential. In December 2013, the MEDEF had happened to the agreement on the reform of vocational training. Union side for an agreement to be valid, it must receive the approval of organizations totaling at least 30% of the vote professional .But this stage of the signature is not yet in sight , and the government will have to wait . Agreement or not, it will legislate in the second quarter . . Related data can be inspected clicking link.

A fire in a truck forced to suspend traffic in the Channel Tunnel.

The traffic on the Eurotunnel be interrupted throughout the day in both directions detected after a fire in a truck . Eurostar , which operates train services through the tunnel between Paris, London and Brussels, has also reported on its web page that there will be no trains available . Several trains had to be evacuated. The fire occurred at the end of the tunnel francs and the French authorities estn dealing with the problem. It has not been reported to have ningn wounded, he has pointed a spokesman for the Polica the English county of Kent, where is located the entrance to the tunnel in Britain , who affirmed that the closure is due to the fire generated in a truck .Eurostar recommends travelers with tickets today to postpone your trip and do not go to the stations . The spokesman of the company, John O’Keefe , seal the trains that were already circulating are returning home stations after that at 11. 25 GMT took two alarm fire the tunnel . Two detectors estn telling us that something is inspected , as we’ve stopped the traffic and sent inspectors to check, seal O’Keefe told the BBC . Main data can be studied reading the following url.

Pilsen began its program of events as European Capital of Culture .

Prague, Jan 17 ( EFE ) . – Nearly 25 000 people gathered today in the Czech city of Pilsen to kick out the program of events as European Capital of Culture , in a day of festive atmosphere. In one of the central events of the day, the tightrope walker David Dimitri crossed the square of the Republic on a tightrope suspended several hundred feet above the spectators. In the same plaza, the soundtrack of the day they put the new bells of the Gothic cathedral of St. Bartholomew, who were missing 70 years after being damaged in World War II and melted down to make weapons.In coming to the cathedral facades were projected at the same time images of the history of the city , evoking the bombing of the war , life under communism and revolution of 1989. Among the parades and events of this day could not miss in the city that gives its name to the eponymous beer, an ice bar serving , among other drinks , the famous Pilsen beer . To get here , Pilsen has invested hundred million euros, 80 million of them for infrastructure , whose flagship is the new theater J.K. Tyl . In that building will take place many of the plays and events that cultural program planned for 2015 Pilsen , full of plays , exhibitions , circus performances and concerts . In total , 50 major cultural events in public spaces and other 600 functions quotes throughout 2015 in the Czech city will be given. Pilsen 2015 organizers hope to attract half a million visitors this year and increase overnight stays in the city by 35 percent.The artistic director of the cultural program of Pilsen 2015 Petr Forman , son of Oscar-winning filmmaker Milos Forman. Pilsen ECOC shares with Mons Belgium , which begins its cultural program within a week . ( EFE ) Topics Arts ( general) Culture (general ) Entertainment ( general) Prague Czech Republic Europe Teatro San Bartolomé . Main facts can be found checking the following hyperlink.

Margallo calls on Israel to end the blockade of Gaza.

The funeral for the victims of jihadist terrorism in Paris , held this noon in Jerusalem , has surprised the Minister of Foreign Affairs espaol across the Palestinian -Israeli conflict; in the occupied territory of Gaza devastating -and today . Jos Manuel Garcia – Margallo has crossed the wall and the long border crossing that separates Israel from the stronghold of Hamas , and has gone through a scenario that keeps intact , five months later, the effects of the bombing last summer . Ruined houses , whole neighborhoods made ​​debris, and many children playing among them have received the Chancellor and the whole entourage espaola .A touch of reality on the ground to which has been added the suspension of his scheduled meeting with Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Abu Amer -at the Israel government has banned the movement from the West Bank and the four ministers sought national unity government residents in the Strip, which Hamas also has disabled access . However , Margallo has met with Swiss Pierre Krahenbull , General Commissioner of the UNRWA , the UN agency for Palestinian refugees , which is by hosting around 15 .000 displaced a total of more than 100 000 victims of total or partial destruction of their homes. Both have visited the Bahrain School, where they study 2. 800 students in two shifts , precisely because of the destruction of other schools. 720 000 000 The minister talked to students who have asked for help , then , both have held a joint press conference held outdoors ‘ It was the first day after a temporary sunny fro that state house , has posted last week three dead children and adult- .The commissioner has been estimated at 720 million dollars the money needed to host and rebuild Gaza , and has stated that only 135 estn committed . He stressed that international aid comes slowly, too slowly. But According been added to the press a spanish official UMRWA , the problem of Gaza is not so much the lack of donations as blocking israel, which prevents the entry of building material , amn of the inflexibility of Hamas , which still controls of frrea way the territory .Anyway , Margallo is wet on the two issues. First, it has made ​​a public location to Netanyahu government , with which gather tomorrow : It is necessary that Israels authorities to ensure access of humanitarian aid , he said , before insisting that this issue be part of the agenda of talks in its ltmo da touring the area. But in addition , the Spaniard minister has urged the international community to act and act fast, and timely compliance with the committed support to a population that desperately needs.Meanwhile, Margallo claimed that Spain last aid was disbursed on Friday . Accomplished visit to Gaza, the minister has re-crossed the border to visit a kibbutz. . Related facts can be found reading info.

Busquets believes that Messi is the car owners or its future.

Sant Joan Despi (Barcelona ) , Jan 13 ( EFE ) . – The midfielder Sergio Busquets has ensured that the Argentine Leo Messi , who yesterday was again enigmatic about their future at the club, owns his future. Messi made ​​two statements in Zurich about his future. In a press conference , the Argentine said : I do not know what will happen in the future or where I will be next year, further clarified the issue : I did not say that because thinking of leaving , or anything, just want to earn more titles .Busquets has stressed that the statements of Messi in Zurich are normal , as you never know what happens in the future. He also stated : In the end, the owner of your future is it. He spoke clearly . It is very important to be here and well , he pointed midfielder . The midfielder has assured Tuesday in a press appearance , the last result before the ‘ mattress ‘ has been positive to boost confidence campus . After the victory against Atletico Madrid ( 3-1) , in which the Barcelona proved lethal in the live game, Busquets has said that although variants depending on which game, the team is still committed to the same style introduced in recent years .The team is playing the same style . When came the ‘ Tata ‘ the same was said and finally said we played like the last years. It is the same style, but depending on the opponent and the result should do variants , but more or less we play the same, he emphasized. Highlighted Busquets game attacking trio formed by Neymar, Luis Suarez and Leo Messi three great players who contribute goal , imbalance and pressure, has highlighted. Three players that make the difference , which increasingly play better and for us is very important, has been added .Asked by Cristiano Ronaldo and his third Ballon d’ Busquets is clear , however , who is the best in the world : The awards are voted whom the vote, but for me it is better to Leo Messi, and if he wins Christian , is also a good player. Busquets has also been asked about his fitness , questioned in the first part of the season , after they speculate about some discomfort in the pubis. If I was to matter what is said , would not be here playing. The team is better.There was this rumor that had problems pubis and since I said no , things and doing better , he concluded. ( EFE ) Topics Carles Busquets Catalonia Club Atlético de Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo Spain Europe Football Club Barcelona Lionel Messi Luis Suárez San Juan Despi Sergio Busquets Zurich. You can click the following fact to learn extra about this interesting subject.

The drop in oil prices is part time ( experts).

The oil industry has had its ups and downs, but the fall in prices that occurred in 2014 could last much longer than assumed in most industrial and experts write the foreign media. The global economy has experienced for 10 years a resources boom and the prices of all commodities accused a continuous rise . If prices have fallen, it is because the resources recently put into production deposits are found in the market simultaneously.According to many experts, this is due to the excess of supply over demand, which , however, remains as high as in the past. The application is currently about 93 million barrels / day , while the supply is of the order of 94-95 million barrels. Therefore , the market oversaturation is durable, experts say. Analysts currently call " absolute minimum " price of $ 40 per barrel , while recently they fixed the bar at 70 , 60 and 50 dollars.Because, as noted by the internet portal OilPrice there more than one reason to believe that prices will remain low for longer than expected . First, we produce too much oil and OPEC countries , such as Saudi Arabia , do not intend to revise down quotas , no more that US oil companies operating on the continental shelf . However, it is likely that oil production will decline in the US before the end of the year, when assurances against possible fall in oil prices expire for many US oil , You must click this http:// to read more on this amazing topic.

Google is losing ground to Yahoo.

Google has lost market share in online search in the US , while Yahoo begins its ascent and is the highest since 2009, according to the independent firm StatCounter . In December , Google accounted for 75.2 % of the market in terms of page views, against 79.3% in the same period in 2013. This is the lowest level since 2008 , the start of the study by StatCounter . Google remains by far the market leader. He beat Bing (12.5%) and Yahoo (10.4%) who finds colors.The group led by Marissa Mayer held only 7.4% market share of online research in the United States in December 2013. At 10.4% , it is at its best level since 2009. A partnership with MozillaStatCounter shows the return to form of Yahoo coincides with the fact that Mozilla has made its default search engine. The decision to Mozilla has had an impact on online research in the United States , said Aodhan Cullen boss StatCounter . In November , Mozilla and Yahoo have signed a strategic partnership making the second the browser’s default search engine in the USA Firefox on desktop computers and mobile devices .Both groups also expected as part of this partnership to develop new products and their distribution. . You can check the following fact to learn extra about this interesting matter.

Kyenge – orangutan on Facebook : Fabio Rainier (League ) sentenced to 1 year and three months .

Fabio Rainier , regional director of the Northern League , was sentenced by the court of Rome to 1 year and three months for aggravated defamation by the racial discrimination of the former Minister of Integration Cécile Kyenge . The current vice president of the Legislative Assembly of Emilia – romagnolaper posting on their Facebook profile of a photo of Kyenge , his face touched up so they look a monkey . He then protested vehemently when it was reported : " We leaguers say the least, to me , for example , how many times have given the cattleman ."The judges have also ordered to pay compensation of 150 thousand euro . Kyenge : " It was propaganda to sow hatred " " Won justice – said the MEP of the Democratic Party – . It was not a political criticism , but of real propaganda designed to sow hatred and violence . Why criticize continues Kyenge – implies dialectical argument . Mock a person solely because of the color of the skin does not imply argument nor afterthought . It’s like saying : ‘ you all, blacks , you are not only inferior race but you are animals ‘ . "The former minister added that " incite people to consider blacks as animals is not satire or criticism , but only a crime and it is for this reason that I find equally serious the decision of the Northern League not to deviate from the positions supported by Rainier " . For the Northern League has instead replicated the counselor and former gubernatorial candidate Alan Fabbri : " Do not go into the merits of the judgment because I am not a judge , I think the political battle of the League should be made ​​on the contents and noted that the Ministry of Kyenge was so useful that the Government abolished the Renzi and she was moved from Italy to Europe .Here’s what he left us : nothing . " Insights : Cécile Kyenge , offenses kyenge Rate this article : 0 to 5. 00 based on 0 ratings . . Inspirational facts can be read checking the following reference.

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