Malaysia Airlines nightmare: came close to collision with other aircraft.

There really is peace for Malaysia Airlines. After the aircraft disappeared last March with 239 people on board the Boeing 777 downed Ukrainian territory with almost 300 people on Board (All Hallows), aircraft yesterday risked colliding with another plane. It happened at Adelaide, Australia: 136 of Malaysia Airlines flight bound for Kuala Lumpur was about to leave the runway for takeoff when the control tower has given notice it stop immediately: on the same route there was, as mentioned, another aircraft, the Australian Tigerair company. The pilot was unable to do anything but slow down abruptly and stop. Liftoff cancelled and another disaster averted, but great fear for the 167 passengers on board. "The MH136 flight was ready to depart from Adelaide Airport, was taking off when it was instructed to discontinue the procedure. After receiving the orders, the aircraft was unable to stop safely. " It’s the company’s Japanese release.  Adelaide Airport security services have tried to minimize the incident, stressing that "the life of no passengers has been minimally at risk and no investigation has been opened." As mentioned above this 2014 was a tragic year for Malaysia that following two tragedies of flights MH370 and MH17avrebbe took even considering the idea of changing name and symbol. . You must check the following to read extra about this great subject.

Production launch postponed: big bang theory stars want more money.

Actually it would have to go bang theory in Los Angeles on Wednesday with the production of the eighth season of big. Crew and actors wanted to meet and go through the script of the first episode in a so-called table read. But it’s not going to happen. Reportedly one million dollars per episode to request Parsons and Galecki Cuoco. For the first time only the six main actors of friends had to enforce as much content, later came Charlie Sheen with two and a half men on a similar sum. However, at least since the end of the how I met your mother theory big bang as most successful running sitcom in the world. In the United States to turn regular 20 million viewers to the comedy to the nerdige clique of scientists and their cute neighbor penny. Jim Parsons won the Emmy Award for his role as Sheldon Coper in occasions and is nominated again this year. It’s clear that the stars want to benefit now vigorously. . Related text can be inspected clicking

Milan-the recovery of economic growth promises to be more difficult than planned. The signals coming from families and businesses seem to outline a substantial stagnation phase of economic activity even though they emerge some positive signals on employment. Detect Istat in monthly progress note of the Italian economy. A document that anticipates a few days waiting for the revision of the gross domestic product estimates, Italian for 2014: the 6 August the Statistical Institute will review your idea of growth of the country and after the IMF and Bank of Italy all assume a sharp scissors. To be considered, according to the Central Bank’s GDP this year will make a measly +0.2%, far below the 0.8% indicated by the Government in the Final. As the premier, Matteo Renzi, as economy Minister, Pier Carlo Padoan, today admitted that things aren’t going as you hoped, despite efforts to revive the consumption represented by income tax bonus from 80 euros. The economic situation in Italy and in the EU is less favourable than what we hoped at the beginning of the year, said the owner of the treasure: the situation requires more effort to the growth and consolidation of public finances. Macroeconomic data are mixed, said the premier at the direction of Pd: there are positive, the spread has fallen dramatically, but cannot resolve the debt-to-GDP ratio, while the growth is low and we are not in a position to get that virtuous path that we were supposed to have. The problem is that now this growth absent could prune the Government to launch a major correction of the public finances, in order to take account of the parameters on debt and deficit: the rumors speak of a maneuver by 16 billion already in the pipeline. Returning to Istat, economists point out that among enterprises in July has increased the confidence in construction and services while you are kept stable in manufacturing. Household confidence is dwindling, however, influenced by reviews current and future trend of the Italian economy. The reduced foreign demand vivacity could constitute a further element of the brake. Among the data that indicate economic weakness there is inflation to zero levels, how to certify even the most recent data; and the future is not better. Inflation could fall further in August, before a possible turnaround in marginal fall, says Istat. . Extended data can be read checking website.

Arrested for the attempted murder of four homeless to bolted (VIDEO).

This morning the Genoa State police has implemented the order for remand in custody issued by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Ligurian Court against a Slovak citizen, convict, homeless, for the offences of attempted premeditated murder and abuse of pluriaggravato items to offend. The man is held responsible, along with other three people still not identified, the animalistic aggression against four homeless, occurred on the night of 25 January in Genoa, in piazza Piccapietra. The victims, stricken in his sleep by numerous and very violent blows launched by attackers using clubs, sticks, truncheons and innocent tubes and headed to the head and abdomen, had reported multiple fractures to the face, hands and arms. The arrest was made possible by analysis of video footage of the cameras present in the area, from the acquisition of the first witness statements taken hits, as well as from technical investigations carried out on biological material retrieved from a balaclava abandoned by one of the authors and not far from the site of the attack, which was compatible with that of the young Slovak. According to the reconstruction of the investigators the illegals arrested had contacts with people gravitating in provincia di La Spezia and in Versilia and had taken part in the attack due to a fight with two of the homeless, which occurred in the days leading up to Genoa. The man had then continued to harm: the last July 15 law enforcement officers they had news of his return to Italy following a stop in Bologna determinto from a violent assault against a passerby with whom he had had an altercation and who was shot in the face repeatedly with a metal chain. . Related text can be read visiting

Ukraine: Parliament rejects the resignation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

He has since tempered these remarks and agreed to remain subject to the fiscal and tax laws in question are passed, which was made Thursday. The texts include measures of budgetary savings and new funding for the armed forces engaged in the East. Today, there are two important news for the global economy. The first is that the Argentina was declared in default of payment, the second, is that the Ukraine is not in default and will never, Arseniy Yatsenyuk was welcomed. The head of State had said Meanwhile wish its retention, but it confirmed Thursday to the legislative members anticipated were already a reality, calling Government and members of the responsibility. Lawyer and economist of 40 years, Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a member of the party Batkivchtchina of Yulia Tymoshenko, the largest coalition force and which is opposed to a legislative advance. He was one of the leaders of the protests of the Maidan that resulted in the dismissal of Viktor Yanukovich. . For extra information regarding this topic visit url.

ON-LINE. Netanyahu has destroy tunnels in Gaza “with or without a ceasefire.

The day before, it had announced a truce that finally did not place. On Thursday, the Israeli army seems determined to step up its offensive in the Gaza Strip. The IDF army mobilized 16,000 additional reservists on this 24th day of the so-called operation "Protective edge" to deal a fatal blow to Hamas, the Islamist organization that controls the Palestinian enclave. More than 1,300 Palestinians have already died under the bombing, mostly civilians. Israeli side, 56 soldiers have died since July 8, in addition to three civilians. The international community, it, application accounts. While a school set up by the United Nations was affected Wednesday, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, said Wednesday that "responsibilities shall be determined and justice must be done. The UN Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) aid openly accused the Jewish State. Thursday morning, a new school in the same area has been affected. For its part, Hamas still requires the lifting of the blockade in the Palestinian enclave. The Israeli army communicates much on his actions, and those of Hamas, via social networks even more. On Twitter, IDF provides as well as "a rocket (East) pulled every 12 minutes from 24 days; It is at this rate that the Hamas bombing Israel,’ commented the account. According to the Palestinian agency count my ‘ year, 1,385 Palestinians have died since the beginning of the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip and 8,000 Palestinians were wounded. While the international community continues to call for a lasting truce, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that its army "would work" before any ceasefire. "We are determined to complete" the destruction of tunnels used by Hamas, added. "We will not accept so any proposal that would not allow the Israeli army to finish this work. In the Gaza Strip, the miracle baby who had been saved from the belly of its mother, after the latter was killed in a bombing, has not survived. Wiley died after five days. A power cut has damaged devices that kept it alive. "We are determined to complete this mission with or without a ceasefire. We accept therefore any proposal that would not allow the Israeli army to finish this job", says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the opening of the Council of Ministers in Tel Aviv. The High Commissioner of the United Nations on the rights of man, Navanethem Pillay – called Navi Pillay – accused Israel of deliberately defying international law. Referring to the attacks on houses, schools, hospitals and centres of the United Nations, considers that "none of them appears to be accidental. They appear to be an act of challenge deliberated the obligations arising from international law"that must respect Israel. The idea of a disarmament of combatants Palestinian in Gaza is only a "chimera", provides, in a rare statement to the media, the Commander of the Iranian Quds Force. General Qassem Souleimani also claims ‘that confront the Zionist enemy is a necessity and that the Palestinian resistance movement will transform the Earth and heaven to hell’ for Israel. And add: "martyrdom for Palestine is the dream of any noble Muslim." The al-Quds Force is an elite unit of the guardians of the Iranian revolution that fills overseas security missions considered necessary for the protection of the Islamic Republic. According to the last count of the Palestinian Ministry of health, quoted by the news agency my ‘ year, the death toll is now to 1375. In addition, 7 680 Palestinians were injured since the beginning of the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip on July 8. The Thursday morning attacks were made at least seven dead in the Gaza Strip. Air raids killed three men in the town of Deir al-Balah in the centre of the Palestinian territory controlled by Hamas Islamists. Another was killed in raids on the town of Rafah (South) and three Palestinians were killed in Khan Yunis (Southern). The army Israeli does not exclude this Thursday the assumption that Palestinian refugees killed Wednesday in a school of the United Nations would have been by gunfire of Hamas and not by his own. "What has happened is not yet clear at this stage," says the Israeli military radio general Moty Almoz. The Army conducts "audits", he continues. "Unclear whether these are Israeli soldiers or the Hamas terrorists who fired against this school". But remember that "Hamas uses (,.). "UNRWA (the UN agency) schools to pull our forces using Palestinians who take refuge there as human shields. "An army placed in a situation of prolonged fighting need flexibility when it comes to the use of its forces», says the military radio general Moty Almoz, spokesman for the army, about 16,000 reservists mobilized Thursday morning. "Must be that our fighters resume their breath," he continues. According to him, "in a day or two, there will be a decision on the use of these reservists. And Marine Le Pen back on "importing" of the conflict in France: "If the JDL is violently systematically, then it falls within the conditions of a ban, but can raise some debate? ” "The question is how could come to this?" she asks pointing the responsibility of ‘communitarian policy ‘. "We condemn the importation of an external conflict in the french territory", launched formally the President of the national Front on BFM TV. And Marine Le Pen noted: "mass immigration allows this kind of importation." As a ban or at least contain the tabulated or pro-Palestinian demonstrations in France: "laxity has a devastating effect," commented frontist President. The video made the round of social networks. After a strike has hit Wednesday a school managed by the United Nations for Palestinian refugees in the Jabaliya camp, the head of the Agency for aid to Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), Chris Gunness, crack live during a televised speech. The day before, his organization openly accused the Jewish State of being at the origin of the destruction of his school and the death of at least 16 Palestinians. "There’s times when tears are more eloquent than words," says Chris Gunness on Twitter Thursday. Moreover, while the french government is considering dissolving the Jewish Defence League (JDL), president of the representative Council of Jewish institutions of France (Crif) assures that this is "a tiny organization, from what I know, a few tens of members, which we do not share ideology and methods. And Roger Cukierman recalled that this collective is not part of the Crif associations. "I don’t know besides their leaders", he adds. However, he points out, "there were pro-Palestinian organizations who have committed violence against eight synagogues in the Paris area recently. (. . . ) What is there was pro-Palestinian organisations that have also been banned? I have not heard to speak, I find that it is a little surprising. Taking into account the Charter of Hamas and the goal that the Islamist organization continues, the Israeli Government leads "a fight against Islamist terrorism (,.). the same fight that leads the France to Mali", launches on RMC the president of the representative Council of Jewish institutions of France (Crif). While Israel has mobilized 16,000 reservists more this Thursday morning, the president of the representative Council of Jewish institutions of France (Crif) said: "Israel has left Gaza in 2005 and since thousands of missiles have been launched from Gaza. (. . . ) The Charter of Hamas explains these missiles and built tunnels to kidnap and kill Israeli people’, says Roger Cukierman. Interviewed on RMC on the legitimacy of the pro-Israel demonstration planned at 18:30 in Paris, the president of the representative Council of Jewish institutions of France (Crif) responds that "there had been many pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Some drifted in anti-Jewish protests with violence", what is"unacceptable", said Roger Cukierman. Roger Cukierman, president of the representative Council of Jewish institutions of France (Crif), said on RMC on the call to demonstrate his organization Thursday in Paris (18 h 30) and Lyon (19 hours). "We as everyone the right to demonstrate, quietly. (. . . ) Insofar as our activists and all Jews feel the unity of the community, we believe that it ought to be in the calm", as in Marseille, Sunday, said Roger Cukierman. And added: "we have compassion pout victims (,.)". We want peace in the region, but we want to assert the right of Israel to defend itself. According to relief, two of the 15 injured Palestinians who were in the affected UN school are very seriously. Fifteen Palestinians refugees in a UN school were wounded Thursday morning as a result of an attack by Israel against a nearby mosque aviation according to emergency services. The attack took place in the refugee camp of Jabaliya’s Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) aid. Wednesday, it is in the same camp of Jabaliya that at least 16 Palestinians, including children, died as a result of the explosion of two shells in another UNRWA school. 83 this UN Agency schools are used to accommodate the civilians fleeing the fighting. Tsahal, the Israeli army, regularly updates the number of attacks faced by its population. Since the beginning of the conflict, 2828 rockets have been fired on Israel from the Gaza Strip, 1981 rockets have managed to hit Israel and 495 would have been intercepted by the iron Dome, the IDF revolutionary protection tool. Without specifying time, Israeli public radio announced that, following that lasted for 5 hours Wednesday and voted that the continuation of the operation by unanimity, a new meeting of the security cabinet, which includes 8 Ministers, is scheduled Thursday afternoon. A spokesman for Tsahal, the Israeli army announced the mobilisation of 16,000 additional reservists, bringing the number of Israeli soldiers to 86,000 on the 24th day of the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip. Is his goal since the start of the operation "protective edge July 8: together for 5 hours Wednesday, the Israel security cabinet decided unanimously to continue attacks on"terrorist targets"Hamas and the operations conducted to"neutralize"the tunnels dug by the Islamist between the Gaza Strip and the Israeli territories movement.» At the public radio microphone, a general explained that the destruction of these tunnels was "a matter of days. During the night, the United States confirmed having replenished Israel ammunition, a few hours after having strongly condemned the attack at a UN school in Gaza. The Israeli army had requested a replenishment on 20 July to address the decline in its stocks, indicates the Pentagon. The U.S. Department of Defense approved the sale three days later. And justify: "the United States pledged to guarantee the security of Israel, and it is vital to U.S. national interests to assist Israel to develop and maintain a strong and responsive self-defense capacity. Wednesday, more than 100 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip ravaged by the Israeli strikes. The day was marked particularly by killing on a market and a centre for refugees of the United Nations. For additional about this subject visit

Israel-Gaza – Danièle Kriegel (11) war diary: a maximum deal to not crack.

At the Café where I have my habits, the faces are more tired. And the tone of the conversations is lowest. As if the custom of speak loudly was ended, almost indecent. At the table next door, four men, exceeded 40. Obviously, managers of SMEs. Perhaps related to real estate. Thursday morning, they worry. And if the market – the famous real estate bubble we were talking about before the war – was going to collapse! After a few minutes, one of them loose, exasperated: anyway guys, at this stage, it is pointless to discuss! So as to relax the atmosphere, a younger, I understand that he lives in Tel-Aviv, recounts how during one of the latest alerts, night – this had not happened since 1991, during the first Gulf war-, it is his son’s 5 and a half years that woke him up. The ensuing any debate about whether young children understand the situation. The opportunity of a skirmish between two fathers: and how! The evidence with my boy who heard the alert! You say anything, replied another. My daughter is 6 years old and I say unto you that it passes over the head! Finally, information broadcast since Wednesday by the media will get everyone agree: the United States have said yes to the Israeli request for an emergency in shells and other ammunition. The shame! How is it that we are obliged to ask for the Americans? We did not had enough? And all four of nod. Extra work, for not to crack? Assistant of two patterns of a Research Institute, this young woman, mother of three children, took the initiative to bring about 40 girls and boys, Jews and bedouins, to the South of the country for a day of Kef to the great zoo of Jerusalem. Collect money, rent the because talk several times per day to the zoo officials, order meals, beverages, convince the boss of the toys – each child will walk away with a gift – to make him a big drawback. While maintaining his devoted and efficient Assistant job. Short! The last ten days have been exhausting. I’m not complaining! It allows me to stick it out. My brother is there,. The name of Gaza is not pronounced. But eyes fog up and the voice breaks. In contrast, there are those who leave virtually no home, taped to their TV or in front of their computers for a day on Facebook and other social networks. The early days, says Rupert, a retired sociologist, it was unbearable! Torrents of mud! And I was responding to some and to others. I wanted to explain, Clarke things. Today, I am in love of nature. Pictures of birds, flowers. Totally Cathy the praline! Some kind of therapy online by kitsch! You can click the following website to read more on this amazing subject.

Rovati sells Rottapharm Swedish Meda to 2.27 billion.

Milan-After fashion, luxury and the food, even the pharmaceutical industry made in Italy leaves Italy. The family gave in to Rottapharm Rovati Swedish Meda to 21.2 billion, equivalent to 2.27 billion euros. It reads a note that explains that at the end of the operation the family will be a member of the Swedish company with a market share of 9%. Less than a month ago, the family Rovati had decided to ritirarela listing of companies which now passes to the Scandinavian group listed in Stockholm where capitalizes on 3.5 billion. The agreement between Meda-Rothschild-assisted and the holding of Rovati, Fidim, enhances Rottapharm well above the values circulated in the Ipo. The consideration-reads a note provides a cash component worth 643 million and 1 billion (to which you will add more 275 million which will be paid in January 2017), and one in shares through a capital increase reserved for Fidim, amounted to 357 million. Fidim upon completion of the operation will hold a 9 percent stake in the capital of Meda Ab, becoming the second largest shareholder. Remain excluded from the scope of the agreement all research and development dedicated to the segment. Additional facts can be inspected reading

In the United States, long-term unemployment recedes.

The scenario underlying the optimism of Wall Street for weeks is carried out. The U.S. economy rebounded strongly in the spring. The first estimate of growth in the second quarter exceeded the most optimistic expectations. Even if it is well known that this figure may be revised several times over the next few weeks, 4% annualised gross domestic product (GDP) expansion is a reassuring figure. As also the contraction of GDP in the first quarter is revised favorably: the economy has shrunk only to the rate of 2.1%, and not 2.9%. But most remarkable is hiding behind these figures: the long-term unemployed are beautiful and much more in addition to work since January. The discouragement and the output from the ranks of the population looking for a job is no longer the main explanation for the decline in long-term unemployment. A recent study by the Federal Reserve comes to demonstrate. The persistence of a number abnormally high people unemployed for more than six months (27 weeks according to the US definition) remains to this day the main justification given by the Fed for its maintenance of interest rates virtually zero since late 2008. The proportion of long-term unemployed is still nearly two times higher than the standard of years prior to the crisis. Janet Yellen, the patron saint of the Fed, therefore considers that his work is not completed. The Fed Wednesday evening release should the rest implicitly confirm the intention of the US Central Bank to maintain its key rate at zero, probably until next year. . You should click the following article to read more about this great subject.

Ebola: between fear and exhaustion, the front-line caregivers.

Caregivers and doctors are in the front line in the battle against the epidemic of haemorrhagic fever Ebola strikes West Africa and which has already infected several of them. Overview of their working conditions between exhaustion, fear of infection and difficulties to ensure succession. -WHAT IS THE SITUATION OF CAREGIVERS ON THE GROUND? The workers must overcome their own fear of this epidemic. They are the virus front line, says Peter Piot, co-discoverer of the Ebola virus in 1976 and Director of the school of hygiene and tropical medicine in London. In addition, they often do not have the necessary resources and see colleagues die,. I’m not surprised that some hospitals have been abandoned. In other hospitals, nurses are being on strike at the lack of protective equipment base, both for staff and for patients and their families, he explains to AFP. I’ve seen doctors who were exhausted by work, by voltage, by emotion sometimes, due to the death of patients, said Professor Jean-Claude Manuguerra (Pasteur Institute, Paris), who visited a couple of weeks in April at the Donka hospital in Conakry, capital of Guinea, where the current epidemic is part. Now, of course, with fatigue, we are more at risk to make mistakes and to contaminate. Another obstacle, in addition to the fear and exhaustion, need them to reach to approach patients of this virus, which is unknown in this part of Africa: we have received threats, if ever we were going in some villages, where one denies access to all humanitarian aid, recently said Mariano Lugli, Deputy Director of operations for doctors without borders (MSF). The NGO advocates the hiring of specialized anthropologists to help these communities to understand the need to monitor and treat if necessary. -IS PERSONAL CAREGIVERS SUCCESSION ASSURED?MSF is very difficult to find human resources, to find volunteers. people are afraid, or are tired, or cannot break free. The lack of human resources in lots of places, notes the Pr Manuguerra. However, the teams sent on the spot must be renewed every three weeks before they are too exhausted, according to MSF. It happens more to intervene on all households who currently declare themselves. It has more staff to train staff properly and avoid exposing them to risk, confirms Dr. Brigitte Vasset, Deputy Director of the medical Department of MSF. As all are not doctors or nurses, but are in contact with the population through other functions such as logistics, cleaning or searching for cases. -WHAT SAFEGUARDS?There’s a discussion on the equipment. Equipment of doctors without borders and those of the World Health Organization are not the same. He would have to see what kind of protection were the doctors who have been contaminated, for those who were wearing it, to see if there are more effective than others, record Pr Manuguerra. Full jumpsuit, mask, helmet, double pairs of gloves, boots, and same deck from above,. Not always obvious to wear for hours, especially with the heat. When we take care of the patients with a combination, is not more than 40 minutes, the rotations are very common, said Dr. Vasset, recalling that there’s no air conditioning in the care field. The Ebola virus is transmitted by direct contact with blood, body fluids or tissues of infected animals or people. Among the measures of hygiene and disinfection (hands, surfaces contaminated,.), alcohol gels work very well on the Ebola virus for the hands, notes the Pr Manuguerra. Otherwise, bleach must be used at the right concentration: too concentrated it deteriorates the skin facilitating infection, not enough it is pointless. . Main data can be studied checking the following web site.

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